Guided meditation for Overthinking and anxiety relief, use for sleep or any time

welcome to this meditation of enlightenment,
positivity and mind mastery. in a moment the music will change, giving
you now an opportunity to make good of any distractions and toplace your body in a
position of comfort. you can relax in any way that you personally
find comfortable, and as you listen, absorb the words with your imagination the best you
can, visualising the scenes depicted in this meditation as images in your mind, playing
out the part to the best of your ability. your personal picture story is unique, connecting
with your indiviuality and personality. place any words you hear into your own life
to fully appreciate the benefits of this audio. now, taking in a nice, slow and deep breath
of acceptance for the new perspectives you will see in your life, accept your readiness
by exhaling even slower, as your journey to mastering your life will begin. laying still, quiet and contemplative, close
your eyes, to help with the visualization aspect of this meditation.
behind your eye lids, in your minds eye, your imagination, feel the sensation of your back
laying flat on a soft surface, smell the sweet scent of flowers all around, and
warm breeze caressing your skin. imagine now, opening your eyes to see that
you are laid beneath a large, tall and strong tree.
at the base of the tree you lay, where the roots dig deep into the earth below, grounding
and nurishing it from the ground up. you lay upon the softest of the greenest grass
you have ever seen, with naturally grown flowers dotted around the tree.
looking up, you can see the sun peering through the branches and leaves of this great wonder,
casting light and shadows on your face. leaves blow around you from the winds of winters
past, brown, delicate, rustling in the gentle summers breeze.
you can see the lines of the bark in the trunk that reaches up high into the sky, brown in
colour and deeply ridged. the occassional flower sprouts out from inside
some of the ridges, some green, some yellow. the branches reach out like arms, welcoming
you to this peaceful place, also thick, strong and long.
the leaves that lightly wave in the gentle breeze send down a relaxing grassy scent,
and are the greenest of greens to be seen. the light from the sun, allows you to see
the intricate patterns on the leaves. as you observe the relaxing wamrth from the
sun, the pleasant whiite noise of nature and the stillness of this peaceful place, you
notice a leaf twirling donwwards from one of the branches.
it slowly floats down in a circular motion towards you, almost in slow motion.
the air between you and the leaf gets shorter, as it hovers down closer to you.
you observe it gently fall onto your chest with the softest of sounds.
seeing it up close, you notice that it seems to be in the shape of an envelope.
you pause, then move your hand to pluck it off your chest.
touching the leaf, you feel its soft texture, being cool and light to the touch.
with your other hand, you begin to unfold and open it up.
as you lift each folded side, you see that there is something inside, white, with some
sort of handwriting. lifting a piece of paper out of the green
leaf envelope, you notice it has the words, be present inscribed in caligraphy.
a moment of curiosity quickly passes as you look away from the hand written letter, taking
notice of the area you lay. you become aware how quiet it is here, hearing
the occassional chirps of far away birds on this summers day.
you realise how relaxed you are, heavily resting on a soft pile of grass and leaves.
now observing a rich blue sky, where no clouds reside, you think to yourself how you missed
it, in the overall picture you saw before you.
noticing the touch of the warm breeze, now feeling a little cooler, taking away the heat
of the sun from your skin. you are now being present.
the note sent down to you from the tree has made you realise that you can in fact appreciate
the present, now noticing the important little things that bring such peace.
laying still, you observe some more, relaxing contently, feeling the sensation of rest in
enjoying what you experience. as you look on, above at the sun through the
branches and the deeply blue sky, you notice another leaf spiralling slowly and gently
down. Again its trajectory seems to be towards you.
watching it slowly circle, descending softly, it reaches your chest, like the last leaf.
once more, as you inspect the post you have recieved, it resembles another envelope.
picking it up, and opening the flaps, you reveal another neatly written message.
in the familiar style of caligraphy you see the words, self love.
stopping to think what this means to you personally, you feel it within.
are there areas of your life where you could be more kind to yourself?
are there things that you want or desire that are semmingly hard to reach?
self love does not only mean steering yourself away from potential detriment to yourself,
but also, to head into something that may perhaps be tough, that has a positive
outcome if you could do it. taking the first steps in order to journey
towards something specific in your life can be difficult but making it through can
be so rewarding. with self love, also comes tough love, doing
the things that build your character in venturing outside your comfort zone.
the real comfort comes in knowing that you at least tried.
pondering over this personal attribute, the hand written message and the leaf blow away,
this is possibly another message in itself. perhaps nature is asking if you are hungry
enough to go after those desires that you hold in your heart.
The warm breeze that blows gently, now settles down, everything is quiet, calm and relaxed
once again. looking back up at the slowly waving branches
of the tree, high above, your attention is taken to another leaf, again slowly
spiralling around, down towards your chest. this time you do not have to guess where it
will land. the expectation is real, it gently flops onto
your chest. ever more curious, you take the leaf envelope,
opening it slowly with anticipaation. the message here reads, positivity.
softly placing the message down, you see perhaps, where you can implement a more positive attitude,
mainly these times are when things are tough,it can sometimes be when you are
worn down. through the belief of positivity, gives strength
and optimism. very much like knowing that there would be
another message coming to you from the tree above, you were optimistic with a knowing
there would be more.
the curiosity of positivity can provide motivation and also help with self esteem, and self love,
as you progress in your journey of being positive and practicing it, brings confidence.
as you look away from the message, before you know it, another leaf falls past your
eyes and onto your chest. slowly and gently opening the leafy envelope,
the message simply reads, believe in yourself. feeling a sense of strength build up inside
your mind and body, a focus of the connection from the other messages now fills you with
a sense of belief of what you need to do, perhaps change about the way you do things.
believing in yourself is a powerful skill to have,with practice, like anything, your
belief will only grow. away with self doubt now, banish any anxieties
that held you back, and forward with the things that you want to do, with confidence.
looking back up into the sky, your mind wanders through any positive transformations that
you could make, the sun shining through the branches warms your face further, relaxing
every muscle. observing the tree in its natural place, you
now see it in a different light, a more noticeable perspective.
again, you see the tree is strong, you knew that before you recieved any messages.
you observe the roots that can be seen around the base of the trunk, you knew it was grounded.
its white noise sound of the many leaves on its branches shows a quietness, from unknown
storms that it has wethered. the storms that it has seen in its lifetime
may have stripped it of its leaves and broken its branches in the past, but it now stands
tall, proud and beautiful in every way. every winter it sheds the years troubles and
when summer arrives, it blossoms back stronger than ever.
perhaps you could apply this idea to yourself, have the confidence to take those baby steps
in changing how you think about yourself in a more positive way.
as you thoughtfully and mindfully lay underneath this life giving tree, you rest more heavily,
more relaxed. it is now your time to think things over,take
a few moments or perhaps a while to yourself. as you lay here, feeling at one with the nature
that you see, you awaken, or simply fall asleep, the choice is completely yours to
take. whichever you choose, you will come away from
here with self love, positivity, and the skill of being present as you believe in yourself.

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