Doctor Plays OPERATE NOW Hospital Edition | Doctor Mike

Doctor Plays OPERATE NOW Hospital Edition | Doctor Mike

100 thoughts on “Doctor Plays OPERATE NOW Hospital Edition | Doctor Mike”

  1. Doctor Mikectomy… cos i need to get Dr. Mike out of my mind before i get stray too far in this illusion. LOL. just kidding Doc.

  2. Everyone else: Facepalming about his "I feel like a real doctor…"
    Me: Having intense flashbacks about Rikkard Ambrose when he said "Silence Is Golden".

  3. Dr Ambrosia
    Kind of ironic, as in Greek mythes, Ambrosia helpled heal demigod, or half children of the gods, and served as food for the gods

  4. Do the limbs with broken bones usually look that healthy going in to the operation room? Like not a scratch or bruise even? 😂

  5. If you like Apex legends you vill love the game called Titanfall 2. The games is in the same universe and same style. I absolutely love Titanfall 2. I highly recommend Titanfall 2.

  6. Why is there a lack of comment on how a game makes someone stressful??? Like wow, the game is so realistic is not even fun anymore to a doctor 😂😂😂

  7. Doc stereotype:are nerdy frail and always in books

    Dr mike:hello I go to gym I play apex legends and yes I am a doctor

  8. DR. Mike: 'I feel like i'm a real doctor or something'
    Me: Whai', aren't ya a real docta'.
    Pac man, chiken, thing :v: i made this woma' :v.

  9. I've played that for so much time long before I found out about Dr. Mike
    It's quite fun and nostalgic to see he playing it 😀

  10. 7.53 the majority of comments talk about this moment ….
    Simply because he was performing an operation that was not his specialty

  11. Mike: “I feel like I’m a real doctor” 7:52
    Mikes Career: “Well you are, so you should definitely feel like a doctor”

  12. Literally everyone in the comments wondering if he's really a doc or not. Well people think and just think once if he wasn't he'd never say it like that !

  13. Do you have any medicine to stop having serious crush on someone??? (That someone is you)😍😍😭😭

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