Dog First Aid : How to Clean a Cut for Dogs

Dog First Aid : How to Clean a Cut for Dogs

So I am going to show you what to use to clean
out a cut and how to clean out a cut on a dog. There are two things to use to clean
out a cut on a dog. One of them, is Hydrogen Peroxide and another is Betadyne. So if you
have a small cut to deal with and does not require veterinary attention, you are going
to have your cotton balls
and your Peroxide. You want to make sure the area; now Raven does not actually have a cut
but lets say this line here was a cut. We would want to make sure that the hair was
away from the area, away from the cut. We are going to soak the cotton ball in the Hydrogen
Peroxide in this case and we are going to apply it to the cut. You want to apply it
gently and carefully so that you don’t aggravate the area and we want to change cotton balls
frequently. The idea here is we want to actually clean and so we need to change the cotton
balls frequently to keep the area clean. It might be necessary for you to remove the hair
from the area and to do so, you can use scissors that you are going to have in your first aid
kit or you can use a small hand held razor to clean the area. Obviously if the cut is
serious, then you are going to want to take the dog to your vet but there are certainly
some cuts, scratches and scrapes that your dog is going to get that you can take care
of yourself. Whether you choose your Hydrogen Peroxide or Betadyne, you want to make sure
that you frequently change the cotton balls so that you are keeping the area clean and
as fast as you can, let that area once you’ve cleaned it , air dry.

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  1. Never use hydrogen peroxide. It will damage healthy cells, worsening the the initial damage, causing longer healing times. FACT

  2. My dog has a small red wound in her genitals.I don't know how it was caused but the wound was discharging yellow fluids. I cleaned it and don't know how or what to do now.The vet is unavailable what should I do?

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