Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you a seated piriformis stretch. so let’s get started. each stretch is going to be 30 seconds,
and we’re gonna do three on each side. before we get started, if you haven’t
subscribed already, make sure you click on the link over there. so I’ve got a
timer set up 30 seconds, and then there’s gonna be a 10-second break in between
them. so that’s just to kind of help the muscles reset and then switch over to
the other side cuz I like to alternate back and forth. so I’m gonna go ahead and get started, and I’ll talk you through it as we go. so here we go. so with the
seated piriformis stretch, bring your foot up and just cross it over almost
into a figure four position. that’s what we call the stretch a figure four, and
then keep your back straight and just lean forward at your hips. and so you
should feel the stretch right in that booty area underneath the leg that
you’re crossing over. now don’t curl your back because if I come over like this,
I’m getting less of a stretch than if I keep my back straight. so make sure you
keep that back straight and lean forward. so take a little break. sometimes you
might feel some tingling going down the leg, but that might just be that nerve
getting pressed a little bit. so crossing over to the other side, keeping that back
straight, and just leaning forward. so a lot of times if you have some sciatica
issues, that sciatic nerve runs underneath that piriformis muscles, so if
you’re sitting for long periods at your desk at work or if you’re doing a
Netflix marathon or something like that, you might get what we call monkey butt,
or that nerve pain going down your leg, so these are some great stretches to
do if you’re sitting for a long period and maybe your legs start falling asleep
a little bit. I think we’ve all had it happen to us once or twice, and so this
is a really good way just to stretch out that muscle and get it going.
so crossing over again, going back to the other side keep that back nice and
straight, and lean forward. so the stretches that I’m doing here is also a
part of an office stretching series that I have. so there’s a whole bunch of
different stretches, I kind of go from head to toe, so make sure you watch all
the way to the end so you can check out that
link there that I have. so again feel it kind of in that booty area hopefully
each time feels a little bit better. you can lean a little bit further and get
that stretch even more, then come on back up. shake it out a little bit, and then
get ready to go back to the other side. so again that piriformis muscle can
sometimes cause a lot of problems, so going back into that stretch. people who
have that sciatic pain sometimes it can be coming from your back, but sometimes it really is that nerve just getting pinched at that piriformis being too
tight, so this is one that you should do if you don’t do any other stretches, if
you’re sitting for long periods, this is a great one to do and it’s pretty easy
because you can do this and still work if you want to. you don’t even have to
take a break. so I know sometimes it’s hard to take that break, but this is one
that you don’t even have to stop doing your work. you can really continue to do
whatever you’re doing while you’re at your desk, so that’s why I really like it.
it’s easy to do, and if you say you don’t have time for it, you don’t actually have
to take the time for it. you can keep on working. so leaning forward again
and then just leaning in. some people ask about the foot. should I flex it, should I
relax it, it doesn’t really matter. I personally like you to be completely
relaxed. some people might feel more of a stretch if they flex that foot, but when
I’m stretching I want my whole body to be relaxed. that’s how you’re gonna get a
really good stretch. so I like it to be just relaxed and if you want more, just
lean in a little bit more. so stretches should never hurt, they shouldn’t be pain,
it should be that good kind of hurt. hurt so kind of hurt. so good kind of feeling.
so if you’re leaning in, and you’re just really really hurting, you’re having lots
of tingling and numbness going down your leg, try not pushing so hard. try maybe
reset yourself, but if you keep getting a lot of hurt the whole time,
then hold off on that stretch and you should probably get a check with the
doctor or your physical therapist and see if there’s something going on
because the stretching should always just feel really really good. and it does.
it feels like a very good stretch. so that’s it 30 seconds 3 on each side.
if you would like to check out that office series which has a whole bunch of
different exercises, it’s great. doesn’t necessarily have to be for the office, it
can be for anything, check out that link up there. and if you’d like to support my
channel click on the link to find out how up here. and don’t forget to
subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe (keep that booty happy),
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

14 thoughts on “Hip Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Dr. Joe! You are a mind reader. I was just having this pain and suddenly I get a notification that you uploaded this video, haha. Thank you!

  2. Mam..have been sprained for the past 2 months…Nd still the swell hasnt healed properly…nd still there's pain in the ankle…what sud I do..hv went to the orthopedist…but to no avail..kindly mam can u give some tips…

  3. I just spend way too much time watching Doctor Jo videos!! My back goes out, my tail bone hurts, and my sciatica/piriformis is screaming!
    Thanks for the helpful stretching exercises!!

  4. Another great video. I really enjoy and feel the benefits doing the various exercises. My flexibility has improved a lot. Thanks for uploading.

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