What’s up everybody?
Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re doing part two of the full face
first impressions using all new makeup. I guess it’s gonna be
a series on my channel. You guys will have to let me know if
you want me to continue doing these. But the first one that I did
last month, you guys loved. And I think I buy way too much makeup
so it’s fun to like accumulate it all where all the new stuff that I’ve got in
the last weeks and just try it all at once. I mean, hi, it save a lot
of you guys’ time cause I know a lot of you love to watch and
see if things work or if they do not work. Now today’s video’s gonna be really fun
because I want a little ham and so forth, so I got a lot of new products and I also got
some new stuff from Alta and the drugstore, stuff that I have never used before that
you guys have actually recommended. So today we’re going to dive into all
of that and try it all on my bare skin. So if you guys want to see me play with
new makeup, then keep on watching. All right now. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to find
a full face of like every single product so there are a few things
that I am missing. But I think I got most everything. So I was browsing on Sephora.com and Doctor
Brandt who is of course an amazing skincare line, they have something brand new
out called the Illuminizer Primer. Now this is allegedly something that is
gonna give me a natural backlit glow, revive my dull complexion, and
help refine the look of pores. I’m like okay girl, if anyone says that they can minimize
pores and give a nice flawless look, I’m down for. All right, so this says to apply
on clean moisturized skin. Put this over on desired areas
for a natural radiant look. Okay guys so let’s just
use one hand over here. Oh it smells really fresh. Oh it feels a little tacky which is great because
you know foundation is going to stick to the skin. Let’s do a little bit more
for the forehead. All right this is dry on my skin.
It feels good. Okay. So for foundation I’m going to be trying
out the new Tarte clay stick foundation. Now this just hit the market
and I bought three shades. Of course you guys all know what
a stick foundation looks like by now but this color, I mean
I’m just gonna go like this. I mean that looks like
a really good match. This one was light beige
and this one is fair beige. All right, definitely this one is too light. I probably could work with that
but I like how this one is looking so I am going to stick to light beige. Let me go wipe this off
and I’ll be right back. All right now I am not sure what kind of finish
or coverage this is supposed to give me and I could stop and Google it but you
know what, let’s just see what happens. I don’t want to put too much on because
God knows it could be really full coverage and then I’m gonna be like oh. Now Beauty Blender just put out
a new little trio for the summer. I bought two packs. I’m gonna be doing another giveaway with a bunch of
brand new makeup soon so this will be going in there. But I unboxed it yesterday and
I used it for the first time. Of course it’s the same Beauty
Blender. It’s just different colors. That hot green one is speaking
to my soul right now. Okay, so before this dries or gets weird, let’s buff it out
and see what kind of coverage we’re gonna get. On the realest level up close,
I have a mirror right in front of me. You guys, this looks really pretty like it’s full
coverage but my skin looks like really nice. On the real fucker tee you all! I did not expect the stick
foundation to be this natch. I’m like looking close up like girl. It leaves a beautiful finish on the skin. It does not look too heavy but
it is a full, I think it’s medium. I probably could add a little bit more
but I love how this is looking. I don’t see the reason to add anymore. Wow! Okay, let’s move on to concealer. All right you guys so we were about
to try a new drugstore concealer but I opened it up and the lightest shade
was darker than my normal skin tone. So I found another concealer that I have not
used yet by one of my favorite brands, La Mer. It looks like this minus
all my fingerprints on it but I haven’t tried this yet and
this is seventy-five dollars. I’m like this better conceal my fucking life
and my attitude after I am done using it. So this is the lightest shade
in this brand as well. Still I don’t think it’s light enough for
me but we will see in a second. So I’m just gonna take a little of
it and go under the eye like that. I’m just gonna take my Beauty Blender
and bounce this away. Okay, so far, so good. It looks really like a lightweight on here. It’s not like really crazy,
it’s not cakey. But did it do a lot though? Not really. All right so now that
this is all blended out, am I living for it? I mean, I don’t think
it really did that much. I mean I am gonna be the one that
says it probably right off the bat that for $75 I should be wowed and right now I am kind of looking at
myself like mmm, hmm, I’m bored. Next product. For setting the under-eyes and the concealer
I am going to be using the new Dermablend, what is this? The loose setting powder. Now I have seen a lot of people use this lately
and they are ranting and raving about it so I had to get it myself. Now there are a few colors.
