Immediate Relief & Self Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint

Immediate Relief & Self Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint

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  1. Brad & Bob thank you I did these exercises & my lower back pain that I have had for the last three years eased up nearly immediately. Thank you so much, thank you.

  2. I had been going to the doctor for almost a full year due to pain in my SI joint that I developed while training for a marathon. I couldn't even walk long distances without succumbing to debilitating pain. They sent me to physical therapy, did x-rays and an MRI but were unable to find anything wrong. We tried a cortisone injection, but that only helped for a day or two. I tried a modified version of the stool stretch that was in this video and within 24 hours my pain was almost completely gone! Thank you so much for this video! I'm so excited to get back into running and live my life normally again!

  3. After 3 days of excruciating pain in my lower back, I found this video and tried all four exercises. 1 & 2 were not effective in my case. 3 & 4 immediately reduced the pain dramatically. Liked, subscribed and belled.

  4. I just tried those recommended relief, I did the first and it helped so I did all. Thank God for these two wonderful brothers.

  5. Hi…my doctor diagnosed my lower back pain as an SI issue but my pain is the worst when I bend forward as in picking up a penny . Does this sound like an SI problem? Or possibly a disk? The pain is on my left side. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia. Massage is another natural remedy folks should consider to help relieve SI Joint pain. I use heat, and teach stretches during my sessions. And many health insurance policies now cover massage! Just a healthy, drug-free suggestion from a friendly, "invest-in-yourselves" kinda gal. 😎

  7. Is it normal for the "painful side" to change? I also feel relief when I stand and it is worse when sitting. Even laying down on my side can bother it, especially if the aches are radiating down my legs. SI seems to be the thing I most identify with but I get confused when standing is typically worse for people.

  8. Along with these exercises I would recommend correction of whole spine alignment. From India with love Dr Bhaskaran 7981515064 contact 15yrs experience

  9. i dont know what my pain is coming from, but my lower back (right above my ass) and it stings when i bend over or sit down.
    i really would like some help

  10. I recently injured the joint at the gym. I'm taking anti inflammatories and pain meds.
    I tried your exercises but not relief.
    What must I do to ease the pain?

  11. Awesome video! You guys are are so great to share your knowledge. Can you give information on where to get this SI Joint belt? Thank you!

  12. Haha the song is cute!
    Tomorrow a week ago I had my SI reset. Can you tell me how long I’ll be stiff for? I have no idea what to expect but I do know the pain is different, gone even. It’s a healing pain I can tell but please if there’s something I’m missing?

  13. WOW THEY ALL HELPED ME! Thank you! 🙏🏼 I think I’ll be doing these for the rest of my life because I think my SI pai is from degenerative arthritis. Thank you again

  14. Wow, this is some magic. Im 1,5 year after delivery of my son. Had si pain ever since which got much worse after recent full body massage. Did the first exercise in the chair like 3x for 10 seconds and instant relief. Went from pain 7/10 to 2/10. Will keep it up. Thank you

  15. Hanging my leg off the side of the bed is like magic. I can even feel the joint pop back into place and the pain immediately goes away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Lisa

  16. I yell it hurts so much. Feels like a knife and sometimes like your waist bone is going to separate from you.

  17. I'm so having this pain now, after doing a mountain bike jump. Painful when putting pressure on my left leg.

  18. I have horrible groin pain. Esp after sleeping…it does wake me….also after sitting for a long period of time. Alter I walk I cannot life my leg to get into the car. I was sold this was due to my sacrum. What do you think

  19. I had chiropractor jump up and down on me with a "side posture" move and i haven't slept a solid night since. Not all Chiropractors are bad but the ones that use too much force can ruin your whole day.

  20. Did 2 of the 3 exercises last night. Got some relief but could still feel the maladjustment on my right side. This morning my right side finally slipped back into place. I felt it pop. Its been out of place for about 4 weeks. Thank you for the video… it helped.

  21. If none of these help should I assume my problem is something else? All the physical tests I did point to it and the symptoms too, but maybe the nerve is too inflamed/ muscles too tight for anything to help?

  22. Help please! I'm a young athlete, 15 years old, and I'm constantly running, doing squats, and other things that hurt my si joint. Once the pain is gone, is it safe for me to workout again? Do these exercises and then workout, or take a break and focus on just these exercises. I took 2 weeks off of doing legs and the pain hasn't gone away.

  23. Mine goes back by squeezing my legs together a loud pop in my si joint and pubic bone. I've been like this 19 years pain so unbearable I am barely hanging onto life. I have severe stomach aches from this problem and feel so sick from the pain.

  24. I really enjoyed this video. 🙂 man needed pain relief badly with the sacroiliac (kind of sounds like celery little memory trick there!) didn't want to rely on horse tranquilisers that make you groggy as hell, so I attempted these exercises (slowly,one by one) it wasn't a miracle but WOW it really made a difference. I actually made the walk to the shops and felt fine.Will defo be keeping up the exercises best for me daily. THANKYOU!!!

  25. Doesn't take much and at the top of my back pockets (on the left side) and, I hurt!  All across that part of me almost locks up!  I have tried your instructions and it works well! Thanks but, should I expect hanging my leg off the bed, plus the other instruction, in time, to fix me?  Will these exercises strengthen me?

  26. 6:46 "Go to the side of the bed." is this guy serious? Who the hell has a bed that high??

  27. My lower back (SI joint) started hurting about 3 days ago and was worse when I had been sitting for awhile. Standing is okay, so I stood most of yesterday. I just found your most recent video but it was oriented more to arthritis pain which this isn't. But the list on the side had this video and it is a perfect fit…….well, you know what I mean. LOL I tried a few of these exercises and the leg over the side of the bed helped a whole bunch – immediate relief. I'm so glad I found this video. Thank you so much!

