First Aid – PROVIDE FIRST AID – Amputation – Emergency Response

The word amputation is used to describe an
event when part of the body has become detached or removed from the body. A finger that is
accidentally been cut off from the hand is an example of an amputation. If an amputation
occurs DRS ABCD and call 000. Use standard precautions and wear gloves. Then you’ll need
to follow these steps. 1. Manage the bleeding wound by applying pressure and elevating it.
2. Locate the amputated part or parts. 3. Place the body part into an airtight container
or sealed plastic bag. 4. Place the sealed bag or container into ice water, making sure
the body part does not come into direct contact with the water. You’ll need to ensure the
body part goes to the hospital with the casualty and finally you’ll need to manage the casualty’s
shock and reassure them.


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