Area 51 Box Fort TOP SECRET! We Found Them ALIENS (Nerf War)

Area 51 Box Fort TOP SECRET! We Found Them ALIENS (Nerf War)

I never thought I’d be doing this but what do you mean uniform uniform look do
you know he was doing what are you doing why is you dressed like this you sleep
on your hook and you turn on the news on the radio you haven’t heard about the
aliens landing in our backyard cuz we got some serious stuff going on right
now guys Jake you mean how our pool turned green from all the algae and
months of neglecting our pool that was not neglecting the pool those were
aliens inside our pool I saw it the viewers saw it you saw it and there is
an alien spaceship in the backyard once again you’re sounding a little bit
paranoid I think you need to chill out I don’t know what you built here but you
need to just calm down Jake no Logan they’re reading my mind they know that
on my mind right now I’m thinking about giving a massive
shout-out to one of our amazing squad members at the end of this video and the
aliens also know that the only way to enter into the squad is to hit that
subscribe button as well as the Bell button
that’s all you have to do to enter in Jake why would aliens care about our
squad shout out because Logan they are outside right now and they are preparing
to attack us which is why I took it upon myself to build us box fort area 51 the
most secure most advanced box fort we have ever seen in the history of Earth
and if you guys think that this is the craziest box for ever
then you need to slap that like button just like I’m gonna smack every alien
the trust take us down first things first Logan we
need to get inside area 51 and get you geared up because once those aliens get
down here all wars breaking lips now area 51 is locked by two different doors
that I have set up with a combination I don’t even trust you with and the hand
skandhas it reinforced cardboard wall surrounding the outside of the base
allowing us to defend it against aliens what’s on the inside the wall inside
them all right Jake whatever you say and we are locked on the first outer
perimeter now that’s not all I took it upon myself to stock up this for in case
of however big this alien attack is we don’t know what kind of weapons they
have what they’re up to but if they got flying saucers Logan I’ll tell you one
thing they ain’t using rocks and sticks alright guys welcome to area 51 the most
secure most highly guarded box fort we have ever created this is actually
looking pretty sweet we’ve got everything we need to defend ourselves
against this alien onslaught not only that but I’ve been working out and
getting in shape everyone that’s in this army needs to be able to do push-ups today that was just one pushup not for
today Logan now if you look over here we’ve got all of our nerf blasters that
we were able to use against the aliens we’ve got tactician rifles long-range
high-powered high velocity everything you can need plus we’re fully stocked on
ammunition I don’t know how many aliens are gonna be well let’s just say we can
take on a whole alien party alright this is actually a pretty sweet base looks
like over here we have a little tower where we can see outside
tonight four towers on both ends of the base the other thing is highly secured
to get to the next side of the base we have to go through the decontamination
Bay we don’t know what kind of diseases these aliens have so I implemented us a
little decontamination room go step inside Logan twice sting a little
bit and burn a little bit what do you mean it hurt a little bit that’s okay
it’s just decontaminating everything quickly close the door now don’t mind
the smoke Jake let’s just decontaminating everything getting
really smoky that’s all right and if you have a cold
also you’ll no longer have a cold this thing really does decontaminate
everything all right that should be good I’ll take you the next part of the base
it’s the medical bag this stuff kind of smells bad all right come on in here
Logan this is their state-of-the-art box for medical bay everything we need to
treat wounds paper cuts and even alien burns now over here we’ve got our table
full of Medicine blood pressure checker IVs that’s a city they are medical bed
that you’re not supposed to sleep on over here guys we got first aid kit even
some more bags of fluid if we need it hopefully we’ll never have to use this
room but if we do at least we have a medical room now let’s head on to the
coolest room in this place I Logan check out the next room where we keep all it’s
in this room guys check this out there’s a massive massive Tower
yeah the east tower gives us the greatest view outside the base let’s
just scan for any aliens or any intruders coming towards the wall so I
guess I just poked out this window gee there’s someone out there it
shouldn’t be out there this is an area 51 protocol whoever’s out there you need
to refrain from comment close to the bloke and that’s an alien I told you I
don’t think it sees us though Jake it’s doing something by the hand scanners
he’s trying to break into the base all right this is a Code Red Code Red
alarms are on this is the equipment room I don’t have time to show you everything
but gear up with what you can find and meet me in the armory we need to stop
this alien before he gets past the gate I only got one bullet proof vest Logan
so just use whatever you can find bully gear up we don’t know what we’re dealing
with guys this isn’t good let’s be honest I
did not believe Jake at all but there was something down there you saw too
right guys like big eyes okay well Jake’s gearing up think I’m gonna go in
the nerf arsenal and start gearing up myself hey guys I’m almost fully geared
up and ready to take on these aliens Logan’s getting the weapons ready as you
can see we’ve got a lot of devices here that we can use when we go out but right
now our main objective is to defend the base we don’t know what we’re dealing
