Comment traverser les hauts et les bas du régime Dukan? Partie 2. [LIVE DUKAN]

with a little bit of delay we’ll get started. this week it’s part 2 of last week’s Live I was telling you how to do
to the vagaries of the diet, because I’ve been put in the place of all those women who
are on a diet and who don’t always have the grace of the first week of the
attack phase where it’s going full speed ahead speed. Afterwards, of course, we’ll
is no longer in the sprint, we’re in the long-distance race, and it’s…
where there are small incidents. I had described to you in detail the nine
reasons why one might have A blockage. I told you,
since it was a little long I cut this live show in half, and…
today we’re on to the answers In the first week, I explained the difficulties, the difficulties of the stress, the pre-menstrual period etc.
and then we get into how to trying to get around these difficulties. the first of these difficulties, I had you
said it was to face the risks of the pre-menstrual period
those few days that separate the rules from the major swelling that women are interested in. so how do you deal with premenstrual syndrome women say to me: ah, I’m a
other woman, it’s not possible, I have want to move everything to my place, I have
cravings… obviously… it’s something under stress, so the most appropriate way to handle it is the use of natural progesterone during the second part of the pregnancy. of the cycle. Obviously, the gynecologist or your doctor will give you Progesterone. It’s the hormone of the
maternity. progesterone is opposed to water retention and the
weight gain in the last week of the cycle. Long before, of course, as I told you… talk to your doctor, maybe he’ll give you natural progesterone. Another way is through the use of the pill. There’s many women who take the
pill and this pill blocks Ovulation. The role of the pill is to block ovulation. which means that the
second part of the cycle does not exist it’s a good way to slow down the
premenstrual syndrome. on the other hand during this risky period eat without salt,
Remove tolerated foods. if for four five days you
are sensitive, this is not the time to bring in foods that are tolerated because the body goes into enjoy more. walk more than the
rest of the month, eat a dish of konjac per day for the seven
the last few days. The 21st and 22nd day of cycle make two
successive days of pure protein and talk to your doctor about medication
sweet aldactone aldactone 25.
If your doctor ever agrees, it’s… will be prodigious if you go through every
months of syndrome periods premenstrual. How to avoid
maintaining weight from stress because that apart from PMS the
stress, or difficulty, or contracts helped etc., that is what I think is first of all the Due to overweight, the cause of the
Difficulty losing weight. So if you are sensitive, very sensitive, very
susceptible to stress, you must first of all to begin with knowledge. There are
many stress medications the most effective, the most efficient, the most
known as the beta-blockers or tranquilizers. But both of them, one as well as the other, make weight gain easier. so
avoid, if you can I would advise you, as a matter of absolute priority, the
use of physical activity that delivers more effective action than all drugs, but at provided that it is regular and
enough support. It’s not doing shopping. when you stumble over a period of time at high stress, go for a brisk walk.
for 45 minutes and you’ll be surprised to see the effects of your stress
fade immediately. in association with physical activity
follow a magnesium cure free of any negative side effects.
choose a magnesium that is coupled to vitamin b6. vitamin b6
allows magnesium to be more available and to pass through the body more
easily. renew this cure two times a year. It’s very important, just do it! Me, in Anyway, I take it personally, I’m taking it personally.
I’m stressed. I mean, take an attitude. or resistance behaviour to
stress and overflows of your emotions. when stress is placed on a person who is sensitive the mind finds it difficult to detach itself from the
cause stress, butt up against that stress and the Play it over and over again. If you’re stressed,
if you recognize in what I’m telling you,
you know exactly what I mean, the stress is there you have a difficulty, it can be all kinds of difficulties and it comes back, it comes back, it comes back, it comes back. try to escape this disc effect
striped that maintains the effervescence and the secretion of adrenaline and
cortisone that will block your weight. try to push away this magnetized idea
who has a tendency to come back and turn it down when trying to get into the
field of your consciousness that’s the problem
she’s stalking, she’s stalking, and then she comes home… Try to refuse it. Your conscience
it’s like a computer, like a computer screen.
