Broken Elbow — Repairing Elbow Fractures (Q&A)

Broken Elbow — Repairing Elbow Fractures (Q&A)

Hi. My name is Dr. Khurram Pervaiz. I am a shoulder, elbow and hand specialist with the Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland and I work at Howard County General Hospital. Elbow fractures can happen after a fall. This could be a simple ground level fall, as in falling on the floor, or falling down steps or falling off a tree. You would have pain in your elbow, swelling, limitation in motion, you could have bleeding from the elbow, and if you have these symptoms, it would be… you should probably go see someone and
get an x-ray to make sure you do not have an elbow fracture. Going to the emergency room is
probably the best thing to do because in the emergency room they will
probably get an x-ray and find out if you have an elbow fracture and then probably send you to the right specialist. If you are suspicious that you have an elbow fracture, then it would be appropriate for you to make
an appointment with an elbow specialist so they can get x-rays, evaluate you thoroughly and decide whether this is something
that can be fixed with something simple like a cast or whether it’s something that needs surgery. Elbow fractures can be highly complex, technical injuries and frequently specialized training and technical expertise are required to put
these complicated injuries together with surgery. The most important thing in the elbow joint would be the
alignment of the joint itself or the articular surface. If the alignment of the joint has been
affected then it frequently has to be restored through surgery. If that alignment of the joint is okay then elbow injuries can be treated with something simple like a sling or a cast or just immobilization for a short period
time, however, the elbow is a joint that does not
tolerate immobilization very well, so immobilization is usually done for a short period of time to avoid permanent stiffness. Complications from elbow fracture surgery can range
anywhere from nerve injury to bleeding to infection, swelling and stiffness in the arm. Elbow fractures can take anywhere from
six weeks to three months to heal completely. I start therapy immediately because stiffness can be a problem. I don’t generally allow my patients to lift anything heavy with the arm and initially the most important thing
is to elevate the arm to minimize the risk of swelling, infection, and wound breakdown.

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  1. I have accident and brok my elbow. I was in emergency for siugery. After 2 weeks every thing is fine but my elbow cant be move straige, is it normal? And how long to wait to be used normal?

  2. I broke my elbow falling down the stairs. It was very painful. Went to A&E and they had to put me to sleep to put the elbow back. A number of x Rays were done and found a fracture. Surgery was not not done and now I am wearing a cast. Went to my orthopaedics and he said " good news" the fracture is healing. I am lucky but I can feel some nerve issues in my fingers. Only time will tell how the healing goes. Please everyone be careful around stairs, it is a serious injury and it will take me months to recover 🙁 long road ahead.

  3. Thank you for having this video I did a cartoon move couple days ago and my feet went up in the air and I landed on my back in my my elbow right now my elbow is sore it's making my shoulder uncomfortable and also my wrist will be going to ER in the morning thank you

  4. broke my elbow 10 years ago. Its never been the same, a big loss of motion and sudden pain when i reach for something. it has also affected my shoulder. fuck, what a shitty place to break.

  5. if i dont have a swelling, but i had bleeding and i cannot move my hand properly so shall i visit a doctor for an x ray?

  6. hi ive just had my cast of a broken elbow my arm and wrist r very painful a d stiff could a yone tell me is this normal and how long will it b like this and also how soon can i start excercises

  7. My dad seems to think he knows that my elbow is not fractured. I can't hang my arm down without severe pain, let alone fully extend it. It's stiff as hell, and pretty swollen. should I trust he knows what he's talking about.

  8. My elbow started hurting after I fell on the ground, I can fully extend it and everything with very little pain but it does look a bit swollen, do you think it's fine? I know you can't really tell just by me saying that but would just like to know your thoughts because I can move it fully with very little pain

  9. I fractured my elbow and it was so painful! I couldn't use my left arm at all. They did an X-ray and said I would heal in 4-6weeks. I prayed and put arnica gel on my arm three times a day and in 3 days I could use it again. It's a miracle!

  10. So basically what your are telling me is that I have broken elbow?!.Because I can move it a little bit but with lots of pain

  11. I have accident before one year my left hand elbow broken and i can't make straight hand. Now is it possible after surgery (remove screw) make straight my left hand? Or relief from pain?

  12. I have an accident and broke my olecranon. After that i was a surgery and placed 2 nails. After 14 days, when plaster was removed my elbow was stief. I lost my range of motion. After that i go through physiotherapy but 3 month later for the mistake of physiotherapist one new hair line fracture was made. After that 6 weeks plaster was cast .i want to know that is my hand completely in range of motion..

  13. I broke my elbow during volleyball when I did a shoulder roll. I can move the tip of my elbow around and my parents still think nothings wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. My mum and dad won't let me go to the hospital about my elbow but it may be broken it's tender when roaches hurts a lot what should I do all the symptoms are there

  15. I did an xray for cyst turns out i had fracture from years ago that was untreated doctor said my 5th metacarpal was bended
    I was unaware of the fracture i skateboard get injuried and get back up again with no pain
    Now i found out i have this
    Even though i had no pain or complications for four year

    What should i do?

  16. I was shooting a small ball in my house and I slipped and hit my right elbow on the floor so hard. I can barely even move it, and it is sooo painful. Thankfully I’m left handed.

  17. I just was playing basketball in my house and I hit this nob on my closet and it moves but with servere pains is it fractured

  18. Broke my elbow in softball and was in a cast for 4 weeks. Got it off 2 weeks ago but still can’t straighten it out:/

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