I just got Original. I think that it’s supposed
to be translucent. Comes in a standard
little package like this and let’s see if she works. Oh, oh wow! Okay girl, what the hell! Oh it’s like a big old, like almost like when you open
up a pill bottle and you have to take out the cotton. I think this is what this is. Okay, I’m just gonna put
a little bit of this right here. Let’s see what happens. And let’s let that sit for a second
and I am about to brush it away. I am going to be using this new
little cute Tarte Unicorn brush and I’m just gonna brush
away my problems. All right, the setting powder, let me go,
let me zoom in here for a minute. I mean, it set everything really, really nice. Okay. Now I know a lot of people have been
ranting and raving about the, what is this? This is from the brand Charlotte Tilbury and this is the Airbrush Flawless
Finish Skin Perfecting Micro powder. I need some water. Now notice I’m gonna avoid all the areas
that I have the concealer under. I really don’t like to dip in and put powder over
powder over powder where it doesn’t need it. So I’m just gonna set the rest of the face
where I don’t have any concealer. It looks amazing, like up close you
guys, right in front of me, I’m like. Okay, so now we’re going to move on to,
let’s try some bronzer you guys. Let’s do a little highlighting. Now I do have some exciting new
products I’ve been dying to use. The new Koko Kollection from
Chloe and Kylie Cosmetics is here and if you open it up you get a blush, two highlighters
and a bronzer/contour color we’re gonna call it. I’m gonna try them out today. I wanna see what the tee is. Now this bronzer close up has shimmer in it when
I’m looking at it and what is the bronzer called? This is Hollywood Boulevard bronzer. That took me like five minutes
to figure that out. Wow, that is very pigmented. All right the face is warmed
up. I love this bronzer. I was a little scared that it’s gonna
be like too, like orangey on me and there’s no like shimmer
once it’s on the skin. In the pan it looks a little glittery
but on the skin it’s matte, it’s soft, it’s really nice,
doesn’t look too harsh. Definitely not what I expected
and I’m really living for it. Hmm! Now I love this brush
because you literally just go bam! Nose is contoured. All right. Now I think because
there is a blush in this palette, we might as well try it and the
blush is called Rodeo Drive, one of my favorite places in LA
and I am going to, one, two. Now I do love the formula
of the Kylie blushes. Now these, just from looking at it,
they look to be like the same formula. Okay, I’m going a little
too crazy there. So I’m just going to press it into the skin. Oh! There is definitely pigment. I’ve just been really into like peachy, warm
tone blushes lately and I really like this color. Bam! All right. Haa, let’s get to my favorite
part of the day, highlighting. All right. Now today we’re going to be trying out
the new Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palette. Now there are two highlighter palettes. This one is the Golden Sands edition. There is also a Pink Sands but this
one looked more up my alley. Now the cool thing about this is that one is a cream
highlighter and I think the rest are powders. Now I did swash this earlier cause
I didn’t know it was a cream and I touched it and I was like,
oh! It’s a cream, okay. So it says to apply this as
a base to smooth skin and then you can add things on
top of it to make it really intense and I think this one might be more
of like a blushy highlighter. So I am down to try these two. So Phegee is the, this is a cream you guys
so you touch it and it’s like woa! I mean. And then Seychelles is this
gorgeous highlighter. I’m just gonna swash it with a clean
finger and that is a powder. Ohh but they feel really buttery. And that’s what these two look like so
hopefully they look good on my skin. All right so I’m gonna use a little Mac synthetic fiber
brush and we’re gonna dip into shade Phegee here and I am just going to put this
right on top of the contour. Definitely not good. I mean obviously it feel like a subtle
glow you could wear this on your skin even without foundation it would
probably look stunning. But for me, you guys know I am a highlighter
freak and this is not blinding enough. I’m only gonna do one side of the face first cause
what if I don’t like it, I don’t wanna do both sides. Let’s dip into shade Seychelles,
and ooh okay. Let’s see what happens on me. That is really, really pretty. Like these, the blush, the contour
and this together I’m like hmm. It is glowing. I’m like look at the way when
I shift my face hmm. Okay and I’m just gonna put
that all on the brow bone. All right now I’m also gonna take that same cream and
powder combo and do my cupid’s bow of course. I think Huda Beauty has another hit on her
hands because this palette is so pretty and I’m doing some of the highlighter on my brow and
above the brow bone for some crazy alien dimension. I’ve been really loving the no brow look lately
and there is actually no new brow products from really any brand that
I could find this month. So we’re just gonna add our
highlight until my face falls off. So now let’s get started on the eyes. Now I’m going to be using the new
ColorPop I Love serahe collaboration which, oh my God you guys, I was really excited
about this because the packaging is stunning and I just love all the lip swatches I was seeing
online but the eye-shadows were speaking to me. So this one Chic-y is [inaudible].
