Brachial Plexus Injury Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Brachial Plexus Injury Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And today I’m
gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a brachial plexus injury. So let’s get
started. Sometimes, a brachial plexus injury is called a burner or a stinger. You see it
a lot in football players. And what basically happens is they over stretch their neck, and
that brachial plexus that brings all those nerves out to the arm gets overstretched and
then it’s really painful those nerves are all flared up and it can cause a lot of problems.
So the first set of exercises are gonna be those isometric exercises where you’re not
actually moving your head or your neck, but you’re activating those muscles to get them
stronger. So the first one, you’re just gonna place your hand on the side of your head.
And the motion that you’re doing is this, but your hand’s gonna stop your head from
actually moving. So you’re just gonna kind of push into your hand for about 3-5 seconds,
and then relax. Now don’t push hard, don’t feel like you have to crank it into your hand,
just start off with a light push. Hold it for 3-5 seconds. And then relax. Do about
5 of those and then switch sides. So same thing on the other side, just kind of pushing
in to the hand, but you’re not really moving your head or neck a whole lot. Then place
your palm on your forehead and you’re gonna do this motion, but your hand’s stopping it.
So again, 3-5 seconds kind of pushing in, holding it and then relaxing. Next one is
behind your head. So I like to just hold the back of my head, you don’t have to do your
palm or anything. And then just push backwards. So it would be this motion pushing into your
hand. So holding it, again 3-5 seconds, relax and do about 5 of those. So now, just lying
down on your back with your feet propped up. We call this hook-lying. Just bring your chin
towards your chest. So just coming up like this and then slowly coming back down. So
not going fast, going nice and controlled and just getting that motion in the neck area.
Coming up and slowly coming back down. So do about 10 of these and then work your way
up to about 20 of them. Then you’re gonna lie down on your side and put your arm kind
of up in front of you so you can rest your head here. And then just bring it up to the
side. Now still try and keep your ear up towards the ceiling, sometimes people kind of turn
their head and come up, but try and keep your eyes facing forward and your ear facing up
towards the ceiling. And then come up and slowly come back down. So again, not fast,
control that movement and then coming back down. So do about 10 on one side, switch and
do ten on the other side. So then you’re gonna come up into the quadruped position on all
fours. So this time, try and keep your head straight forward, eyes looking down, and then
look straight up ahead in front of you and then come back down. So looking up, getting
that stretch, and slowly coming back down. Again starting off with just 10, you don’t
want to over irritate those muscles in the brachial plexus and then coming back down.
And then work your way up from there. And then the last stretch/exercise is just shoulder
shrugs. So you’re just gonna come up and slowly come back down. So bringing those shoulder
straight up, not hunching your ears down, but bringing then straight up and then come
back down. So again, just about 10 – 15 of those to start off with. There you have it.
Those were your stretches and exercises for a brachial plexus injury, or a stinger or
burner. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to
check out some other videos, go to Don’t forget to like us, and remember. Be
safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

47 thoughts on “Brachial Plexus Injury Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. I left you a message on facebook about this and you sent me a link of exercises. Now you uploaded more 🙂 thanks a lot !

  2. hellow how are? please can you explaine for me the différence between : Taping, Strapping and K-taping ?

  3. i have a brachial plexus injury when i was born. I almost died. my nerves broke so they replaced them. i have a scare on my neck. im not ashamed of my scar though.

  4. i had an accident 8 years ago, and i didnt go for surery. i had no movements at all before and after 8 years now my shoulder movements are almost back and i have some elbow movements. can u please help me? i wanna know if there is any options left for me.

  5. I have a brachial plexus injury, and I have no idea how I got it. The pain started six months ago, and I only noticed it when I would extend my arm while getting dressed. I ignored it, figuring that it would just go away. Now it is suddenly much worse. Last night, I bent slightly to pet my dog, and had severe pain in my arm. Today, there is also pain in my neck and shoulder. Other than exercise, is there anything that can help this problem? How long would it take to see improvement with these exercises? Thanks!

  6. I feel pain in these movements and discomfort when i am bed in bad lein on my back and the side ..and pressure in the shoulder blade lasts over two weeks.. It hurt a little bit and then I made hard strech bringing my hed down and to the side and pul i can feal puling the ner when i bring my had to the chest and litle to the side because I had a feeling of discomfort as if something I have torn as pulled nerve then I could not turn my head … now resting and is much better able to turn his head but the discomfort is still there, and pain when in bed again I feel the need to stretch hope that this is the nerve

  7. I need an exercise where I can strengthen the lift of my elbow, this is for Bon sau in wing chun. My elbow is weak in lifting but everything else is fine. Can you make a video on how to work that part. I had bpi when I was a little baby

  8. I had brachial plexus injury for my whole life and I got it from when I was born. I do go to the hospital to check every year how I'm doing and getting some exercises from a specialist. I've also done four surgeries. Could I do anything more to improve my arm? How many times a day should I do this? I would really appreciate if you can respond to me. Thanks

  9. Hello. I have Brachial Plexus Injury at birth of my right hand, I can not lift it up or behind. Is there a Therapy in the developed country? Thank you so much

  10. i had bpi when i was gave birth, iwanted to know what exercise can help for me to properly control my fingers…i wanted to play piano but this problem keeps holding me back

  11. Great video. My main question is how soon after an injury should one begin these exercises? I have the compressed c5-c6 type of stinger from wrestling. It is now day 3 of just icing every few hours and taking ibuprofen and my thumb and index finger are still 50% numb. I tried a couple push-ups and have definitely lost strength in my pectoral muscle and down through my arm. I am guessing I can't fully activate those muscles because the discs are pinched or maybe the nerves are swollen, or maybe both.

