I just want relief from my stress.

I just want relief from my stress.

We so often get caught in this state of negativity and it’s a poison like nothing else Whenever you’re ready I mean, the worlds hard enough as it is, guys. It’s fucking hard enough as it is Can’t somebody say “Hey let’s be positive, let’s have a good ending to the story”? Everyone else they just seem to handle everything But not me WHY You think I’m lucky? Compared to me, yes And why is this about you? I’m tired, Sam I’m scared, okay? I’m tired of this job, this life This weight on my shoulders, man, I’m tired of it Elena, I need you to calm down No, I CANT Styles, are you okay? I need everything to stop We’ll figure it out. You’re gonna be okay Am I? People. Life. I swear to god It literally makes me wanna scream What’s your problem? Ask me that again Why you gotta be like that? ASK ME What am I supposed to do?

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  1. i think 2:18 – 2:20 is one of my favorite parts of the video because, other than being absolutely powerful with the screams, is intelligently studied to portray a sequence of different scenes from different shows. the original shot with clay and hannah was flipped compared to the clip we see here, and you edited that to put clay screaming in the same position of mary and ensure a coordination between the two scenes

  2. Wow this is so so intense and amazing. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome song. But also for editing it so so well with so many fandoms i recognize and all the ones i don't know still work so well even for is who don't.

  3. Nf is the best
    5 ft apart💛
    Teen wolf❤️
    Dr strange💚
    Stranger things❤️
    The fault in our stars💙

  4. Dear Meret, been feeling like that since college, it is exhausting, it has been 4 years since and I am still dealing with it, I absolutely love this and I gotta say It has been so wonderful to see how much you have grown on your editing ❤️ ly

  5. i love nf but for some reason i unfortunately get SO beyond triggered whenever i hear any of his songs. so yes this video is- ahHhH.

  6. Change and My Stress for me are the deepest songs on the album. Once you get to a certain point in life you start to understand the lyrics and get attached to them.

    Oof I am honestly shook

  8. Finds so cool, dass es noch mehr Leute gibt, die nf UND tøp so feiern😍😂 Gehst du auf eins der Konzerte im März?

  9. I strictly want to marry the person that made this edit.

    Edit: I just realized there’s only like 100 comments on this, please don’t take this the wrong way, what you have created though is something words cannot even come close to explaining.

  10. Everyday for the better part of a decade I've been living with the mindset of "just one more day, just make it to the next day" and at first it was because of my mental illnesses and now it's because of school and I just wish it wasn't like that because it feels like I never get any actual rest.

  11. This video is really true I think. Because in this world nobody is happy. NOBODY. And everybody lies about this and when anybody ask you “How are you? Are you okey?” Everybody says “I’m fine. Yes I’m okey.” But these people 90% believe in this when they says “I’m fine” or anything. But if you in this percent just please, don’t believe in this. She/He is lie to you to make you “happy” but her/him is not happy. She is in depress or stress. Just listen to me and make this.
    1. Tell her/him that “I know you’re not happy because you’re in depression or stress.”
    2. Make him/her happy with anything. Tell them to you’re always with them (do not lie in this) and you will make them happy.
    3. Tell them you’re love them with all your heart.
    And tell you’re parents too that you’re love them and hug them. Make them happy
    4. Don’t leave them. EVER. Please. They are need you. Just only one word can make them happy.
    If you’re reading this,thank you if made these steps. Have a beautiful day.
    And don’t forget one thing! I know you don’t know me but, I will always be your side and never forget you.

  12. Look I ain't taking money from no one but I'm dragging this f**** drama straight down wrote you guys won't leave me alone or I'll f**** make her miserable then how much money will you be able to make when you guys got to chase me all the time and f**** worried about her hospital bills deals and McCoys keep playing

  13. All you had to do was leave me alone show me a little bit of respect I didn't ask for anything didn't want nothing and you keep you just keep beating me and beat me and beat me I don't care anymore

  14. I never experienced stress from anything or anyone. Until someone I loved more than myself cheated on me every single day. With a pedophile.

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