Is Capitalism Moral?

Is Capitalism Moral?

Many people believe that free market capitalism
is selfish, even immoral. They say it’s about greed, about a hunger for money and power;
that it helps the rich and hurts the poor. They’re wrong. The free market is not only
economically superior, it is morally superior to any other way of organizing economic behavior.
Here’s why. The free market calls for voluntary actions
between individuals. There’s no coercion. In a free market, if I want something from
you, I have to do something for you. Let’s say I mow your lawn and you pay me twenty
dollars. What does that twenty dollars really mean? When I go to the grocer and say, “I
would like to have four pounds of steak” He, in effect, says to me, “You want a lot of
people to serve you — ranchers, truckers, butchers, and packagers. All these people
have to be paid. What did you do to serve your fellow man?” “Well,” I say, “I mowed my fellow man’s lawn.”
And the grocer says, “Prove it.” Then I offer him the twenty dollars. Think of the money
that you’ve earned as a certificate of performance. It’s proof that you’ve served your fellow
man. People accuse the free market of not being
moral because they say it’s a zero-sum game, like poker, where if you win, it means that
I have to lose. But the free market is not a zero-sum game. It’s a positive sum game.
You do something good for me, such as give me that steak and I’ll do something good for
you — give you twenty dollars. I’m better off because I valued the steak more than I
valued the $20 and the grocer is better off because he valued the $20 more than he valued
the steak. We both win. Ironically, it’s the government, not the free
market, that creates zero-sum games in our economy. If you use the government to get
a food stamp, a farm subsidy or a business bail out, you will benefit — but at the expense
of your fellow citizens. Isn’t it more moral to require that people serve their fellow
man in order to have a claim on what he produces rather than not serve others and still have
a claim? But, a lot of people ask, what about giant
corporations? Don’t they have too much power over our lives? Not in a free market. Because
in a free market We, the People, decide the fate of companies who want our business. Free market capitalism will punish a corporation
that does not satisfy customers or fails to use resources efficiently. Businesses, big
and small, that wish to prosper are held accountable by the people who vote with their dollars.
And, again, it’s the government that can undo this. Take the example of the American automobile
industry. It was struggling to survive in 2009. Why? Because they were producing cars
that did not please a sufficient number of their fellow men. In a free market, they would
therefore have gone bankrupt. The market would have said, “Look, you’re done. Sell your plant
and equipment to somebody who can do a better job.” But when Chrysler and General Motors
failed, they went to Washington D.C. and got the government to bail them out. The government bailout essentially meant to
them: “You don’t have to be accountable to customers and stock holders.’ No matter how
inferior your product is and no matter how inefficient you are, we’ll keep you in business
by taking your fellow man’s money. When government interferes in this way, it takes the power
away from the people and rewards companies that couldn’t compete successfully in the
marketplace. That may work out very well for politicians, big unions and corporate officers,
but it seldom does for the tax payer. That’s why a free market system can only work if
there is limited government. Limited government means you and I decide
which businesses survive. That’s the America that our Founding Fathers
envisioned — a limited government that has only a few specifically mentioned — or enumerated
— powers that are listed in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. It’s
this brilliant, limited-government notion that produced the wealthiest nation in history.
In a free market, the ambition and the voluntary effort of citizens, not the government, drives
the economy. That is: people, to the best of their ability, shaping their own destiny. Sounds pretty moral to me. I’m Walter Williams of George Mason University
for Prager University.

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  2. come on……there's nothing the clients can do about Amazon, Nestle & other huge companies. Or if you think they can…..please explain it to me…..

  3. capitalism is only a system, theres nothing moral or immoral about it. its the capitalist pigs that take part in this system that are immoral.

