Cozy mornings | A korean indie chill mix | krnb khiphop

Cozy mornings | A korean indie chill mix | krnb khiphop

Presents Cozy mornings | A korean indie chill mix Artwork by Naela Ali 먹 – 사랑은 일시적 (Vocal by CIKI) CIKI – syndrome Shlovesyou – Need you RHEEHAB – 네가 없어지면 (if i don’t have you) [prod. RHEEHAB] CIKI – 사이 ThePoles – 더폴스 – Daniel – 언젠가 눈이 오면 kumira – 잠옷 ( Feat. CIKI ) (Prod. by 강유정) 92914 – Room for milk RHEEHAB – goodnight. w/ SABO (Prod. ILLUID HALLER) kumira – Nobody’s perfect ( prod. Belief. ) 92914 – You got me high SLCHLD – call this love (feat. RHEEHAB) ThePoles – 더폴스 — 그렇게,다시 (new Ver.) 91914 – Daydreaming CIKI – Baby crush Panda Gomm & B JYUN. – OASIS. Cozy mornings | A korean indie chill mix

100 thoughts on “Cozy mornings | A korean indie chill mix | krnb khiphop”

  1. Its already been a month and a half and im still not tired of hearing this on repeat….so aesthetic. I love it

  2. Hey you •͈ᴗ•͈ yes you^^
    Good morning(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤.
    Start ur day with smile^^.
    Made ur day.
    Let's be happy and enjoyed every moment.
    Don't be sad for today.
    You Will sucess after all ur hard work.
    Be happy(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤.

  3. hey you, i got u a lil message

    hope you are doing well, if you are feeling sad its okay, everyone gets sad especially me
    remember, you are beautiful, you are great, you are unstoppable , you are the reason to make people smile, well, just breathe, everything will be okay

    i love you

    everyone loves you,

    just be you,

  4. I tried this on my baff like all my room was happy same as me i don't how but i started smilling and was so freaking happy 😊😂😂😂

  5. More like late summer, rainny Sunday morning songs.. green leaves mellow dancing out the window, and the wind started smell like autumn..

  6. I never imagined that a playlist could be so perfect and cohesive. ❤️ Also, do you have a Spotify account that we can follow?

  7. So I'm playing this while doing some work and I'm feeling so chill I could fall asleep 😂 Not good because I got work to do, but I don't care I love this ❤❤❤

  8. こういうの探してました🥰❤️
    I was looking for something like this.
    I will listen it constantly 💕

  9. Right now 5:13 AM. I cant sleep. Fck my eye. And 2 hours i need to get up. Go travel. Search everthing on youtube how to sleep. Still i cant SLEEP.

  10. Thank you for this playlist. I'm actually into indie music and now I'm discovering more from Korean music. This is such a huge help to start. ☺️

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