DON’T DEADLIFT!!! RISK OF INJURY TOO HIGH! (Response to Joe Rogan | Robert Oberst)

DON’T DEADLIFT!!! RISK OF INJURY TOO HIGH! (Response to Joe Rogan | Robert Oberst)

100 thoughts on “DON’T DEADLIFT!!! RISK OF INJURY TOO HIGH! (Response to Joe Rogan | Robert Oberst)”

  1. First Instagram disables likes on photos and now deadlifts are too dangerous. Pretty soon gyms are going to close for "encouraging bodily harm"…
    Just avoid the all the gahhhhbage online and start one of my programs. Your brain will thank me guys.
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  2. Eddie Hall holds the current world record for deadlift (500kg) and he says the same thing; i.e. do it the right way and you'll be fine.

  3. This dude is shouting too much. I gradually lowered the volume until I realized I was happier not listening to him.

  4. I think the bench press is much more dangerous. Way to easy to accidentally put too much weight on too small muscles.

  5. hurt my lower back deadlifting thought about never doing them again or atleast never doing them heavy again but realised how stupid that was. I took 2 weeks off to let my body recover then went and worked on my form which turned into an impromptu 1 rep max session and I hit a new pr of 175kg and I didn't have a sore lower back during or the next few days. Deadlifts are definitely worth it in my opinion you just have to do them properly and always take them seriously.

    Just for an indicator I'm 19 and 5ft 9 so the deadlift weight is something I'm happy with aiming for over 200 though.

  6. I have to explain this to people who are afraid of the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) all the time. Doing these exercises doesn't mean you have to do them like a strongman competitor. The rewards of these exercises are amazing if you program them correctly.

  7. Can anyone just watch a video and realize that it's an opinion? This seems so defensive.. I'm sure there is truth to both sides. The weight lifting community is incredibly sensitive. Stay in your lane and people will slot into it. There are wayyyyy too many variables to account for when it comes to creating a concrete book on form/technique and so on..

  8. Man I love your honesty. If I want straight up facts with absolutely no bullshit thrown in…I take your's simple as that..thank you

  9. Im not gonna lie, that podcast pissed me off. Just to throw the towel in for deadlifts is like saying there is no need to consume protein in case your farts are nasty… That's gonna have a long term effect of novice weightlifters.

  10. The deadlift cured my hip/back pain. Maxing out on any heavy compound movements carries risk. Personally, a 1 rep max squat makes me a lot more nervous than a 1 rep max deadlift.

  11. Yes, every exercise can be dangerous but deadlifts are up there among the most dangerous. Even if the we dont do DL's more than twice a week, it just takes couple of bad days to break your back/herniate your discs especially as you keep pushing yourselves. We all tend to push our max, thats where the problem is since very few people are able to suppress their urge to go heavier. Injuries from DL's & squats are quite dangerous since most of the time it limits are ability to walk properly.

    Additionally, you should also remember that most people start listing late in life and they mostly have some sort of herniated disks from their desk jobs, bad posture etc. It would have been great if we just lifted moderate weights for DL's but hey not a perfect world.

  12. risk to reward ratio is something that you yourself introduce into an exercise not the exercise itself!!! properly overloading and performing an exercise especially one like the deadlift can have tremendous reward. Conversely, bad form and "ego lifting" introduces risk to an otherwise safe movement! Robert is professional and his risk to reward is different. Him locking out in the deadlift with improper form for a WR has very different risk to reward than the average guy trying to make gains and get stronger!!
    Great video

  13. Look at all these buff dudes guys feeling butt hurt that a professional athlete calls bull on the deadlift.

  14. Weekend warrior: I deadlift 1 times my body weight. Must stop, now that i know the risk to reward ratio is not worth it.

  15. If mixed grip doesn't feel good, just do the hookgrip. Heavy deads with proper form are absolutely amazing

  16. Yea when i do deadlift i dont go above 225 often. I actually usually do 185-195 for 6-8 reps.

    I always try to focus on form cause deadlift is one of the most functional movements. I do that form of movement at work all the time

  17. I know this for a fact because I was deadlifting for my first powerlifting competition but injured myself very badly because I didn’t rest. That was 3 years ago. Luckily I can still train because this is my passion, but I can’t deadlift or squat anymore because it was a skeletal injury. Now that I’m a 30 year old college student with a 3.4 gpa who still want to be involved with sports and fitness I’ve re-evaluated my goals in life and still hope to finish them. Thank you Scott for your videos. 👍

  18. The key is proper form. U can deadlift 99 out of 100 times no problem. It's that one time u carelessly mess up that fucks u up.

  19. I've had to use an h bar to do deadlift I just can't get my lower back right and I toured up for about four days last time I tried so I've been using h bar and it pretty good I know it's not the same but it's closed……. I think

  20. I deadlifted with correct form (I have a video of it and everyone I showed it to said it's the correct) and fucked my back up anyways one year ago, the back still bothers me, and I can't do deadlifts and squats anymore, I'm only 21, and I'm not the only one, I know other people who messed their back up as well with the deadlifts

    Not really sure what to do about it, no money to go get mri or get pt or anything being a poor college student..

  21. I remember when Scott came to the Sears at our Mall. But…I saw the video before I discovered you though, and wasn't there. :-/

  22. Does the Power plate, the vibration training is better then normal lifting, If you do vibration training Do you get faster results?