  4. Capitalism has its weakness, for one it is motivated by profit that can lead to environmental disasters.  When profit  is the only thing that matters and the opportunity to make more profit without regard to others and their environment, this will lead to dissension and possibility of war. Capitalism can and does lead to self destruct if it is not controlled by responsible management, if responsible management is not present then to prevent it from imploding and destroying the environment government must step in and put restriction or regulations on its abuse.  A good example of this is in Oregon, the Columbia river has a dwindling salmon run in it. Some of the fisherman would love to see all restrictions lifted so they fish all they desire and make the profit they desire, the problem that would result is a complete destruction and depletion of the native fish run and in the long term would put all fishermen out of work permanently and society would never have the enjoyment or pleasure of eating fresh fish from the river.  Regulations prevent this disaster from taking place because of uncontrolled greed that capitalism engenders in selfish men. As long as there are men with greed and selfishness and irresponsible to the environment, we definitely need regulations to limit Capitalisms destruction. Capitalism could be a blessing with good responsible people but a destructive curse by selfish men and irresponsible government that we are saddled with today.  Capitalism does lead to larger corporations which leads to economic inequality which we have much of today.  This Capitalism can be a blessing as I stated , but can also end in a very big curse and large destruction for all under it.

  5. A very interesting argumentation and I agree in several points, but I have also some critic. Firstly the market mechanism is based on the price theory which basically means that the prices have to be closest to the actual production value to be a win-win situation. This is only possible in a perfect competition scenario, which will not prevail in a absolute free market situation as monopoly and cartel building do destroy this mechanism. Therefore the government has to provide the framework for a near perfect competition scenario for the market mechanism to work properly and thereby interfere with the "market". Secondly there are many goods, that are not possible to be accounted for by solely monetary means. Air, infrastructure and natural resources are an example. For instance if a company is polluting the air in its area the people living there are paying the price of bad living conditions and falling house prices. The costumers of the company however might be on a completely different continent. As the company is not taking this cost in their pricing mechanism the cost remains unpaid and the ones how carry the consequences are not the ones benefiting. This is the case with many often public resources and this a point where the pricing mechanism and therefore the market mechanism fails. In economics these are called negative externalities and these can only be prevented by the government interfering. What governments should do in this matter is to internalize this costs to the firms so they take this cost into account and let their costumer pay the real price of their product.

    In general I believe that the market mechanism is the most efficient way of organizing ones economy, but even this mechanism is not perfect and needs adjustment. In that regard the government has to provide the necessary conditions and this is not possible with the often by liberalists proclaimed nightswatcher state.

  6. This video should be called so: "Why the absolute majority of the planet lives in absolute poverty, and the vast minority in excess of luxury or Paradise for the rich is made by blood and then poor".

    And then we'll talk about justice)

  7. true Capitalism or laissez faire capitalism s the only moral economic system because it's between the consent of parties involved as individuals.
    Crony Capitalism is the proxy by Corporations and State and therefore not voluntary consent by the individual.

  8. There is a difference between Predatory free-market capitalism (the one that we currently have ) and Productive social-capitalism. Make your decision wrong and you doom us all.

