Dog First Aid : What is Kennel Cough?

Dog First Aid : What is Kennel Cough?

What is kennel cough. Probably everybody has
heard that and heard from vets and if you’ve boarded your dog, you’ve heard it from places
that you board but people may not have a really good idea what is kennel cough and how your
dog can get it. Kennel cough is an illness that is a combination of viral and bacterial
infections and dogs are likely to get kennel cough when they are in places where large
numbers of dogs congregate. Dog shows are very typical place. You have dogs coming from
all over the country and they are getting together. One dog may be sick and it spreads
very very quickly. It is highly contagious. Anther place you might come across kennel
cough would be in a dog park where again you have a large number of dogs coming together.
Boarding facilities are another place kennel cough can be very prevalent. So kennel cough
again, is a mixture, a combination of viral and bacterial infections. There are two types
of vaccinations that your veterinarian can give your dog. There is a inter nasal vaccination
and that is thought to last for up to about 6 months. There is also actually an injection
which is thought to last 6 to 12 months. The problem is that if the combination of viruses
and bacterial infections that are making up the kennel cough, the common word for the
dogs illness, is always changing so these vaccinations are not a 100 percent guaranteed.
Many times dogs have actually had the vaccination will come down with kennel cough. So the best
thing you can do is be aware of where you are taking your dog. Vaccinate if your veterinarian
specialist feels like the area you are in has a lot of kennel cough going around, watch
where you take your dog. If you are not sure about the health of other dogs are present
where your dog is, avoid contact with those dogs.

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  1. my dog keeps coughing but i don't see ANY phlegm at all no eye discharge no nasal discharge either and he keeps stopping to scratch his ribs.. and I'm worried that its a lung tumour or pneumonia. although he eats but has stopped wanting to play but we gave him a bath (and kept him inside until totally DRY) but we gave him a bath a couple weeks ago after other dog contact and he started to show symptoms

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