It’s stunning. Let me show you all,
let me show what’s in here. Oh my God this wasn’t even my favorite one
but this is obviously really pretty as well. Now the ColourPop eye-shadow formula,
I haven’t really used it on my channel. I have definitely tried it off-camera
and it’s pretty good, I will say that. Now this palette, there are two. $aucy, that’s the one where the colors are
always speaking to me, not gonna lie. Look at this y’all, look at that! Yummy! This needs to go right here and
these three need to go right here. Definitely might dip into this one as well
but this one, I think $aucy is it for me. Like it looks really pretty. All right. So I love this light shade here. It looks like a vanilla matte and I’m
just gonna be dipping into there and putting it all over the lid and
right under the brow bone. Now these have a lot of pigment. I barely tapped in there
and it’s like “Good morning.” Now I’m gonna be dipping into this one. Oh the names are on
the back, by the way. So this one is called Freckles, that is so
cute and I’m gonna use this same brush and I’m just gonna barely tap in there
because these are extremely pigmented and I’m just gonna tuck that
into the crease a little bit. All right. Now we’re gonna
move over to the other palette and there is a shade called Chic Happens and
it’s like a beautiful light toned mauve right here and same brush again you guys, and I’m just going
to take that and place it right over that crease. So where normal people’s brows
would be I’m bring that shadow up. Now we’re gonna take the shade Lit with a little synthetic
brush and let’s see oh, okay pigment, come on now. I’m gonna coat the entire brush. Just gonna pat this on my lid
and see how this looks. I love, love how this color
like looks in the pan. All right now I think the metallics have
a little bit more fall-out than the mattes. I’m like girl but they are really pigmented
so it’s definitely forgivable. All right you guys I think this
color is so pretty on the lid. All right now we’re gonna go in
with this shade called the Razy. It’s like a dark plum purple
and I am living for it. And we’re just gonna
tuck it right in there. Bam! And bring it to the lash line so it just
gives us some drama if you will. Then I’ll go back and forth with that other light
mauve shade and I’ll just really blend it out to fill. This is looking really pretty.
These shadows are blending amazing. Now I am going to go in with that stunning, like it’s
almost orangy, frosty duo chrome type of moment and that shade is called Heavy Glam. Now I might wet the brush for added intensity but for
now I’m just gonna be using a little pencil brush and we’re just gonna go in here. Oh we had the brush,
it’s coated really quickly. So I definitely don’t want
any crazy fall-out. I just want to put it really in my inner
corner almost over that purple. Oooh yes! Oh wow! Okay I already see where this color
is going and it looks really pretty. So I’m just going to take some Coconut Fix Plus from
Mac and I’m just gonna wet the brush if you will. All right now I’m gonna take that
and just place it a little bit more. Ooh has like a pinky shift to it too. That is so pretty. This is such a unique shadow
color like you’d better work bitch. Okay now I’m definitely gonna smoke out the under
eyes with that same dark color I put right in here. So let’s get to buffing. These shadows are so pigmented. It’s like you gotta really be
careful and that’s a good thing. So I’m gonna take a little bit of that light shade and
just kind of go under the eye, blend her down to fill. Bam, bam bam! I’m like
I only have time to blend. All right, so I’m just applying a little bit of this
Chic Happens shade underneath the purple. I think it’s a really cool way to blend it out and
give you a really extreme type of smokey eye. I think the only thing missing is
some color in the water line which could be a bright color
or we could just do black. We could do white. I think black would be really cool
just cause it’d kinda make it tie in. So I don’t have any new eyeliners.
I know you guys are like, really bitch. I really don’t. I mean who’s put out
new eyeliners lately. I don’t know but if you guys know
a brand or anything new I should try, of course always sound off below and
let me know some good stuff to buy. But for now we’re going back
to my trusty Mac Smolder. I’ve been using this entire
school and it works. Now I think it’s time to move on to some
mascara and today I have two different types. One of them I’m scared to use
with this look but I think it will. If we’re gonna try it, we’re
gonna try it in this video. So the first one is one
that Tati recommended. Of course you guys know her as Glam Life
Guru aka Tati Westbrook here on YouTube. I live for her and she recommended this mascara. Now the price point you all
don’t wanna know the price point. But it allegedly makes
your lashes grow longer and it has ingredients in this that
will actually make your lashes. Well, here let me just read it. It says “With continuous use your natural
lashes will appear longer and fuller. It has additional peptides that help build stronger,
longer lashes, super volume and extreme black.” So I’m like oh my God! All right, so this is from
a brand called Chantecaille. Now this is called the Faux Cils
Longest Lash black mascara. Woo! So of course for the hefty price tag of $70,
it comes in this little purple thing and then you come, it comes
out like this and voila! Oh my God it feels light. It feels light.