if you click on a page, it comes on the previous one and comes the
Hide. You know how it is. you click there and there she comes. add on. Do the same with stress to divert your attention to another subject that may
interest you. there is in the life of each of the territories of satisfaction, the territories of pleasure and territories of optimism. I’m talking about a
child growing up, a work of art that you have seen, a music that you like, a
friend who confided in you, a memory, that’s it, try to let go of your
stress to move towards something that You’re welcome. One seat, A memory… everyone has one. I do. I’ll give you some. to be debited all day long. This makes it
that when I’m stressed, I think about my girl who just had a little baby,
who’s handsome as a god, who has beautiful eyes, smiling at me…
when I arrive etc here are some things that bring emotional lather It’s important. And you’re dumping it on
your stress. Then it won’t make stress, he’s there for a
moment but it’ll camouflage it for a
time long enough to do take the pressure off.
It’s not the stress that’s embarrassing, it’s… the effect of stress. It’s not the
The first stress you’ll experience. Think about everything you’ve ever gone through in
the anxiety and everything went out, everything has disappeared. The one you’re living
today, well, it will automatically be forgotten
tomorrow so now we move on to the
third cause of difficulties in dieting. So, how do you
in the face of unintentional dietary error. I don’t mean you do. There’s
people who are out of line voluntarily, saying: we’ll see
tomorrow by definition, if the error is not deliberate and made in in all good faith, it’s undetectable.
To reveal it will require start by reading the program of my method in its every last detail. Ah, the butter, I knew I wasn’t allowed butter, I didn’t have not the right to caramel or a bite of fruit during the day Pure Protein. you read and then you communicate about our group a summary of everything you’ve been
put in your mouth all along the day over a few days. I saw it on our page and the mistake is… immediately pointed out. There’s always one that says, “Yes, that’s what we have to do. You can do that, but not that!
That’s what’s in the best interest of the group. that’s the strength of the group.
you also have the possibility if you are married you can also ask your spouse to help you discover the error. It’s difficult to be judge and jury. When you discover these mistakes… unintentional, write them on a post-it note to make sure the know and avoid repeating them.
after three days you will have taken habit.
Now we are entering the fourth difficulty that arises when you diet and that can force you to slip up.
how to cope with sleep deprivation. you’ve probably read the entire
literature circulating on the internet. of course, you avoid coffee after 3:00 p.m., the use of screens before bedtime, excessive heating in the bedroom. you have a soft pillow. that keeps the shape, a good mattress.
be aware that too much physical activity at the end of the day can block your
Sleep. You’ve read it, reread it, and so on. these are tips that circulate in
web loop in addition to this common sense
I might add that the magnesium that I’m giving you advised for something else, exercise the a genuine calming action conducive to the
sleep. another tip is to register before the
bunk all tasks that you’ll have to accomplish the next day
morning the mere fact that you have registered them
will ensure that they are not forget and avoid seeing them
intervene in unconscious mode on the quality of your sleep.
I, at least, I do, I mark that. before I go to bed, and at night I don’t get automatic callback. at last I’m going to tell you my secret staff that allows me to fall asleep in
under any circumstances. I’ll give you some. had already talked, but maybe
among you there are people who don’t don’t know, it’s good of you
remind It’s always worked for me. I do it. almost like a routine without even needing it. when you want to fall asleep,
lie down on the side that you preferable, because we all have a favorite side, turn off the lights and listen to your
breathing. listen to your
breathing when you breathe in and do not just think about that, focus your attention
on the air entering your lungs just to avoid having another idea come up short circuit.
