ER Doctor Evaluates Injuries In Red Dead Redemption 2 • Professionals Play

ER Doctor Evaluates Injuries In Red Dead Redemption 2 • Professionals Play

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  1. Don't know if it's you or not but you look a lot alike to an actor that plays a medical professional in the TV show Untold Stories of The ER

  2. Always remember that if someone is drowning, they’re not automatically safe if they’re out of the water. You can still drown on dry land.

  3. I remember seeing this doctor on Deadliest Warrior back in the day.😁 He was a great choice for this video, since on Deadliest Warrior, he gave very accurate diagnostic reviews for all of the weapons and armor tests they did on the show, so I know to trust his accurate diagnosis on actual injuries here.👍

  4. "You have a 50% chance of living, though you will probably be paralyzed, and more, for the rest of your life."
    Me: Just finish me off, fam.

  5. Ik this video was about the INJURIES but y’all should do a sickness video especially Arthur’s Tuberculosis.

  6. doctor helps u
    enter the hospital
    just sum pills
    exiting the hospital

    Yeh I'd rather commit not living

  7. At risk of sounding ignorant here but when he said "there was no real pain medication" didn't they utilize opium for trauma an pain? Or am I mistaking my eras?

  8. Can you explain what happens in the IT movie? such as when Georgie got his arm bitten off, everyone says he could've just got up, so i think this Doctor should explain some of the stuff in the IT movie, such as when Ben got a "H" cut into his stomach, the part where Henry stabbed his dad in the neck,

  9. I like his input in the medicine, but this guy really doesn't understand 19th century medicine. He's dead wrong. Tourniquets have been found from the Neolithic era- o course they understood people could bleed to death through an amputed leg!!! Of course they splint bones! They used cocaine and morphine as pain treatments. And they could put people under during surgery using ether or chloroform, though that would likely not be available in minor outposts in the Old West.

  10. This guy knows this takes place after the civil war where amputations were common, u can literally do a stranger mission were u have to take a guy to the doctor to get his arm amputated

  11. That shot in the end was very impressive.. I have about a hundred hours in the game and I didn't knew you could do an injure like that.

  12. Is this guy actually a doctor getting shot in the leg is not Life threating? The femoral arteries in your legs are the biggest in your body. If damaged you can bleed out in minutes

  13. This guy: If someone lost a limb from amputation in the 1800s they wouldnt survive…
    Mickey the Civil War Vet: HEY ITS MY BEST FRIEND!

  14. There's actually a doctor ingame that amputates someones limb. He even injected the guy with something to completely knock him out and then went in with a bonesaw, and then tied it off. It was gruesome.

  15. In Rdr2, a bullet removes your leg only if it is a shotgun shot, in case of a revolver, only the wound will remain, that's why it starts the leg (because it does it with a shotgun shot)

  16. So this is what he's doing after Deadliest Warrior? Doing more pointless evaluations over obvious injuries and wounds? Leave this poor man alone. Let him be a doctor where he's needed.

  17. Doctor: “in the 1800’s you can’t survive a decapitation”

    Aurther/John: * drinks health cure * “so what was that about not being able to survive decapitation?”

    Doctor: …

    Edit: this comment was inspired by Kyle Hickey so all credit goes towards him/her

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