Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix

Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix

(dramatic music) – Hey bros, what does the golf team do to those who crash our party? – Take another fucking
step and you’re dead. – Well fuck you, loser! (laughing) – (screaming) Is this what
you were trying to do?! – I was trying to cut it clean off! It was gonna be rad! That’s me, Josh. And I’ve got a killer origin story. (school bell ringing) It’s got fights, (laughing) drama, – Josh, this is Sam. – [Josh] and love. – You’re challenging, Josh Wheeler. And I do like a challenge. – [Josh] But then, this happened. (explosion) – So what’s life like
during the apocalypse? It’s awesome. There’s no rules left, because adults turned into
what we call “ghoulies”. (growling) The world is backwards, I just fit in way better now. Sure, there are still jocks, – Ow! – [Josh] Nerds, and cheerleaders, but I have everything I ever wanted. – But it’s not about having cool shit, it’s about being cool as shit. – Wesley Fists? – [Wesley] I’m on a path to redemption. We are free. We can do anything. – I couldn’t pull off those pants. – No. No you cannot. ♪ Moving forward ♪ ♪ Using all my breath ♪ – [Angelica] Look, we’re
all searching for something. – Sam is out there. And I’m not giving up until I find her. – You can’t just leave us! – I agree with the petulant dwarf, you require our assistance. – [Angelica] We’re making
something important here. Our own tribe. A family by choice. – ‘Sup, turds? – This is why I avoid people. ♪ I’ll stop the world and melt with you ♪ – Your skills, Angelica’s brains, my swords, ain’t nothing we can’t do together! ♪ I’ll stop the world ♪ (cheering) – [Josh] So what’s life
like in the apocalypse? It’s never what you’d expect. – Sorry to interrupt, but your sword is still
stuck in my fucking hand! – It’s stuck in the bone! – (laughing) Bone. ♪ I’ll stop the world and melt with you ♪

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  1. I have so many questions about this show, I watched it and loved it but there are to many unanswered questions, like how did turbo lost his voice of did the rector got powers (when he got stabbed). And why does josh act like his mom is still alive or som…. i mean evrery one’s parents are dead. And damn what is Sam a bitch I mean from the start I already didn’t like her.

  2. It’s Zombieland 2.0 (same structure even).

    If you enjoyed Zombieland, you’ll likely enjoy this – give it at least 2 episodes to determine if you enjoy it or not

  3. Would’ve been better if they didn’t repeatedly interrupt the storyline with obscure social justice rants and episode-long flashbacks. Also I hated Sam. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  4. HONEST REVIEW: This is a TRYING HARD comedy zombie show lol Try to watch Episode 1 and 2 and you'll know that this netflix show is 2 Stars out of 10 Stars =) Junkie. Netflix wasted money producing this =)

  5. I tried watching this on Netflix last night, 11/8/19. I found this series to be stupid, mindless, and a teenage nerd series. As a Netfix member, I will give this series a grade of a D.

  6. Die serie ist ok. Nur wenn die nicht stark dem xbox spiel "sunset oderdrive" ähneln wollen würde wäre sie tausend mal besser. Das könnte sie nämlich Niemals.Und diese ganze heuelerei um diese "sam" macht diesen Abklatsch von einem viedeo spiel zu einen trink spiel als zu einer serie. Es ist fasst so als würde man ein let's play schauen. Am besten macht ihr alles nochmal neu "Ohne Sam" ohne auf offensichtliche Dinge hinzuweisen die der Zuschauer schon so versteht und weniger in dem styl von gregs Tagebuch!!!!!. Sonst ist alles top. Passt zur heutigen Zeit, coole Kulisse und locations, Geile Musik.

  7. I just finished watching the 1st episode and here's a brief summary : little Sam winchester grew up and fell in love with a girl named Sam Dean while trying to survive in a Zombieland and Mad Max world 😂😂 oh and Ferris Bueller became a high school principal , crazy right?

  8. Knew Josh looked familiar. Young Sam Winchester…lol. Quirky 1st episode of this series. We'll see. And his sword he names Dean after the girl he meets Sam Dean (Supernatural??). Ok. Way too silly. Or the heavy "Ferris Bueller" atmosphere with Matthew Broderick (Yes, THAT Buehller) being the principle. All in the first 15 minutes. Dying here! lol Like the end of Deadpool (first movie) at the end — my sons didn't even know that the end seen was ALL "Ferris Bueller" referenced/copied. Have to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off before watching Deadpool or this series "Daybreak" or you don't even know that you're missing heavy references. 🙂

  9. This show was actual shit had a bit potential but I felt no emotion as I would usually they killed off Eli for what reason? And Sam and josh relationship at the beginning and the end so different. She doesn’t wanthim at the end now and becomes evil? This is such a gimmick
    Show 😂😂

  10. Daybreak Season 1 Episode 3 Ending. DeadASS, they used the soundbit of the scream that is used in SO many shows… But not only did they USE IT… They used ALLL of it! Props to this, Full on, facts… Props. First Movie (since Jurrasic Park) or TV Show (Since Angel) to use the ENTIRE thing!

  11. This show could have been better, but you have to fast forward every other minute to get past some boring recap from lameville.

  12. If any who has watched this show yet is it just me but why does the principal/baron triumph look like an NCR Ranger from fallout new vegas

  13. This world was destroyed by MAN! Smart and Strong Woman has to lead all dumb retarXed!!

    Impressed, dude! Keep goin'! I have been watching you.

  14. For what it is, this show is actually alot of fun. I'll bet they all had a blast filming it too I'd love to see a gag reel.

  15. Is this some kind of Mad Max and fallout games merge together? The jocks – from the modified football vest
    Baron Triumph – NPR Ranger from FNV

  16. Good show but there’s a lot of weird out of place SJW crap in it I can’t tell if it’s mocking it or if it’s being serious tbh lol

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