you follow the incoming air in your body and gives you a
sensation it allows you to think of nothing else,
kind of like climbing a staircase holding the ramp without letting go of the gaze and the thought for a moment. go up a staircase, hold the handrail and put on the the field of your unconscious on this
breathing you hear coming in, that you feel like you’re coming home. During this
inspiration think mentally “DOR” and then when you get to the top of the inspiration you start your expiration, always in
repressing any other ideas that might come disrupt this sleep and who would want to fall within your scope of
Consciousness. When you breathe out you say: “MIR”
GOLD to breathe in, RIGHT to breathe out. it makes you SLEEP. You go around a kind of curve, up and down. when this first cycle is over,
go on. you wake up the next morning having forgotten how much of breathing cycles have been
necessary to make you sleep it’s unstoppable, but it has to be done,
you have to hold once, twice, ten times, fifteen times, it didn’t…
of importance. You’re breathing and you fall asleep, it’s systematic.
because it’s a physiological law if you can’t stop yourself from thinking about something, you’re Go to sleep. It’s math. but it has to be repeated about ten times. if for ten breaths you haven’t
thought of nothing else that SLEEP, you sleep. Now the
the fifth cause that could cause you prevent progress in your regime, which
could get you killed. It’s constipation. So how do you
fight constipation. above all know that five days of constipation is a good kilo that comes superimpose your weight on the
Tilts. A constipation of 5 days that weighs 2 pounds. But you didn’t know that. So here are the rules that are a response to constipation.
I’ll give you some. try to combine them to escape
resistance and dependence on constipation that damages your intestines.
First of all, one silly thing, any simple, you show up for the saddle
every day, every morning for example at the same time after breakfast. If you
eat of course, if you don’t eat. it’s not a good time, because…
when you eat, the intestines get the stomach starts to secrete, and so on and so forth… so the bowels start moving and
start to contract, and as it’s a one-way street, so it’s moving towards the exit. report for your bowel movement every morning to
the same time as you were feeling it. Need or not. It’s 9:00, 10:00. or seven-thirty, whatever, breakfast and then in the bathroom. And you wait
enough, whether it works or not. doesn’t work.
secondly, never delay when a need arises.
a lot of people have some kind of call and then – we’ll see, and then no, and then it passes. No, that’s not good. third, drink two liters of liquid and increase the dose of
oat bran to make 3 spoonfuls soup a day. 3 tablespoons per
day it makes volume in the bowel, because…
that it’s swelling up. force on the vegetables, if possible raw,
because the fibers are strong, they are a little irritating to the gut.
and give her contractions contractions equals advanced since direction
unique fourth, make a series
abdominal 20 in the morning and 20 at night is more…
important than you think. because here too if you do sit-ups: it contracts, feel… single, it’s moving towards the exit. So I
personally I always do them. in my bed. I wake up, I put my tilting pillow on and I get up, get down, bend my legs,
and in flexion I come down, I go up, and I go down, and I make some.
20 in the morning when I woke up, and 20 when I woke up… going down. I’ll do more, but okay, we can start with 20. Fifth, put in a tablespoon of
paraffin in your dressing. start with a half for the first 5 days so you don’t have to have a leaks. Even start with a
teaspoon. slowly, slowly, slowly…
paraffin oil It’s a lubricant, it allows the walls to slip. Often… constipation is related to a
inner dryness that makes It’s rubbing and it’s not moving.
Sixthly, use konjac. in more than its absolute slimming role,
certain, with the oat bran these are my two major foods, in addition to its weight-loss benefits. it is a product very rich in water, which
are waterlogged and swelling in the intestines without producing irritation.
it is a filler that allows well-filled settlers to better
contract by advancing the mechanically transit. So a portion,
one meal a day is the right dose. to attack a laxative rehab because it there are a lot of women who are
laxative addicts you can for a few days by
take two servings a day. Sixth, if you are constipated, chew six bars of gum… without sugar per day because they contain
xylitol and xylitol has a small intestinal transit activating action It activates your bowels. Don’t go past the… dose of 7 – 10 since it can cause a little bit of pain. and gas. Seventh, buy probiotics to supplement your diet. eat yoghurts, but even better, kefir and eat some sauerkraut that enriches the flora
Intestine. I’ll tell you a little bit about it. more in another chapter of this
even Live. put a glycerin suppository in the mouth
before going to the bathroom like children. ninth, walk at least 20 minutes a day and type with the heel on the ground, so that the small
ground contact shock goes up your leg and either
transmitted to the intestines, spreads to the belly, to the intestines, which makes
contract the colon and speed up transit. tenth, use psyllium that
you will find in organic stores or in Pharmacy. It’s an excellent product. Just ask… to your pharmacist for lactulose or transipeg or macrogol lactulose, transipeg, macrogol they act through their osmotic effect.
