28 thoughts on “รักติดไซเรน (My Ambulance) – ไอซ์ พาริส, แพรวา ณิชาภัทร Reaction”

  1. This song Ost. My Ambulance Series ( รักฉุดใจ นายฉุกเฉิน ) please reaction this series 🙂

  2. haters got nothing teaser​

  3. His name is not stage name. His nickname is Ice (in Thai culture,Nickname is given by parents) His full name is Paris Intarakomalyasut. But in Thailand, We call celeb's name by their nickname followed by first name.

  4. this one only MV from the show รักติดไซเรน (My Ambulance), but story about this show if u guys could understand it , u guys might like it dear, like your reaction from Thai people in Alaska

  5. So the guy in bathroom in black and the girl is the main characters in the Thai series. The guy in black shirt in the bathroom is a doctor in ER in the series. Check put the series…it is really good.

  6. All the guys in the background are cast of the series except the main singer which is Ice Paris, one of the main lead in GREAT MEN ACADEMY

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