  12. Thanks for making these videos! Ive been having a stabbing pinching type pain in right my armpit area for a few years, my right side neck get sore and stiff. I also have weakness in the arm and cant reach behind me or lift my arm without it hurting.

  13. I am total left hand brachial up& down.1year before accident &10 months operatio.their no ruselt &left hand no up& down.plz plz plz plz therapy me

  14. Hi, I met with an byke accident on the month of October and as per the doctor and my MRI report my right hand brachial plexus root C5,C6,C7 root was avulated and damaged due to which I went through a surgery on the month of November . Now my fingers are moving little bit but the hand movement or lifting is not seen .
    Please let me know when my movement will be back and what should I do more.
    Your response will be appreciated

  15. hi, i know this is for brachial plexus injury, but would it be helpful for erbs palsy ? lately as i have been ageing, it has been causing me pain in my back and i cant find much info or resources on the topic unfortunately

  16. I got brachial plexus injury from gun shoot 2 in my chest two in my left hands I be in so much pain every day and night I can't sleep good at night iam all ways in pain and I smoke a lot of weed to help with the pain

  17. Mam I can't lift my right fore arm against the gravity whenever I try to do my forearm fall down I can't give force to lift it and also my right hand and chest look thin as compared to other side what can I do mam to cure from it please help me

  18. Wow! I’m 64 and have Erbs palsy or brachial plexus palsy all my life and nothing was ever done about it. Never had therapy. It has prevented me from being athletic in many ways. But I guess it’s too late now, pretty much. I’m mostly interested in yoga because I’m feeling very locked, stiff, and cramped in my left shoulder blade. Any ideas?

  19. Hiii mam iam met with am accident on april 21st 2017 doctor's did MRI and said that bpi c5c6c7 are not working from april my right hand was not lifting up in October they did surgery in nims hospital now iam doing physiotherapy so moment Has came but hand was not lifting completely pls mam suggest me anything and how many days it would take pls mam help me

  20. sir… any one please help.. am brachial plexus patient.. before 2and half year.. very pain.. sleeping and sitting is very difficult please help

  21. I've had brachial plexus in my right arm since birth and have had surgeries, movement in my right arm is limited and i cant lift it above my head, any exercises you would recommend?

  22. I've got a small medial nerve damage in my right chest area and my right shoulder, bicep, tricep and chest muscles are a bit smaller than my left ones. The injury happened 3.5 years ago when i was lifting weights and had a very small rupture in my chest muscle…The pain (rather small iritation) is still present in my right chest muscle area to this day. I've did some physical therapy for it but nothing really helped. I was wondering what are the possible steps that I can take to help fix this issue? Thank you

  23. I have a Brachial Plexus injury, its hard to open my palm and my fingers to move them and my arm is smaller than my other arm

  24. I'm 36 years old and I have brachial plexus on my right arm I can't fully extend my arm I have noticed some pain I want to know what's causing it and what can I do to lessen the pain and gain strength?. I have never received any therapy.

  25. I have brachial plexus I had a car accident 2 years ago my Nerves stretched on my neck and right shoulder I had nerve surgery on my shoulder waiting on recovery

  26. Hey ik this video was posted a while back but I hope you can still help. I play football and got one of these about 2-3 months ago. When it happened my whole arm went numb and I couldn't move it for like 5 seconds and it gradually came back. Like I said it happened a while back but my arm is still numb in an area about the size of my palm and I've lost alot of strength in it that I'm having trouble getting back. I dont really care about the numbness or the awkwardness that much but I just want my strength back. It can usually do normal amounts of weights but it get s so tired and gives out after a few reps. I've started doing a dumbell curl and then extending my arm up which is alot more difficult after the injury but I'm hoping itll help. Could you please tell me if this is serious and how to get my strength back? I've worked so hard o cant let this hold me back. Hope you can help thanks!

  27. Thank you so much for your videos they are very informative.   I have a nerve entrapment of several of these brachial plexus nerves and hopefully with some of these exercises it will help the extreme pain.     You've given several and although I can't do them all at least I have some that are easy to start off with.   Thanks again!

  28. hi mam
    I have brachial plexus injury i am a body builder from afghanistan as you know there is not such a good doctor so what is your suggestion????

  29. I had a severe brachial plexus injury, avulsion of at least 1 nerve, when I was in my 20's. My arm was mostly paralyzed for the better part of a year. all of the flexors, the deltoid, part of the trapezius, rotator cuff were all useless on one side. The pain from the nerves healing was intense at times, like a hot knife plunged into my shoulder.

    It took a couple of years to recover without surgery, and 25 years later most of the affected mucles are between 70 and 90 percent of what they used to be in terms of strength. I lift weights regularly, and my right arm will get tired well before the left. I performed the exercises in this video and they caused some burning, but not too bad. When suffered in adulthood, these injuries can take a long time to heal. If you are injured, see a doctor right away, then do the PT and keep the joints moving.

  30. My doctor diagnosed me with brachial plexopathy but I have had no trauma or apparent physical cause for this. Is this synonymous with Parson-Turner syndrome? I just had immense pain that resolves with dry needling but residual weakness on the right shoulder remains. Getting old stinks.

  31. I have a question about my daughter. When she was born she had bracial plexius and she went to therapy but when she got older and her arm started to heal it didn't heal the right way. Instead of her arm being straight it healed in a L shape. What does that mean

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