i.e. they are in the intestine. and they put water in the intestine… which obviously softens the stool.
if all this hasn’t worked out for you, by case of resistance small microlax tube
in local use can be very useful to resolve a situation. But never
in daily recurring mode as A lot of people. Some people can’t go to the bathroom. if they don’t have their microlax tube.
Here’s six, how to deal with food tolerated because it is also a cause of difficulties to lose weight The best way is to get to know them well. You have to know exactly what is possible by
tolerated, and what is not tolerated. And above all the precise rules that surround them.
today I have the little booklet of food tolerated, in paper version
printable I remind you that you get a page like this, you
print it back and forth, then you print it out. fold it in half and then you fold it into
four and you have a little booklet page one, page two, page three, page four, and you have two of them. tomes. it now exists in French version, in Italian version and in
Spanish. if you want, if you need, that
you are French, Italian, or Spanish, leave your email address and I’ll send it back to you. Come on.
coming soon the little booklet in English. the
rules are now today and defined: firstly, there is no
tolerate during the attack phase, secondly in the cruising phase you
are entitled to two tolerated foods per day but only on vegetable days, nothing on pure protein days. for me the PP day is a day
sanctuary that is the driving force behind my regime. at the beginning during
the attack it’s every day PP, and from the cruise on it’s every other day until you reach the
Just weight. If you’re stagnating, stop. the food tolerated at the end of the fifth day without losing weight. Here are those rules and follow them well. Seventh, another problem that can disrupt good follow-up and good
results of my method. how to improve your microbiota for
avoid slowdowns in your slimming. The microbiota is what the
that we used to call before flora intestine. I’ve described it to you on the
Last week. It’s kind of like organ that weighs 2 kg and is distributed all along the colon. there are today two families of supplements
food products that affect the microbiota: probiotics which are
live bacteria capable of colonizing flora and prebiotics. Careful,
pro is alive, prebiotics are… of the animals that feed these
bacteria so pro will bring you live bacteria, after you feed them. it is important to know that the most
toxic to the microbiota are Fast sugars. We’re not made of… to consume fast sugars and when we ingest them, we consume them, at that moment these fast sugars have a negative action on the microbiota.
used regularly, they modify the composition of the microbiota and
are destroying part of its colonies bacteria, I’m talking about fast sugar, it can be white sugar, it can be can be white flour, flour
barley is even faster than the white sugar, I told you, beware there’s not only the sugars, when I say sugars. it’s white sugar, as well as the
white flour, moreover this white betrays the fact that they’ve been cleared.
In addition, the sugars increase the insulin resistance of
colon, because in the colon there are cells, which are normally sensitive
to insulin and respond to the amount of of sugar that you are already absorbing in the intestine, and when you eat bread regularly
white, sugar, cakes, when you have some consume on a regular basis, and then you
increase the insulin resistance of your body and thus the cells
of the intestine, the colon absorb less of the sugar they need for
functioning, all the cells in your organism, when they have sugar,
they use it to live possibly make a small reserve but very little they absorb the sugar, it’s like
a sugar sponge the cells of the colon suffer if they do not have fuel and end up dead.
when the colon has small cells that die, it makes little holes in the colon, that causes rifts, then small
holes in the intestinal wall, this colon becomes a sieve colon, and this
would be the primary cause of the whole of all the cases that we classify under the
vague concept but much talked about of irritable bowel.
