*INTENSE TAILBONE PAIN* Relief with Gonstead Technique

*INTENSE TAILBONE PAIN* Relief with Gonstead Technique

(upbeat easy guitar music) – When you feel the pain, where do you feel it right now? You feel it down here and into the legs, but can you show me now, because now I’m just looking at your back. – Right here. – It’s all the way down there. So right here, that’s painful? – I have pain here. – [Doctor] Okay. – Right here. – [Doctor] Both sides? Both sides? – Yeah. – [Doctor] Okay.
– And here and here. Right now, I can’t do. – [Doctor] Okay. Any pain? – Little. – [Doctor] A little bit?
– Yeah. – Where is the pain when you do that? – Here. – Got it. You see how, like, how asymmetrical it is? Her pants are going like this, too, right? – When she come sit down, (speaking with heavy accent) sit down, going down. (grunts) Wake up, again. When you go to the bed, you go to the bed like this. – Every day? – Now, getting more– – I feel more better now. – It’s like, pain, I don’t know. – When I sit, I sit
over here, or over here. – Okay. So you’re trying
to avoid your tailbone. – Yeah. You’re so tilted in your pelvis, and your tailbone is shifting
off to the outside, right? So when you sit onto it, you’re sitting actually at
an angle on your tailbone. Yeah, got something right there, too. You feel it? Right there. Yeah, okay. Another one a little lower right there. So I get there, that’s painful right? – Mm-hmm. This is your, where your joint is, okay, your tailbone, okay? This is where your coccyx, it’s called a coccyx, meets your sacrum. Basically if I poke this side pretty hard, that’s not too bad, right? But if I go a little bit here, that hurts, right? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. It means it sprains out
onto that side, okay? So that’s why when I push on this side, it doesn’t really hurt, but if I push on that
side, it hurts, right? So what we’re gonna do
is actually close that. I’m gonna actually address
your tailbone today. So is that painful right there? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – You sometimes get headaches, right? Right here? – Okay, so what we’re gonna do is actually adjust your
atlas over here, okay? So this is your very top bone, okay. Because you said it comes down into your
arms sometimes, right? And it’s really hard for you
to raise your arms, right? And so this nerve goes into, you said it actually goes
into your fingers, too, right? – Yeah, mm-hmm. – Which fingers do you feel- – This one. – Okay, mostly this one? – Mm-hmm. – And it’s when you move
your neck this way, right? And then sometimes it hurts your nerves all the way to your finger right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. So that’s what I’m saying is, we’re gonna adjust up here, so most of the rotation in your neck actually happens from up here. So if I fix that, it can help a lot with what she’s feeling going to the arm. Just watch. Do you feel that every day, the finger? – Yes, every day. – Every day, okay. So you let me know, do you feel it right now? – I feel right now. – Okay. So let’s adjust up here, okay? So, you ready? Okay, sounds good. – [Man] I can hold her. (both laugh) I’ll be quick. So I’m gonna be adjusting
this top one, okay? So I’ll show you really quick because I’m gonna be
pushing that over, okay? Chin up a little bit while
I’m (speaking softly) (neck cracks)
Good. Not too bad, right? – No. (laughs) – Good. How often do you get the
headaches, really quick? – For one year, almost every day. – Every day for a year? Okay, yeah, that’s not good. So that is definitely
gonna help you with that. What we’re gonna do, okay, so it’s sprained out over here, okay? So that’s where the swelling is. So what we’re gonna do
is actually adjust it and close it, okay? Actually it’s really swollen here, so I’m gonna basically just
get some of the swelling out. Okay. Breathe in. Okay. Good. Just relax. (bench pops) Good. That adjusted nice. That better? – Mm-hmm. – How’s the tailbone feeling? – Yeah, it feels– – Yeah, bend down. – Yeah. – Ready for Zumba? (woman laughs) – So your tailbone’s right here, right? It’s curved over to this side. So what I did was put my finger there and actually just twisted that around to actually close it. Feel better?
– Uh-huh – Yeah. – Thank you. – Tailbones should not get adjusted every single time that you come in. Let me know how that does the next time when you do come in, okay? (easy band music)

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  1. sir muje bhi esse jyada problem he Kya aap Hindi me video bna skte he muje cervical problem bhi he Kya aapse bat kr skte he mo . Kya he aapke. plz jbav dena

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