Hands Only CPR Video – Live Training Version

Hands Only CPR Video – Live Training Version

If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse It’s important to act fast. Helping to save a life is easier than you might think Just start Hands-Only CPR. The first step is to send someone to call your
local emergency response number or call it yourself. Then get directly over the victim Put the heel of one hand in the center of the chest Then put your other hand on top of the first. Then push hard and fast in the
center of the chest until help arrives. It’s important to push giving
100 to 120 compressions per minute Which is about the same tempo as this song. Let’s hope you never have to use Hands-Only CPR But if you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse
don’t be afraid to try it. Remember, call your local emergency number then push hard and fast
in the center of the chest until help arrives. Your actions can help save a life. To learn more visit international.heart.org

22 thoughts on “Hands Only CPR Video – Live Training Version”

  1. Me: puts phone on the ground and tells Siri to play Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees.

    Me: Okay, I’m ready to start giving compressions.

  2. what happened to check the airway first, AHA?
    If someone collapse from choking on a piece of meat, you not going to clear the airway and just start pumping my bicycle tire?

  3. "Hey Sir are you ok?"
    Tilt Head"Non"

    10 Seconds Lane
    Open Airway (Mouth)"Non"
    Check Pulse"Non"
    [email protected]
    30 Compression 2 Breaths = 150:10
    5 Cycles per Minute?
    If No Pulse ( Cardiac Arrest) ? AED( Automated External Defliberator)
    if Alone Continue CPR but in 10 Mins. Brain Damage. because No Oxygen that Will Circulate to Deliver it's need.

    If No Breathing occured Then What? But positive Pulse (Respiratory Arrest)

    Do the "Breathing Rescue"

    [email protected]
    1,1002,1003,1001 pinch nose or Cover Mouth BREATH to the Nose or Mouth
    1,1002,1003,1002 pinch nose or cover Mouth BREATH to the Nose or Mouth
    If no Breathing
    Repeat to [email protected] Then [email protected]

    A person Is possible to be Alive even it's an Hour or 3 Hours But suffer Brain Damage within 10 Min. duration.

  4. The man with the music and the klap klap its like the cpr sound is with the music sooo funy lol hahahhahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  5. 1) Check your environment. If the victim is in a location where you could get injured or possibly killed, do not start CPR.

    2) Call an ambulance. If you are the only person there, call the ambulance yourself and then proceed to help the victim.
    If there are other people around you, tell them to call the ambulance while you help the victim.

    3) Preform CPR. Give 30 chest compressions in roughly 18 seconds. After the compressions, tilt the victim’s head up to open his airway. If a head or spinal injury is suspected, tilt the victim’s chin up instead. Breathe into the victim’s mouth 2 times lasting one second each. Repeat this cycle of compressions and breaths until help arrives.

    Note: if you are not experienced in CPR and there is someone around who can preform it better, it’s best you do not attempt it. A mistake could lead to the end of the victim’s life so always ask for help from someone who has been trained in CPR.

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