Imaginary Allergies, Hospital Price Transparency & A High-Tech Tragedy in Las Vegas | The Daily Show

Allergies. They affect the lives
of many bitch-ass Americans. But according to a new study, the most common affliction
is hypochondria. Surprising results
from a new scientific survey of more than 40,000 Americans. The study finds that, while
nearly one in five people said they had a food allergy, only about ten percent
of Americans actually have symptoms
that suggest a real allergy. The data suggests that,
while 50 million Americans think they have food allergies, only about 26 million
actually do. I knew it! Half of Americans
who think they have allergies aren’t allergic to anything. Yeah. The only thing
you gluten-free mother(bleep) are allergic to is a good time. -That’s all it is.
-(cheering) “I’m allergic to gluten. I’m allergic to gluten.” And don’t get me wrong.
I’m not blaming Americans. I’m blaming the doctors
who overdiagnose them. Yeah. I was told I’m allergic to bees, and I know it’s not true,
because I eat bees every day and I’m fine. But, seriously, in Africa, like, food allergies
aren’t a thing. And I know you’re thinking,
“Oh, that’s because, in Africa, you don’t have food.” No, we have food. You racist. It’s just that rashes
are impossible to detect when you already have Ebola. Moving on, here’s some more health news. REPORTER: A new federal rule
requires every hospital across the nation
to post standard charges online for every item
and every service they provide. In the past, some hospitals
have posted only small lists or they’ve asked patients
to contact their health care provider
for pricing. But you can see here,
look at this long list. Now a requirement
for every hospital, and they’ll have to update
the list at least once a year. Yes, yes, yes. Finally, American hospitals now have to tell you
their prices in advance, which is a huge improvement. Hospitals are the only places that can surprise you
with prices. You go in, you get the surgery,
then, three weeks later, you get the bill
for a price of your car. Like, imagine
if you order Chipotle, and the next month
you get a bill for $80,000. You’d be like,
“What? If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have gotten
extra guacamole! What the hell?” Like, I’m serious. I really hope
this is the first step to getting America’s
health care costs under control. ‘Cause, when I first got
to the U.S., I had to have surgery
on my appendix, right? And then after I saw the bill
that came, I was like,
“You guys should’ve let me die.” Like, at that price, I could’ve
sent myself to medical school and then learned how
to take out my own appendix, charged myself $80,000,
and I’d be rich! (cheering and applause) This is a step forward. Moving on, this week is the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES. It’s where tech companies showcase the latest
in futuristic nightmares. And this year
hasn’t disappointed. REPORTER: While
the Consumer Electronics Show is set to take Las Vegas
by storm this morning, one computerized companion
won’t be there. Take a look at the moment
a self-driving Tesla Model S mows down a robot
in the street. This Promobot’s damage
will prevent him from appearing
in this year’s show. (chuckles):
Oh, wow. A self-driving car
mowed down a robot pedestrian. And you know what’s funny
about this is that, as humans,
we’re so narcissistic we always assumed that, when
the robot apocalypse comes, the robots will be coming
after us. We’ve never once considered that robots probably hate each
other just as much as we do. Yeah. That car probably saw
the robot and was like, “Hey, WALL-E, kill yourself. Your mama was a Roomba.” (cackling) Also, is it just me
or does that robot look like it was trying
to get hit by the car? ‘Cause what is the robot doing
in the middle of the road? It’s probably got some
insurance scam going, you know? Like, the robot is just like,
“Oh, ow, ow, got me.” Gonna show up to court
in a neck brace, like, “I’ve been unable to work
and support my wife and three toasters.”

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