everyone is in the case of the irritable bowel, everybody tries to
eating gluten-free, when there is a per cent of people who need it,
the sugar industry is trying to get a foothold in the market. exculpate by blaming the fault of these
bowel diseases on the consumption of gluten or lactose and to enrich itself to offer products without lactose. gluten, lactose-free products. the presence of these holes in your intestine, in the wall of the
colon explains the passage of food that have not been sufficiently disintegrated. One protein, one sugar, one fat… is made up of small elements that are
can’t separate, it’s called the elementals, we
can’t go any lower good and well normally, when your colon is in good health, spend only
elements that are unique, not elements that are glued together.
elements that are glued together do not pass but when you have a sieve bowel, well, he can make a sieve bowel. pass two, he can pass three, and if the
holes are big: 4, 5 it causes mini immune shocks, because when it passes into the bloodstream… where there are antibodies, macrophages… there’s a lot of cells that are programmed that way. reactive allergic, an immune reaction,
and his little shocks, these hundreds of mini shocks, because there’s a lot of holes, it’s like a sieve,
these mini immune shocks are at the origin of many auto diseases.
immunity. This is the case with the hashimoto thyroid that touches
so many women, the ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis
M.S., lupus. many specialists in these
questions said that these are diseases autoimmune diseases of which we do not really know
well how they’re triggered. you you all have in your family, around
you, heard about these diseases in these serious diseases, the immune system does not recognize the organ because by dint of receiving
mini immune shocks by the fact that elements enter the organism in an undissociated manner. and which will immediately hitting those little molecules this kind of regular attack creates the auto immune diseases… in these serious illnesses the immune system no longer recognizes the organ involved. Women who have a faith hashimoto hypothyroidism Well, they have a thyroid that is under constant attack by antibodies
to try to destroy it because for the body it’s a foreign body and they’re trying to destroy it. that’s how women find out they have a thyroid that doesn’t work enough and gradually disappears under the table. the other danger that threatens the flora
intestinal use is the use recurrent antibiotics.
then the antibiotics protect, they’re attacking the wrong bugs,
but they also destroy the good ones it destroys the intestinal flora completely it disturbs her for months, so if you’re need antibiotics, okay, but know that, and if you do. have the antibiotic treatment, he
you have to compensate with agents probiotics and prebiotics.
all to tell you that if by the past you have consumed a long time
lots of fast sugars it’s likely that your microbiota
be damaged I’ve seen forty thousand people in my life… Well, I don’t think I’ve ever met one. that’s not fat from sugar,
finally some fast carbs, there’s a lot of them.
I call them sugars. like candy, cakes, pastries, it can be salty like rice, bread these are fast carbohydrates that
come quickly in that blood. if you are used to eating too much sugar, by definition. your microbiota is no good and
it maintains the weight gain. that at the beginning it’s the sugars that make
get fatter and then it’s the microbiota that has been damaged or altered, and
who in turn brings you back Overweight. It’s a vicious circle. If you suffer from a disorder… intestines, painful bloating,
of flatulence, he’s your colon has probably become
permeable and all this also sounds on your weight and your difficulty in
lose weight. to improve the operation of your
microbiota you need to recolonize your intestinal flora with strains
probiotics, and feed these living probiotics to these probiotics, I’m telling you, with prebiotics. So probiotics are sold as supplements. There are many of them, the most effective ones being I know: number 1 is called Nutri and Co, then comes the ProbioSuperSmart the third is Advanced Physics,
these are all English names, I’m asks why, the fourth is the
Lactibiane it’s very good, there are some
differences, but they’re all the same. they’re in the five-man squad or… First six. And then there’s lactobacillus gasseri… this one is the most targeted on the overweight. you’ll find it in the drugstore,
you will find it on the internet the problem with these probiotics found in capsules… is that the microbiota is an organ that weighs more than 2 kg. probiotic capsules do not provide
enough microorganisms to achieve significant improvements.
