5 Best heel pain relief exercises |एडी के दर्द का इलाज 5 असरदार exercises

If your very first step in the morning is
painful and it has become difficult to walk then do watch this video until the end. Hi,
I am sunit sanjay ekka and in this video, i am going to show you some of the most simple
yet effective exercises. The most common reason for heel pain is plantar
fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis develops due to deposition of layers of calcium around
the heel. the common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is
a painful first step in the morning, pain in heel during walking and increase in pain,
especially during the winter. so, let us get started. the first exercise
is toe scrunch and splay. this exercise is very simple exercises. like
in the video move your toes. to make it more objective and interesting, put a bedsheet
and try to collect it by moving your toes. repeat it for a minimum of 30 times. Toe off.
as the name suggests. , lift the toes off the ground. Repeat it for a minimum of 30 times. heel off.
as you can see, you have to do this exercise in standing position. Then try to stand on
your toes. see how this person is standing on his toes. repeat it for a minimum of 30
times. foot clubbing.
as shown in video collect both the foot. it is very effective exercise and as other exercises
repeat it for a minimum of 30 to 40 times. stretching of plantar fascia.
this is a stretching exercise. place the affected toe on another leg as in the video. now, with
one hand hold your foot and pull it. this is very effective exercise and can give your
instant relief in pain. Hold this for a minimum of 60 seconds of duration. in addition to this you can also apply hot
treatment. take a bowel ful of warm water, put little salt and dip your foot util water
losess its war,mth. also, you can use silicon heel pad. this is
a very soft material which can be used in your shoes. I have already made a video of
it which you can watch. The link of same you can find below in the description. If you liked this video or if your friends
or family members is suffering from heel pain then do share this video with them.
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