I’m sure it works. We’re about to see. Now obviously doesn’t mean the formula
doesn’t work just because it feels a little cheap but hey, let’s see what happens. All right so you guys can see the
difference between one side. So of course this one has all the mascara. This eye is blank.
It does give you a nice length. I mean for the price point I’m sure, I’m gonna
obviously try this for like a few weeks and see if it actually makes
my lashes grow any more. But for $70, I’m like…
and you all know me. I don’t give a fuck about
spending money on makeup. I’m all down to invest
and play around but if it’s not doing anything like out of the ordinary
right away, I don’t know bitch, I don’t know. Oh my God you guys I already forgot
I was about to try another mascara like we’re talking double brands today. So okay, we tried this one,
hope fully it works long lasting. At the end of the day it’s pretty but
for the price point, I don’t know bitch. Mac recently put out a bunch of new
colored mascaras and they are bright. This one is called Energize. It is a literally hot yellow and I thought what better
look to try this on with dark shadow underneath. But I know that when you pull this out,
that is straight up neon yellow. So for bottom mascara
is it gonna work? I guess we will find out right now. Let’s see what happens. All right you guys, for bottom mascara like
the bristles and the wand is so huge. So it was a little difficult to get under there,
but I mean it has full coverage like opaque pigment. So okay, cool. This is definitely different for me and I haven’t
done colored mascara in a long time. I love pink mascara, and I love blue. Yellow though, I don’t know. I almost wanna try this again
with like no makeup on. Really just soft pretty then just do
yellow on the top and bottom. But that’s for later. All right, so today for fake lashes, for falsies,
we’re gonna be using the brand Cake Face Beauty. Now they are the same brand that clog with
Kim Thai and I was like you know what, I want to try more of her lashes
because those were amazing. All right these lashes are glued
down and I’m really living for them. They’re really, they’re really pretty. I’m like looking at them up close
like Woo! Come on volume. All right you guys we’re almost
down to the finish line. Of course we have
to do a liquid lipstick. I mean this is a, this is by Stiehler. This is the Be Legendary Liquid Metal
lipstick and this in shade Petal Metal. So this shade is a stunning
like a rose gold metallic. Okay, let’s see how she works. All right you guys, we have one
last step of course setting spray. Not a day goes by that
I don’t set this face. So, the brand Milk Makeup, they
put out a brand new setting spray. It’s called the Blur Spray and it’s supposed
to instantly minimize the appearance of pores and provides a soft focus
blur effect on all skin tones. An invisible mist sets makeup all day. It is infused with some
good old organic ingredients so it’s supposed to be leaving
your skin soft and hydrated. Shake well before use. All right baby let’s see
what she looks like. Ooh, this is cute. Okay girl, let’s see what happens. Let’s get her going. There we go. Oh my God, it like pumps out like a lot. Woo! All right. I am feeling doused. Let me just buff that
really good into the skin. Now did it do anything?
Let me look. For now I mean it feels good. My makeup does feel set which I love. So you guys I think this is the final look. The final look I’m living for. I think it’s a really fun,
it’s definitely different. I’m so not sure how I feel
about the yellow mascara. It’s definitely like taking it to another
realm and I’m not mad at it. I mean it worked. I think
I’m looking at my desk. The things that really stuck out the most for me
today, has to be the Tarte Clay Stick foundation. I mean that was unreal. Concealer, not so much,
didn’t really care about it. The Charlotte Tilbury face powder though
left me feeling like I looked twelve again and my pores were vanished so that
combo together I’m kinda hooked. And the primer, I’m not mad at the primer,
but I don’t know if it worked or not cause obviously you guys know
I do have pretty normal skin. So it’s kind of hard for me to try primers for
me to see if they actually really, really work. But I don’t know what
kind of recipe I did today but these two combined
left me looking flawless. And I think another thing to really
rave about is the highlighter palette. Oh my God my cheeks are like glowing
from outer space and I’m obsessed with it. I think the eye-shadows
worked really amazing. The bronzer from Kylie was great. We got a lot of really cool things today. I think the only thing I would really, I don’t
want to say I would pass on the mascara. Obviously we know that my lashes might
be growing right now, who knows. But I will give this a whirl in a few more
videos and of course off-camera and we’ll see if anything happens. But besides that I think I liked
most everything. I’m shocked. I was like I’m waiting for me
to try out a bunch of products that just don’t work for me which
does happens sometimes but today, thank you Lord,
I got lucky. All right you guys, let me know if you guys
want me to continue to do this series. If you want part three, four, five six and seven,
but I always have a lot of fun trying new makeup. So as always, thank you for watching
and I’ll see you on the next one. Mwaah! Bye guys.


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