  9. IMMORAL. By playing this "game" we all LOSE & we ENSLAVE OURSELVES! Do no buy his "trade time for fiat$" POOPYcock. I can envision a much RICHER and FARRR better world for my "fellow man" & I than this proposterous pyramid fiat casino rigged scheme we refer to as "Capitalism & Free Trade" & would endeavor to embattle it into mortal combat, conflict to the death, or WAR with the_NeW_GlobaL_ConstitutioN ofHumanRights_&SoverignTy. TheGloballyUnifiedDeclaration: "WeThePeople_WithdrawOurConsent_ToBeGovernedOrRuled_ByALLorANYotherThan_OURSELVES" & "WeThePeople_FormallyRecognize&_Declare_ALLcurrentlyExistingOperatingAuthorativeEntitie's[ALLnationaL&WorldGOVERNMENTS], as ILLEGITIMATE.andROUGE.+aGLOBAL+CRIMINAL+ENTERPRISE (S) of MONOLITHICscope/&TREASONOUSintention_2EnSLaVE humanity+along_with+our children's future planetary inherritance, as well as that of our progenitors.
    The Rebirth of Humanity through a New Institution of Egalitarian Idealized Social-Economic ReOrganization into a vastly more benefecial, intuitive Collective. A ResourceBased_Economy_of abundance "of_By_&_4,_WeThe PeopleOfEarth"
    Simply we, Trade Competition for Collaboration. Counter Conflict with Cooperation. Exchange Artifical Scarcity, DebT & MOB/CIA Economic's for instead…A WORLD OF INFINITE LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE, one not ruled by The Motivation For Profit & Individual Material Accumulation to satisfy our Spirit & Psyche…. But instead a world Ruled by Mankind's LOVE for Mother Earth, Himself/His Faith, His Neighbors, & a realization/activation of Collective Conciousness Elevation to a Level of Unity or Cosmic Awareness (Akasha) where ALL of Creation exists as separate parts which ALL belong in Harmony AS ONE or Part of THE Greater Whole, Divine Resonant Frequency or Creator Source Energy. It resides within us all in our DNA, the inactive dormant genetic codes which even now grow anxious for activation! A New World where egalitarian/ free energy wielding/ sovereign creative humans shed their ancient metaphysical bonds of debt enslavement & power squabbling over proverbial heaps of squalor. This New Improved Mankind stands Aligned with his Brothers & All Life Universal, ReForged as a positive force of "Human Exceptionalism" with a new Egalitarian Resource Based Economy of Potentially LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE. Furthermore, due to (global energy independence) the resulting Benevolently & Collectively Managed, Global Natural, Industrial, Technological & Innovative (inTUITiVE) Resources will be at Humanity's full disposal and serve the common Man & his Progeny for Millenia to come on planet Earth & Beyond into The Stars.
    Dare to Aspire. Aspire to Dare. ReaL_EYES>realize<REAL_Lies. AWAKEN NOW HUMANITY, REJOICE & CLAIM this SAGE's Visionary Manifestations for the FUTURE of our ONE RACE. I am Him#11of144k, who by working from within to bring into "the here, now & soon to be", through Activation of (Old Soul/Spirit)[email protected] Empath×LiGHTworking[SAGITTARIUS_&theCUSPof_REVOLUTION]+Master#11×infj×Indigo×Vega*SEED Vision & Realization of Makind's Greatest Destiny would gift to ALL a TRUE Utopian Reminiscent Society and way of life. Supportive automated robotic manufacturing infrastructure, the aquisition/production of raw materiel's, free shared exchange of knowledge, mechanical engineering, new technologies & breakthrough 8iNNOVATIiVE8iDEAS8 throughout ALL NATIONS AND PEOPLES OF EARTH & BEYOND for the benefit of all, FOREVER & EVER, IN GRACE & GRATTITUDE, AMEN. ALOHA & may Akua BLESS your path(s) with the illuminated Light of Truth & Love, not the Reigning False light of Deception, soon to meet Oblivion via Exile.

    p.s. BLESS & RIP: Nicola TESLA & John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr
    Demand Truth & Disclosure from the US Government. DEMAND SHUTDOWN OF NATIONAL CLANDESTINE SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE APPARATUSES. CEASE ALL FUNDING. REPATRIATE EXISTING GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS & SATTELITE INFRASTRUCTURES(the internet) and INSTITUTE A HISTORICAL FIRST FOR HUMANITY. govern yourselves, boxchain/self governance via Voip & CrowdSource ALL PATENTS, INNOVATIONS, & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY as the " Legacy for a Better Humanity & Earth"…… screw the middlemen who scheme against your interests & plot your demise and euthinization……. Namaste-balance-yin÷yang

  10. It’s amoral. It has no morals. It doesn’t care if it causes catastrophic climate change or millions of people to lose their homes. Those are called externalities. All that matters is profit. It’s not an evil system, it just doesn’t recognise the evil behaviour it encourages.

