6- 30-b Allah reassures you whilst Satan frightens you.

Satan loves to frighten you, to make you sad, and always worried This is basically what Satan wants from you:
that you live with grief, worry and fear Satan frightens you of everything He even tries to make you afraid of God But, now, if you become afraid of our Lord ﷻ,
what will you be left with? What will you be left with if you fear every thing,
and on top of that, you fear our Lord ﷻ ? You will be left with nothing! Our Lord ﷻ does not want you to be afraid
He ﷻ wants you to love Him ﷻ. And once you (turn to Him ﷻ),
you will find that He ﷻ loves you For example, and to Allah “is the most exalted
similitude ….. “, [Quran 30:27] Someone goes to sit with his fiancee,
and she tells him, “I fear you” “You fear me?!”, he says.
“Yesterday, I got you a car, and the day before that, I got you an apartment,
and before that, I took you to that restaurant, … after all of this, you are afraid of me?!” You tell Allah ﷻ, “I am scared of You”. He ﷻ will tell you, “After I gave you (all of these blessings)? “And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could
not enumerate them”, [Quran 14:34, 16:18] Is He ﷻ telling you this in order that you fear Him ﷻ?
or in order that you love Him ﷻ? To love Him ﷻ. However, sometimes Allah ﷻ scares
(or threatens) you. However, the way Allah ﷻ scares us is different
from that of Satan’s “By that Allah warns His servants. O My servants, then (protect yourself from) Me”, [Quran 39:16] When our Lord ﷻ warns or scares you,
He ﷻ does so while “embracing you” Similar to when you hold your young child,
you pat him while you are warning him of something e.g., “Pay attention while walking,
look at both directions to check the cars” What does your child feel?
Fear or a sense of security? The way Allah ﷻ scares you,
makes you feel secure. Whereas the way Iblis scares you,
terrifies you So, when your fear borders on terror,
know it is from Iblis. and when it comes with a sense of security,
know it is from? (God). “That is only Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters”, [Quran 3:175] “O My servants, have taqwa (towards) Me”
i.e. love Me! “That is only Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters, so fear them not, but fear Me, if you are [indeed]
believers.”, [Quran 3:175] Allah ﷻ always frightens you before you commit a sin and (if) you fall into it, He ﷻ embraces you.
He ﷻ does not (further) scare you. i.e. before the fact, “Don’t do this.
This is not good (for you)” After the fact, He ﷻ tells you, “Say, ‘O My servants
who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful'”,
[Quran 39:53] With Satan, things are (done) backwards (At the outset) Satan tries to (persuade) you,
“Allah is Forgiving, Merciful, so what a small sin?” And after you commit the sin,
he tries to terrify you He tells you, “OMG! You did this?!
You are going to Hell” “There is no (way out of this)
There is no hope for you” So (note) the differences
with these issues Our Lord ﷻ threatens you before (you commit the sin)
and consoles you after (you do it) Satan (acts as your friend) before the bad-deed, and
terrorizes you afterwards Pay attention.

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