with so I’m gonna using this helmet that we took off the crusher
it’s equipped with an oxygen tank we don’t inhale any alien diseases and
gives me enhanced protection alright let’s go take off some aliens
alright I think I’m gonna use this rapid blaster feel free to grab any weapon you
desire alright we’ll go get geared up come on we don’t have a lot of time
alright guys I think I’m gonna go with this one it’s a modified nerf gun should
be able to take out aliens my impact also comes with some precision aiming
devices like a holographic sight and a flashlight
let’s grab ourselves and ammo alright extended clip should do alright guys now
this might be the first attack of many so we better conserve ammo hopefully
loading gets queued up in time but let’s head outside and see what we can find
take out any aliens trying to take down our base Logan you ready ready Jake
maybe we take out one of these aliens we can analyze them figure out more about
them conserving ammo though we’ve got a lot but we don’t know how many there are
follow me you see she was right there we want to
make sure we cover the entire perimeter so where exactly is this alien spaceship
you said you saw it’s in our backyard literally out there look we can take out
these aliens I say we go outside investigate their spaceship they’re
coming to mess with my box for it I’ll tell them to mess with their spaceship the door thick skin must have put like
40 rounds in them between both of us give me pretty bad though I’m gonna have
to check out the medical Bay do you see how many times need to hit that guy to
take him down maybe I can find some info on him at the very least grab his weapon
see what are you using I don’t know what kind of diseases these aliens have I’m
going outside the wall give me cover I get closer to the alien come on we need
to get back to face they’re definitely using some sort of future tech let’s get
into the med bay we can analyze the weapon I also think you hit me up pretty
bad I need some support come on decontamination Jake what’s going on did
the aliens plaster hit me pretty bad okay both Jake I’m no doctor or medical
professional but I think first things first we got to get your chest our room
sit back and relax I think I know what I’m doing I got a Percy like I said I’m
no medical professional but I think this will do the trick
that’s not even where my wound is low gimpy Jake I got this
giggles open up no that’s not how you use it you need a bag okay no inside the
first-aid kit this should be a thermal patching solution feel the wrapping
around that should heal pretty quick tongs firing solution seems to be
working wrap the wound this should be healed fairly quickly I guess I guess
you notice that none of our Nerf darts did anything do these aliens the only
thing that took him out was this and I think I know why using a modified
version of Nerf darts might be able to replicate this in the lab figure out the
ingredients they use in this I might be able to replicate this more importantly
I think we need to find their spaceship and get these aliens out of here or else
they’re just gonna keep coming back and see what I can whip up and there we go
modified version of an alien blaster this should work just like the alien
weapons do loading in the alien blaster darts
and be able to take them out much more powerful than our blasters can okay
yeah it’ll definitely work now that you’ve replicated their blaster I’ll use
the original and let’s go find their spaceship
what’s the mammal in the crate there grab as much as you can and gear up
we’re going outside and we’re getting into that spaceship
all right mission simple we need to make our way outside towards the yelling
spaceship find a way in and shut it down through no more aliens come alright be
on the lookout for aliens and follow my lead looks like my bullets would move
outside Jake how many of these aliens are there no no they must have a pretty
big shift hold my legs sorry Paul Mille fois we gotta find a way into the
spaceship keep a lookout right there let’s go the ship I got him
nice shot alright I’ll take this let’s go check out the spaceship Jake take
those egg things that’s disgusting alright let’s go
inside – in five yo you gotta get in here and see this
whoa this place out – is the alien ship this is crazy
look at this attack careful normally this stuff is you could set up
a bomb but is that something flee ‘king maybe that’s how they crash-landed could
be like their fuel or something no stay away from it
check this out it’s more of their weapons look these things
Oh be careful we don’t know what those things do look at this this one must be
like long range should definitely take this stuff back go to area 51 we’ll bag
all of us and get back dude these are eggs we remember in the pool how when we
hatched the egg the alien grew in like five seconds maybe that’s what they’re
doing maybe they’re not like humans where they take you know 20 years to
grow and maybe they grow in like five seconds this could be a problem looking
we could have a Lian’s in the next two seconds these are the control systems
yeah I must do what they used to fly the thing nice this is the problem Jake gets
very interested with these things and before you know it we’re gonna be
kidnapped by aliens again I’m trying to get the thing to turn on a spaceship
take this thing off look the controls are pretty simple
okay wait the door just closed oh okay I don’t exactly know why it’s not opening
but just give me a minute here uh all right well when in doubt let’s just flip
every single button on and see what that does that really go to something really bad
there’s a lot of smoke coming out of that barrel thing burning up hold on we
try and give it some power here all right I’m gonna try throttle up here
whoa something’s happening it’s controlling
itself activated wait wait no no no no we don’t want on
autopilot on me where is it taking I don’t know smoke see it really

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