  11. Very conveniently forgot to point out that the corporations pay politicians ie the govt to bail them out and pass laws and regulations that benefit the corporation. Funny they want less govt but then run to the govt to bail them out. Corporations run the government

  12. This is the kind of shit I cannot stand when people are advocating for capitalism. They imply servitude to others! They're using collectivist premises. That's against the whole concept of Capitalism! That we are free individuals and that our individual rights are protected!

  13. the problem with capitalism today is they want you to be like a machine, taking more from your time, and money and give you less to make sure you work harder for them

  14. I am in agreement with the statement that capitalism is moral. The capitalist system works in the favor of the people. The system often works out with any opposing parties benefiting off of an interaction. The free market of capitalism gives the people what they want and controls big businesses. The only exception for this is when the government steps in and aids with funding uses taxes. besides this, free market is a moral social construct.

  15. I concur with the author of this video in his claim that capitalism is moral. One should consider his fellow man while working to provide a service for their fellow man. In free mark capitalism a business should consider the consumer it is providing the product for. In this type of market the profitability of the company is based on the consumer’s satisfactions. If their satisfied with the products then the businesses will continue to thrive and if not those businesses will be forced to change their product or the way they produce their product.

  16. What did YOU, the banksters, do to serve your fellow man to deserve the millions, followed by billions of bailout money when you screwed up? "I corrupt the government so that the lemmings believe governments looking to regulate our activities is the problem", replied the banksters.

  17. So far so good, but stop ignoring the FACT that large economic entities (e.g. large corporations) do their utmost to place artificial restraints on the markets.
    The big "failure of Capitalism" is thus not an inherent failing of Capitalism, but the failure of citizens to safeguard Capitalism. I never hear this point made, and it's very important.
    We must not defend the wrong actions of people to manipulate markets in their favor, any more than we should defend Socialism.

  18. Any monetary system is immoral. It's the government's way of rewarding those they deem, more important. If your talking service to your fellow man perhaps doctors, lawyers, ceos, and all of us should be making the same money. Would Jesus agree with your analysis? Or would Jesus say you wish to serve, then serve all regardless of their ability to return payment in any form. To serve in and of itself is the reward here, not money which all governments use to catagorize us. Rich, middle class, poor. Most laws passed are designed to keep the money in the hands that hold it, surely this cannot be moral. And that is not even going into sell everything and give your money to the poor, another of my favorite Jesus quotes.

  19. Large lousy corps getting bail outs while we all get taxed for it.. Yup that's the capitalistic "Fair free market" for ya!! Typical npc brain washed "conservatives"

  20. The government is still necessary to be the one to eliminate all ways of getting money that are not moral or voluntary: monopolies. Monopolies are the achilles heel to a free market

  21. "What have you done for society to earn the steak?"

    I trade in forex, cryptocurrencies, options and invest in Pre-IPOs. Basically speculation

    "Okay, here you go, thanks for your contribution to society."

  22. This video is stupid, and addresses only the morality of micro transactions. It speaks nothing about the horrific underbelly of coercive exponential growth and hoarding at a larger scale.

  23. 2:42 wrong again. The products are designed to create intense cravings and addiction. #1 rule of american business, predicate your business on the model of a business that sells to whiskey to the indians. It's about getting people hooked.

  24. Capitalism is the embodiment of greed. Which is why the USA use democracy system to fought off the greed and balance the society

    Until USA become a crony capitalist….

  25. Cyrus Gideon: Damn right!
    The Govt has NO business in 'interfering' in business. Period.
    You don't like it?, go and live in Venezuela, Cuba or ALL of the African countries. I am sure they will all welcome you with open arms😡

  26. Explains how currency works which can exist with or without capitalism. And says we decide what to consume, but ads are so efficient now that we controll little of what we need and their prices

  27. Well, actually…

    Its known that corporations influence politicians to pass laws that favor them and often bail said "politicians" out being deemed more worthy than other companies. Industries are known to support institutions that still go on today such as slavery (Blood Diamonds in the Congo, Cocoa in Ghana, mineral mica in India etc), chemical testing on animals for cosmetics and medcine, poaching for animal skins to make their leather products etc, anyway to get money.

