99 Cents Store Haul Prepping Supplies

99 Cents Store Haul Prepping Supplies

99 cents store haul prepping prepper supplies hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been to the 99 cents only store like the dollar tree and I wanted to share with you some of the supplies that I
chose and explain you all of the great things you can buy the 99 cents store
they’re great for prepping one thing to understand everything is no longer just
99 cents at the 99 cent store you can’t continue to get everything for
practically nothing and so rather than them cutting back on their merchandise I
suppose they have marked very clearly when things cost more than 99 cents for
example I bought some cereal and it’s marked right on it that it was $1.99 and
you will see the prices and the things if they are more than 99 cents they have
a tag on them and otherwise they’re 99 cents which is actually 99.9999 cents so
it’s technically a dollar store first I headed out to get some dog treats for my
dog Sammy they have treats for $1 that are
delicious to him and he loves them his favorite of these is the one rewards
100% chicken livers he loves them when you tear up in the bag you can smell the
aroma of liver and he just goes bonkers he loves it but when you seal it up
tight you can’t smell it anymore so you don’t need to worry about the liver
smell yeah stinking up your house he also loves the gravy trade gravy bacon
the liver bits come in tiny bites you can give him a little snack the wavy
bacon is a long strip you can give one to a large dog or I usually break them
up so they doesn’t just swallow it whole and thinks he only had one little treat
I break them up and give him little bites at a time next I look for the
human food I found a ball of Kraft sweet and spicy barbecue sauce the best by
date is a year from now and gentlemen in the store was buying it and he said it’s
very delicious he loves it he loves barbecue sauce so
his recommendation I bought this sweet-and-spicy to try it I love the
pace picante sauce so I picked up a jar bag I bought a package of Hormel
pepperoni these are nice it’s a way to store meat in a shelf-stable format
sometimes you can find them that the expiration date is a year out this one
was just a few months this shelf-stable packages of things like pepperoni are
great to stuff into your bug out bag put in your camping gear your hiking gear
toss into your purse if you’re heading out for the day and you can have a
protein snack one of my favorite cookies ever is the pure Elina cream filled
wafers they’re super yummy delicious and the whole can was a dollar next I bought
some household items I chose some solar light steaks they’re designed to go in
the garden these are great though because you can charge them in the Sun
and then they’re going to work when you bring them in your house in an emergency
situation they come with a stake to stick it in the ground and you can see
there’s a nice big solar square on the top these are a little different from
other ones that I’ve had when you take the top open remove the cap and there’s
an on/off switch for the solar light it has a rechargeable triple-a battery and
usually oh the ones I bought before had a little tab that you pulled and that
activated it but this one has a switch and if it’s fully charged it’s supposed
to last for up to eight hours I like a little switch because I can put them
away with my gear and know that if it’s not turned on yet it’s not going to be
using up its battery juice I also remove the cap and turn them on in the store to
make sure that they actually worked from the day I bought them so if you want to
know if they were turn on the switch and put your hand over the solar panel so
that it’s thinks it’s dark and check to see if the light is on then you can turn
it off again and you can store it away with your
can see here or put it out in your yard and enjoy it as it is I found some mini
glue sticks if you have a glue gun these are a great price point to pick up glue
sticks 20 glue sticks for a Dobler just make sure that you pay attention to the
shape and the size to know what your glue gun actually holds I’ve got some
cotton rounds at the beauty aisle cotton rounds are nice for first aid
because when you wipe across a woman with a cotton ball it can leave little
fibers but a cotton round does not cotton rounds are great for your first
aid kit they’re also nice to use with petroleum
jelly for fire starters you I bought a jar of coconut oil
moisturizing cream with vitamin E it smells really wonderful and a lady in
the store was buying this and said it works really great it smells good it’s
certainly worth $1 to try a lotion that might help soothe rough and dry skin
next I was surprised to find a nice assortment of baby food items if you
have a baby it might be a good place to stock up on some baby food supplies it’s
nice to find small packages of grab-and-go foods that you can keep in
your diaper bag you can keep with your emergency gear you can take camping if
you need to it’s a nice way to make sure that you have on-hand
food to keep your baby nourished the first thing I found were some nurture me
organic quinoa cereals they’re a healthy alternative to rice some people don’t
like to give their babies rice cereal anymore because of a concern with
arsenic in rice it’s nice to give your baby a wide assortment of different
foods and flavors to help them develop taste for all kinds of good foods in
their life the quinoa cereals are USDA Organic they’re gluten free and they
include a serving of probiotics there’s no gluten no dairy no soy no egg if you
read the ingredients be aware there is a tiny amount of rice flour included in
this package one is quinoa sweet potato and raisins and the other variety is
quinoa and apple these packages for $1.99 it includes eight two tablespoons
servings you can stir it with breast milk or water and then feed it to your
baby I found a selection of Gerber baby foods
one is a multigrain apple sweet potato cereal it’s non-gmo it’s fortified with
iron and the packaging contains no BPA so you don’t need to worry about
plastics it’s made with real fruit and vegetables no GMOs no artificial flavors
or colors I found a small squeeze packet of fruit and yogurt peaches and cream
use screw the top off you can flow it out into a little spoon or if your
baby’s a little older maybe they can squeeze it right into their mouth each
pouch contains 80 calories and if you don’t feed it all you can put the lid
back on it you can refrigerate it for it up to a day the little yogurt pouch was
only 50 cents these were two for a dollar then I found some fruit and
vegetable mixes here’s one with apricots apples and pears and then one with
squash apples and corn these were two packs for a dollar always make sure that
you’re checking the sell buy best buy used by date to make sure that you’re
buying the freshest food with the longest shelf life possible then rotate
through the baby food just like you would any other food you’re going to put
some in your bug out bag make a note to yourself when it expires so that you
rotate that food you absolutely should not feed your baby expired food it may
be fine but I wouldn’t risk serving my little guys anything that could possibly
be questionable don’t take a chance with your baby’s delicate digestive system
and their growth and development I got a wide variety at the 99-cent
store I’m pleased with the things that I found leave me a comment on your
favorite items and what are the things that you stockpile when you go to the
99-cent store it’s always an adventure you never know for sure what you’re
going to find learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel you

7 thoughts on “99 Cents Store Haul Prepping Supplies”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna have to pick up some dog treats next time I'm there😆. The solar light are amazing around campsites also. Last time when I was at the 99cents store they had power banks 6000mah call pocket juice for 4.99 same one at other store are 15.00+. I got 2😅

  2. That is so true about many items you will need being in the dollar stores and I am checking the ones out in my area when shopping to search for those items I need to replace what is either used up or in use at the moment.

  3. You scored a great haul, AG! Something for everyone in that shop. Loved seeing Sammy get his well-deserved treats. (He is adorable, and your little grandson is precious!) That coconut lotion is a great price! Looks like it is made in USA? Thank you for the continual encouragement and good ideas.

  4. Freeze dried liver huh?
    Not for human consumption huh?
    Sounds like a challenge to me!

    We have "Dollar Stores" here in Canaduh and I'll coast down the ten feet of "food isle" they have scoping out the deals. The rest of the store is filled with "Made in China" junk.
    Sometimes I'm surprised by real quality items like real vanilla real cheap, or questionable items like tins of fake spam for $1.50. Sometimes they have some good stuff but are asking too much for it at a "Dollar Store". IMHO.
    I'm always up for a big bag of cookies for $1.50, … Last month they had real maple cookies and by the time I figured out how good they were and went back, they were all gone. lol
    Have a great one!

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