EXTREME DEFI DE GYM ep2 part2 |           danseur VS gymnaste VS cycliste

EXTREME DEFI DE GYM ep2 part2 | danseur VS gymnaste VS cycliste

Immediately, the following 3 2, come on Go Glody Go come on we apply it’s good it’s good laughs We don’t give up go stretch your legs come on go one
times it’s gone it’s gone it’s good wait wait wait there is a technical problem ah i don’t have the technique no you don’t have the technique
looked you go up here and if you have stretched muscles
you will not be able you have to stay group here look I group here if you do this you stretch your back fully and there you are not going to go upstairs I succeeded by what I stayed here I take small steps
but i stay grouped ok ok go to him! go! after advice from the coach we are good Jeremy: group and don’t stretch your arms quiet the first time you group and then you stay together and you go up
in small steps, come on! it’s good it’s good here Kevin: fight fight you go!
Jeremy: it’s good you see you get there grouped grouped grouped it’s good Jeremy: breathe you see ? it’s good it’s good he gave everything that’s what matters
it is the most important no matter what wins the most important thing is to give everything if you gave it all it’s great (laughs) I don’t think I snorted enough
that’s why Jeremy: go top aaaaaaaaaahhhh! I do not have to exceed myself today it sucks laughs good won Kevin: it smells of victory today
Polizzi! Glody: frankly I bow ouuuuuuuu! i see all black it doesn’t go up (laughs) it hurts ! YES! YES! ha ha! I had no blood left in my hands nice match frankly me i can’t
look look at this look at the stuff
no it’s disgusting i can’t it hurts too much J: liar!
K: I swear in any case we saw
saw on the video we will see everything thank you cameraman I am not well (laughs) Ah too! K: Ah it will crack! come on! he has a worried head J: He has a mind J: I’m not back in the red yet don’t believe it don’t believe it! going aaaaaaah! Between squats and chairs he can go you come back by bike is that it? (laughs) in the bed he will say to himself the bastards a hot night today in shape
me yesterday I was off I did recovery my opponents they pushed me a little last week it was more difficult your impressions ? it was in daylight otherwise tired today? bad bad very bad afternoon soccer the last time you were in better shape yeah ate the lion not there not very good but good gave you gave you anyway There it is, thanks the most important is that Mathieu was absent
you were present exactly, remember I give you an inch but it is useful we will come back stronger absolutely so your impressions my impressions they took me to their land what and there frankly it was physical and
all you see there is just to be decorative compared to what they gave me
subjects at least there is nothing that followed
Nothing at all There I will go home
it’s going to be a night! I feel it very badly A nickel! Subscribe

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  1. Merci pour tous les commentaires que vous avez laissé dans les vidéos précédentes 👍 j’espère que vous avez rigolé par moment ?

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