Dog First Aid : Dog First Aid Kit Advice & Tips

Dog First Aid : Dog First Aid Kit Advice & Tips

So to go over with you the items, we’ve got
our scissors,
thermometer and you want to make sure that you clearly marked that this is a dog thermometer
so that you don’t accidentally use it on humans. You want to have tape and make sure that you
actually have tape in here and you are going to have gauze that you can use to turn into
gauze pads. You can make your own gauze pads as well as vet wrap. Vet wrap is a great material
to use. It is self-adhesive so you want to have your vet wrap available. You should have
something that you can use as a muzzle to close the dogs mouth if you need to. You can
actually use a real muzzle or just some piece of material cloth that you can use to keep
the dogs mouth closed. You need to have a very good supply of cotton balls, Vaseline
to use with your thermometer, Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide you are going to use if
your dog is eaten or ingested something and need to make him vomit. Rubbing alcohol, Betadyne,
cough syrup, your care solution, activated charcoal and you can get this from most drug
stores. Not something most people typically have in their house, ear ointment; that’s
all that we have in here. You want to make sure that you have your list ready and available
and make sure that you get all of the stuff and you have one central place that you can
keep everything so that when there is an emergency and you need to give first aid to your dog,
you have everything in place and is easily found and you don’t have to think about running
around the house and locating it.

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  1. i dnt knw anything about dog first aid but if u drink too much hydrogen peroxide u can have internal bleeding

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