  28. Some of these SI moves, I feel, might aggravate the pain radiating from my groin area. Not sure if I should just keep at it

  29. Very helpful and informative video as always! I was just diagnosed with SI joint issues and will definitely be trying out these different techniques. I love the different various you presented.

    When doing the isometric movements (specifically the first Brad demonstrated in the chair) would you perform the exercise multiple times or would you only do 1 repetition of 5 seconds every hour?

  30. I have piriformis syndrome and, not surprisingly, ITBS, probably with some trochanteric bursitis in the mix. I have been absolutely miserable, and the stretching/strengthening exercises, lifestyle modifications, and revised sleeping positions for the aforementioned aren't really helping. It seems like how I feel on any given day is an absolute crap shoot. For giggles, I tried hanging my leg off the bed and felt immediate relief. Does this mean I also have SI joint problems, or does that exercise also just coincidentally take pressure off the piriformis and the sciatic nerve?

  31. I’m 28 and my SI has been progressively getting worse to the point that I thought I’d be in a wheelchair in the near future. I thought it was a back issue, and it has been misdiagnosed for years. I recently isolated the pain to the SI joint thanks to Google (healthcare is a joke), and found this video shortly thereafter. The pain relief is immense. I can’t thank you gentlemen enough for providing this video to the public for free.

  32. Been struggling with this for many years. Local 3 electrician IBEW NYC. We’re all broken from the crap we gotta do everyday lol. Thanks for the tips

  33. mines only comes when i stand/sit for too long or when i carry heavy objects, maybe my posture is bad and maybe my weight too, im 154cm and 158lbs. the pain is only on the right sided of my sacrum. when the pain comes, it hurts when i turn my right leg a certain way, but its not always the same position, like when im sitting down and turned my upper body a little bit to the left, i immediately turn the opposite way because of the pain, but when i try again and turn left and see if it will hurt, its gone, then, when i stand up it hurts again lol. When i have the pain, i lay down supine and i could feel my lower back feels tight/sore, not so much pain, about a 2/10. some days laying down and dangling the problem side would make me feel sore/tightness on the right side.

  34. This was like magic for my SI sciatic pain all through my groin area and side of my leg. It really made a difference. I can still feel muscle spasms releasing in my foot and lower back 15 mins after I did these exercises. I’ve had this pain for over a year, but until you figure out what the hell it really is, one can’t research the internet. I was focussing on lumbar issues and disc problems (X-rays, etc) until I bumped on to this video. What can I say, I feel like I hit the jackpot by stumbling onto this video today!

  35. OMG! I did one of these exercises (sit in chair, raise knee while pushing against it with hand). My pain went away !!!

  36. As soon as I heard them talk of the pain in the leg and groin area I said BINGO!! That's what's going on with me! It's been a problem for over 2 months after a long extended road trip in a low sports car….I'll try these exercises and get the belt and see if it helps. If not, the next step is a trip to a chiropractor…Great video thanks guys!!

  37. I don’t need to see a PT. I have you guys. Stepped off a curb wrong on Disneyland mainstreet and my back has been killing me. The first exercise you guys mentioned immediately relieved it

  38. Reading these comments breaks my heart. I got lucky that PT helped. What both are saying, I do similar stretches. I still have sciatica where I can't lay on my back or left side unless I use pillows. It's more of a numbing and needle sensation than anything. I went from severe APT to mild in a short time. I also have LPT which I'm just now fixing. Weak glute muscle side. It's been over 4 yrs since my injury. Just wish my sacrum would stay in place though. I get some stiffness from it also. Best of luck to the ones still suffering 🙏.

  39. Blew my joint twice. Once doing deadlifts and last week doing bent over rows. Nothing takes the pain away except time. The pain is excruciating.

  40. Sir, 5 months back i fell down from sofa, at that moment my left side hip region got hit. There afterwards i feel pain insacarilic joint. I thought it will cure naturally, Now it shifted to my hip joint. Through exercise i felt very comfortable. Is there any other permanent solution. I couldn't sleep, or sit. I feel my left leg is shorter than right.

  41. Nothing has helped me. Im a single mom and my income provides for my thinking of ending it all.cause im worthless if i cant walk.

  42. Hi there great guys! Been following you. When I walk, I don’t feel the pain on my right lower back pain. My exercises make me strong,, belly flat, etc.., but the pain is still there. What could it be? Thank you so much for your great help to people suffering back pain. Warm greetings from Rome, Italy!

  43. Most of these happened to me just yesterday!!! Stepped off a curb that was deeper down than I thought and I I’ve been walking. Up/down hills and stairs, crossing my legs and sitting for houuurrrsss!!

  44. You guys have helped me. I was diagnosed with SI and degenerative disc at 16 yrs old. I am 54 and they cut all my medications and Medicaid pays doctors nothing to treat me here in Indiana.

  45. A big factor for me is what I eat. If I eat inflammatory foods like dairy, a lot of breads or noodles or a streak of sugary desserts it can really kick up bad. One time I ate ice cream 3 days in a row because it was hot and my SI became so inflamed that I couldnt lift it and actually had to drag/slide my foot around. It took a major chiropractic adjustment to fix it. Never underestimate the power of food choices to effect your body!

  46. Tnx for the first one especially. Had accident last year where I lost my balance and fell off my shovel, landed smack on me bum! Well, I recovered, but after a few months started having alot of pain when I sat. I tried the first exercise, which greatly helped, but keeps recurring. I think I will advance to the others
    I tell all my friends and relatives about ur channel. I'm a physical therapist working in acute care. Also share ur channel with alot of my patients as appropriate.

  47. You two are funny, I've got a pain right where your on about I do a lot of running but the pain only happens when I walk not run very weird.

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