How Mental Illness Derailed the Career of a Promising Young Skateboarder

How Mental Illness Derailed the Career of a Promising Young Skateboarder

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  1. This is DRUG ADDICTION how dare Vice conflates this with mental illness! I had obsessive compulsive disorder. That’s mental illness, I couldn’t control it. Anyone can just stop using drugs.

  2. "I stayed up for 3~4 days"
    "I think I weighed 10 stone"
    "I used to walk 20 miles a night"
    "I used to take things apart"
    "I believed I made the best film of all time"
    I think that dude was actually on methamphetamine

  3. I remember how I was going through a similar time as him.. ts is crazy… I have so much to say but yet I'm so mind blown that I am not the only one.

  4. He doesn't need to go back to the way he was. He needs to create a new self that incorporates good parts of the old him and challenges him to see new possibilities.

  5. Weed can blow the lid off an otherwise dormant mental illness. Another example of why I say that marijuana isn't for everyone, and by the time you find out that it's not for you, it might be too late.

  6. "PROMISING skateboard career" …

    Clearly whoever wrote this has no idea how the skateboard industry works. If they did they would know that skateboarding eats you up and spits you out for 99.9 percent of skateboarders trying to make a "career" out of it. And it leaves you with really awesome life long back, knee, ankle etc problems.

    He would have disappeared just like 99.9 percent of well known skaters from every generation and got a job in real estate or some other non college gig…

  7. uhm he was smoking or shooting up meth? why aren't they mentioning this? he was on meth. this didnt just happen naturally. vice is a joke.

  8. I wonder if he quit bud? I had to quit after 20 years of daily toking due to depression and anxiety, it makes me feel very guilty now if I smoke.

  9. This skateboarder/snowboarder I use to snowboard with was extremely sick at multiple board sports. He struggled with alcoholism and at one time was sponsored as a skateboarder. He probably would of been a pro if he was sober. He would spend all his money on alcohol. He would overdraft before every paycheck to buy booze. I wanted to be a pro snowboarder. I am a fat ass 36 year old who feels a lot of pain snowboarding. I never got good enough and also drank a lot. Did a lot of stupid things. Probably have brain damage from concussions. Wear your helmet, just smoke pot.

  10. Legend says that till this day he is still trying to land 3 double backside 360 kick flips in a row for a Ferrari.

  11. That’s really crazy, my step brother had the same problem with the license plate thing. Idk what it means but he would follow people and film there plates and go crazy and say they all mean something..

  12. Also I can relate my step brother smoked a lot of weed growing up, and so did this guy, weed can cause schizophrenia, and all the pesticides can be harmful too.

  13. I'm not sure if any of us are really "good". I think we're in an ever changing state of fucked, whether that be completely or barely at all.

    I hope Paul and his boys can get back to kicking it again and I hope he can do what he loves, because it sounds like he's on the right track to his best life.

  14. Who the ** is this mentally ill as a child and makes a full recovery as an adult? I'm sorry but that's not how it works. It gets worse with age. Not better.

  15. Weed is no good for a lot of people… these days people think it’s a cure for everything and push the dangers to the side…. admittedly it’s fine and beneficial for a lot of people, but not for everyone.

  16. thats almost exactly what happened to me.. "i was essentially a normal person, i had good friends, i lead a normal life except for this one small but very potent and very destructive segment of it that i kept very close to myself and didnt let anybody know about". lol, but seriously i also just started loosing sleep and i would have vivid nightmares, started loosing touch with reality, too much synchronicity was occurring. it just became too much, lost all hope and motivation, would also walk around aimlessly in the streets at night (which could have easily been a death sentence in my country).. luckily i was helped before it was too late. things arent exactly the same anymore, im more introverted, less expressive and dont make music or create art as i used to. but as much as i hate seroquel, that shit saved me.. rather be a zombie than dead i guess

  17. If you live a life that's conducive to mental ill health sooner or later you will experience mental ill health!

    The parallels between mine and this mans life are uncanny!

    I was hittin 9 sets on my board when i was 10 years old and started smoking weed at the same age!

    I was hanging round and skating with people twice my age and all the things that went along with that!

    At 11 years old I had a very bad experience with weed and from that moment I had mental health issues for years after!

    There's no doubt in my mind that cannabis induced psychosis is a part of what's gone on with this man!