on the other hand, food can yield 100 times the yield of fermented
more per serving, and are much cheaper because probiotics, in spite of everything
It’s quite expensive. The food richest probiotic fermented products
are the bacillus-rich yogurts lactic acid. These are the most common ones, this
that we see most often, that we use Often. In fact, I remember when
when I was younger, it was said you’re taking antibiotics, take one,
2, 3, 4 yoghurts a day. the kefir is the king of kings, it’s the one that contains the most. It’s fermented milk with a little fizz. There’s buttermilk. Buttermilk. if you want, it’s called
The whey. It was a little sour. Me, I like it a lot. The
buttermilk is when you spin the milk there is a cream agglomeration
that forms butter, and the rest is a product that is fat-free
and has that little taste. Then there are the fermented vegetables. First is the sauerkraut. It’s almost as good as kefir. Kimchi is cabbage. Chinese. There’s pickles, the
pickled gherkins that start to ferment. Then there’s fermented soybeans, miso, and tempeh. then the fermented tea, the kombucha. Here, you take for example a little miso, some tempeh, if you have sauerkraut, if you take 1 or 2 yoghurts a day or kefir, all those foods… Frankly, it’s good. And then to feed them on top of that, because you have to feed them… prebiotics now: they are fibres that cannot be absorbed
through the small intestine it’s the treadmill where the body comes to rest.
feed, and then after we go into the large intestine and that’s it. there the fibers that the small intestine doesn’t have the power to pass, arrive in the large intestine, and there they’re attacked by certain acids found in
the large colon, and its fibers are the favorite food of the microbiota. the
microbiota lives in the colon and is feeds on fiber. So either you feed them
get some fiber, prebiotics, which I just gave you, the most common one is inulin, which You can find it. It’s the best prebiotic you can get. you find it in vegetables: artichoke, asparagus, garlic, etc. leeks, onions, tomatoes here are 6 vegetables in which you can Find out. The artichoke is in the lead in
list, the asparagus, and it tastes a little bit… sweet, by the way, that’s why the
artichokes, once you have them… eaten, you have a little sweet taste in your mouth. it is also found in grains: in
barley, in rye, and it is found in roots: chicory and dandelion.
There you go, you know all about the microbiota. I hope you’re going to apply yourself to it because it’s very important the microbiota. Eighth, I spoke to you last time I was here… drugs that make you fat you should check with your doctor about the real need to use them. if so, to choose those that have the least impact on the
weight. I’ll explain, for example, antidepressants include
had that was very fattening and others that weren’t fattening, and
others that made you lose weight because they’re indicated in eating compulsive disorders people who are bulimic…
major, not minor cravings, not the serious compulsive disorders that make you can’t stop you’ve all heard about this.
if you’re under the antidepressants, ask your doctor or shrink to give you, especially if you have food cravings that are hard to suppress, appropriate antidepressants, that keep you from putting on weight. another drug that that makes you fat is cortisone.
Again, your doctor needs to judge whether you need it.
but there are anti-inflammatories that can be extremely effective and that can
Replacement. The same goes for all of them. the above-mentioned medicines.
insist that your doctor, who does not don’t always think about being overweight.
he thinks about the disease and he has everything to… then a good medicine to give you,
but these good drugs can also make you fat. I mean, in terms of
concerns the risks to life social, I told you it was the ninth big reason for weight gain. It’s the social life. It’s the invitations, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions, it’s the receptions.
know what you really want if you’re fully motivated, no one will mind if you’re ask that you be considered for the
choice of dishes. a friend of yours call, ask to make fish instead of pizza. for example, if she’s your friend, she’ll do it. even if you come with a pancake
some oat bran or a ski to finish off on something other than dessert
catastrophic, no one has a problem with it. Well, let’s say you’re original, but you don’t care. if you’re the one receiving, it’s a lot…
simpler, since it is you who make the menu. But only if the
want then a simple rule: guest or
inviting regardless of the day of your
cruise, stay in Protein Vegetables if you invited people over on Tuesday night and you’re on Pure Protein… Well, that day you make Protein Vegetables, then the next day you reverse it. Take and take back vegetables, even if they are in sauce. Avoid bread. between meals if you can. There, now you are. know how to get through the
mesh the net to face the method with less difficulty.

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