  23. Loving the changes to your physique scoot… looking awesome an the little bit of tan does you really well..

  24. There's a risk to reward ratio with any lift. The more weight the bigger the risk, and bigger the reward. I don't know what kind of weight Oberst had in mind when he made his comment, but I'm guessing it was a lot. So yea, if you're dead lifting an insane amount of weight the risk to reward ratio is going to be too great and not worth it. For the rest of us mere mortals, moderately heavy weight will suffice.

  25. Great Video & great response! I'm totally with you! But can anyone pls explain how & why we came to the point where we debate if deadlifts are dangerous or not? I mean, it's an essential movement, you do a few times a day. You pick s**t up… & you should be able to do that without hurting yourself.

  26. I teared my lower back muscle in August 2017 due to deadlift… although I was following the step by step form… I had to recover from the injuiry for 2 months!!! since then I don't deadlift anymore… I agree it has a high risk

  27. It's not the deadlift in and of itself that provides an imbalanced risk to reward ratio, it's the ego present in many gym rats out there. As someone who experienced a bad injury at work, chronic lyme disease, and widespread muscle loss…my ego quicky took the back seat as I started my long, steady journey in the gym. I could care less what people think of me and the exercises I'm doing at the gym anymore. But yes, the dead lift is great, as long as you start low and slow and always ensure that your form doesn't waver as you continue to slowly add weight from one week to the next. I see too many people, audibly making themselves known in a crowded gym with their sounds of intensity, veins popping, while shaking with improper form. It's their frickin ego, and it's just stupid and unnecessary. They are the type of people who won't be able to walk at the age of 50, talking nostalgically to all the youngsters about what they USED to be capable of in the gym lol.

  28. I had a bulging disc from sports, and I started squat and deadlifting. My back, and posterior chain, are far more balanced now and I experience no pain. I would say that if I avoiding these exercises, I would re-injure myself. I'm 30.

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  30. I deadlift 3 times a week, but it's well within what I can handle. I'm not looking to max and set PR's each time. I'm just working my way up to 1.5 times body weight slowly but surely.

  31. more people die of benching than deadlifting i did rather have a tear than my life guilliotined out of me

  32. I'm 31 weighing about 155 to 160lbs and deadlift twice my weight 310lbs, which I'm proud of. My only thing I never do is the under and over grip Ever for deadlifts. To me that would just mess up your symmetry and tear one side over the other.

  33. 2:02 – Most of the people I see deadlifting have bad form. When's the last time you been to a commercial gym? You can snap your shit up even at 200lbs, it just takes one single bad rep. Deadlifting is the single most dangerous exercise by far and no novice lifter (and by novice I'm talking less than 5 years of lifting) should do them. And no one needs to do them at all anyway. There's safer ways to overload your back and posterior chain like any rowing exercise and especially rack pulls.

  34. It's the most dangerous move that we still perform just because it is the lift where we can put more plates on the bar

  35. The risk to reward ratio is why guys aren't getting married anywhere near as much as they used to. It's also why businesses succeed. It's a good idea to exercise good mental practices along with exercising your body.

  36. I do heavy singles deadlift 3 times a week, im focusing on oly lifting training, i do clean grip,conventional and snatch grip, i can desdlift 295kg at 96kg body weight

  37. As I 45 yo, this is good old man advice. The ladies don't give a shot about your 600 lb deadlift but your joints do.

  38. I wouldn't even say you should deadlift (conventional barbell), but you should do some hip hinge variation. Romanian, stiff legged, hex bar, sandbag, atlas stone, natural stone, kettlebell swings, hip thrusts, single leg deadlifts, etc.

  39. Guys, if you want an ultra insane body build. Ignore the gym entirely. All you need is mind to muscle connection and through osmosis you can achieve an Arnold like physique. – Bro science

  40. Scott, I am a long term subscriber. There are a ton of exercises which I have learned how to perform all thanks to you. But sometimes I feel you are being excessively critical and biased. I genuinely feel you are nitpicking sometimes instead of educating us. For example the video you did on the actor of lucifer it felt more bitter than educational. It doesn't feel right to me.
    BTW This is my first comment to any of your videos however I would suggest that please be real to you are.

  41. I love this, but I thought you were going to mention one more thing: The greatest difficulty of the deadlift I think comes from proper mind-muscle connection. Only YOU know if you're recruiting and firing the proper muscles, as a coach you can't see it in the person's form. And not recruiting the back muscles properly can cause a biceps tear, especially if you're using a mixed grip and Mark Rippetoe discusses this when he talks about why he teaches a hook grip from the get-go.

    I hurt my ankle kicking in martial arts, and at that time I decided to spend my next two months at the gym working on isolation movements for mind muscle connection. The result? When I got back to training compound movements, insta-45lbs extra into my first deadlift session. I wish more people knew this.

  42. Scott I hope you see this. I don´t know why but this was sort of a wake up call for me. I´ve been lifting for quite a few years now ( although I still consider my self pretty intermidiate) and for the last year or so my deadlift strength have gone from like 40 kilos to 100 kilos (since I took a long leave from training due to some personal stuff) and I feel like I´ve lost sight of my training goals a bit. Sure I WANT to chase bigger numbers but I´ve let it go to my head, and if not for this video I may not have even thought of it, I may get seriously hurt trying to push my self to break 120 kilos instead of working on my 100 a bit more. Just when you think you have your lifting game on the rails… But thanks man seriously, not just for this video but like the fact that all you great guys are willing to share your experiences and give this information up for free.

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