    I've seen it with so many people now and that skater lifestyle isn't good for you!

    The skateboarding itself is awesome but the lifestyle that goes along with it is nonsense!

    It's all about being "wacky and edgy" and basically a childish dickhead!

    I remember aspiring as a kid to be like certain skaters and thinking they were the shit!

    Not just wanting to skate like them but be like them and now 20 years later they're fucked!

    Most people grow out of that lifestyle but many don't and end up with problems down the line!

    Sad thing is it's usually the one's with the most god given talent that end up lost!

    Other than the pro's who make it big and the odd one or two that own a skate shop I don't know anyone over the age of 30 still movin in those circles who isn't a fuck up!

    Sad but true!

  18. True Souls are what Moves humanity further ,
    but , in a Brainwashed / ignorant / lost / Indifferent
    (Society – Smart city – Country – Goverment – Family – World )
    we are Soo Alone and Misunderstood

  19. People are so phony………when you're doing well everyone wants some but when you're down can't find a single soul

  20. Models can get insurance for their tits why cant these guys get some sort of insurance for mental health so theyre not just forgotten about if something happens to them like this

  21. The history of my young brother was exactly like this, but he was a surfer, one of the best surfers i ever see, and one of the best guys i ever see, sweet, generous, true passionate. I miss the dude he was….

  22. dude,weed waz the it really that hard to find out?i have too many brain farted friends and they all have a thing in common,they used to use hash.

  23. I would’ve tell him to get psychiatric help only if looked dangerous. But he did needed help if he couldn’t sleep

  24. My dad suffered from mental illness and ended his own life at 45… Left behind a wonderful wife & 3 kids and a great career ( he was a doctor who owned his own business/ practice). Here I am.. Suffering from severe depression and thinking if he had a wife n kids n made great money and STILL decided to kill himself… Why haven't I made the same decision as he did? – currently no job, not nearly as successful as him, no family. Just can't justify the point of living anymore… Suicidal thoughts suck… Life sucks in general… Hopefully there's a happier place on the other side

  25. No joke, the friends I have with mental health issues are all the deepest thinkers, quickest learners, most creative people; Like they make you laugh the most. I wonder why these type of brains are prone to this shit. So fucked up.

  26. This really touches my heart because I know exactly what he means and felt. I had/ still have similar mental issues like him. I used to skate alot, smoke weed allday got sponsored and my girlfriend broke my heart to the core. Thats where it all started. I cant put it words how strange it feels to watch a video about a person and relate so much to someone with such a similar story.

  27. I rewatch this documentary since it cameout every now and then because it makes me feel like everything is not in my head with how fuckecup and darl the mental health system can be, and what it’s like when u don’t have a support system, I grew up feeling. Like I should feel guilty for feeling bitter at the world or people wouldn’t get it or look at me as weak, they expect u to be so delusional or out of your head with Mental health that your a vegetable to them they can’t make worse, or y won’t care when they screw u over, the first time I got sent to a hospital at 18 just made me worse, for non stop severe anxiety and panic attacks and I was to embarrassed to say I was worried about my ocd symptoms and obsessive worrying about everything 24/7 and connecting past trauma to how I feel now

  28. "He hadn't slept for days" " I think he was having problems with his girlfriend"… OK first of all stop trying to blame it on everything else. The symptoms described are that of someone on a drug like METH. If he NEVER showed ANY symptoms and one day out of the blue popped up, he was doing other drugs.

  29. Going through this right now
    … Shits rough don't really have the proper chains of help and support either I miss my board …someone stole it while back …love this video helped me realize where I'm at .and that I need to help myself

  30. Paul the Kirby legend always down the skate park very well known when you moved to Leicester, keep skating and stay strong lost contact once I moved outta Leicester. Such a legend.

  31. Sounds like POCD or purely obsessional obsessive compulsive disorder with either schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorder

  32. All should know about and take Lithium Orotate… Brain consists of energy, and we need Litium ++ for it to function properly. Check out the book: Healing With Whole Foods

    Stands a lot on dementia ++ related in this book (and apendix of it)

  33. Im currently going thru a some similar metaI problems as well. I already have a chronic illness which is the reason for me getting all fucked up. And i felt him when he said he was envisioning a family and having kids and just being able to live " a normal life".

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