Dog First Aid : How to Treat an Ear Infection in a Dog

Dog First Aid : How to Treat an Ear Infection in a Dog

Once you’ve got the spot dirty on your cotton-ball,
you’re going to change it; in this case I just flipped it over. Okay, once I’ve
gotten that cotton-ball quite mucky, I’m going to get another one. Clean, start with
a clean cotton-ball, you might want to open your container. Okay, and you can go deeper
than you would in a dog’s ear, then you would think you would in a human’s ear,
but its best to hold the ear up and go in, and try to clean the ear out from the top,
using your cotton-ball. Never probe too deeply in here; you don’t want to puncture the
eardrum. Okay, so once you’ve used your medicated cleaner to clean out the dogs ear,
if your vet has given you an ointment and typically you’ll get some sort of an ointment
from your vet, then you’re going to take the ointment, put a small amount in the ear,
and then you’re going to massage the ear, so you’re moving that ointment all through
the ear. Once you’ve done that, you can wait until the next time you have to make
the application. Follow the instructions that are on the medicine that you get from your
vet, Um, this one for example, is instill in ear twice a day, for seven days. Make sure
you follow, even if it looks like the ear infection is cleared up, make sure that you
follow through to the end of the time period that the vet has instructed you to do.

14 thoughts on “Dog First Aid : How to Treat an Ear Infection in a Dog”

  1. My vet charged me over $300 but only gave me steroids.. No ointment… Oh, and he claimed to be a natural path.. Or homeopathic doctor… Stupid vet! Charged me and didn't fix my dog's ear infection…

  2. i got sick of the ear infection, vet, and relapse rollercoaster. in my poor dog's case it was yeast infections and was improved with a better diet and regular non-medicated cleanings. so far so good. i have no idea why my vet didn't encourage me to take this route.

  3. hey lady i hate bare feet please wear shoes next time. video was completely ruined by the sight of toes and toenails. thanks in advance.

  4. My dog is in bad pain. She howls in pain everyday and has puss and bacteria all through the ear. The dog is shaking its ears to get it out. I wash the ears out with water and cut all the hair around the ear and inside off. My dog is still in pain and i need help. Anyone?

  5. well we wouldn't need to learn how to put the medicine in the ears if our dogs would sit still like that.

  6. Water will absolutely NOT help at all. It's making it worse! Please discontinue doing this. Go to the vet and they will prescribe you some medicine. If it is that bad you MUST go to the vet. If you do not fix this, it may lead to deafness.

  7. @Julie Jennifer Well I had visited 4 different vets in 2 different cities and they didn't do anything but give us ear infection medicine, well which only made it more infected. It doesnt matter because 2 nights later my bestfriend since i was just 3 years old passed away. She was the braviest dog, Even now i think back. I thank you for advice anyway

  8. Sorry to hear of your loss. Here's what worked for our lab.  Betadine clean outer ear hematoma area. Small 21 gauge or 23 gauge 3/4  x 12 inch butterfly needle connected to leur lock  syringe or vacutainer to drain the ear hematoma. (Collected approx. 50 ml serousanguinous drainage) Neosporin for puncture that quickly heals.  No Surgery (anesthesia) risk. Find out root cause of ear inflammation.  For our lab, it was worth the lab bill to find out what food she was allergic to.  This allergy testing was $147.00.  Probably way over actual.  Using topical antibiotic drops versus systemic treatment was better.  Anti-yeast cream was applied to the outer ear canal.  The dog has stopped shaking her head causing the ear hematoma.  The ears look very good.

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