    Collectivism doesn't exist in business, its all individualism.

  28. One of the main reasons out of many white people think that capitalism is it moral and evil, is because people don't want to work for their money they just want it given to them. Show how is making your own money, working your way up the ladder to be better, and having a stable job with stable income a bad thing? I'd rather be self-sufficient and make my own money rather than someone give it to me. These sjws need to quit complaining and quit being lazy and go look for a job

  29. I’ll never understand how it’s selfish to want to keep the money you earn ? But it’s not selfish to to steal money through Taxes

  30. It's not moral because it destroys the environment and creates mass amount of wastes treating scarcity as if it is infinite. In short, it's unsustainable and people are suffering and eventually our species will face mass extinction due to the greed of capitalism.

  31. Okay, how is it "voluntary" when your financial situation acts as the "coercion"? Also, it ain't "voluntary" since it ain't "volunteering" since you're working for money.

  32. Capitalism is common sense, a free market is the only way the market can survive, Communism will mean the government controls everything and thus everyone will be under the control of a few people in the government. Government should not have complete control cause it would be like prison.

  33. I hate seeing people so brain washed by capitalism. How is it fair when all big businesses buy all the small one? It was good but has gone unregulated too long

  34. This video incorrectly still supports the morality of altruism which is the reason why capitalism is losing the battle. If we want to win, we must reject this morality.

  35. Epic How to: kill big businesses:
    1. Don't buy anything Disney
    2. Don't buy anything Microsoft
    3. Don't buy anything Apple
    4. Don't buy anything Amazon
    5. Tell everyone to do 1-4

  36. I am for a free market. However, capitalism is immoral most of the time. What if you are making your riches at the expense of the planet? Big Businesses are destroying the planet through waste and pollution. What if you make your riches at the expense of others? For example someone who makes money via selling entertainment knows all effective entertainment is addictive and is destroying how everyone in our society interacts with one another. Social media, movies, videogames, and smartphones are as addictive as drugs. Also, there are chemicals in the foods we buy at the grocery store that affect our minds and bodies in a negative way thanks to the greedy bunch who own that indistry. Capitalism at the expense of others is immoral. You can argue that Socialism is its counterpart, but to me it is just another form of Capitalism, one in which the goverment is the biggest consumer and its people get the scraps. The ideal society would be one of free market via trade. Money is a human invention of no worth, yet people go crazy for it. Why not just farm, hunt, fish and trade. Yes, life will be harder but it will be more satisfying. Who can honestly tell me they are satisfied with their life and are happy most of the time. Our society is backwards and rewards what is wrong, no matter what country you live in or what form of monetary system its goverment applies.

    BTW I laugh at how you right wingers claim you are anti-goverment when the size of government seems to grow every year no matter which party is in power.

  37. You can't have limited government. Because it's the government is the regulator. It the the government that administers "law". 
    Only if you scrap government altogether, the market dose the limiting.

  38. Nonsense. A system that is unregulated (limited government) allows massive, powerful corporations to change rules and societal structure to serve their business. Comcast is the the worst rated company in America but due to lobbying, political contributions and destruction of competition, they have maintained their massive status and only continue to grow. There is no such thing as limited government. You're either regulated by a group of individuals who you attempt to vote in democratically to help serve your interests, or you're regulated by wealthy, powerful individuals that dictate society to serve their own interests.

  39. The government – under BUSH, I might add – bailed out Wall Street after they caused the financial crisis of 2008. So you're not wrong, but the hypocrisy of the Republican party leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you're going to spend tons of government money on something, spend it on things that actually help people instead of endless wars and tax breaks for the wealthy.

  40. "Is capitalism moral? Let's ask checks notes a neoliberal economist."

    Thank you, Dennis Prager. Thank you Dan and Farris Wilks. lal (learned a lot)

  41. 1:10 — in which this galaxy brain economist accidentally conceives of the concept of labour vouchers. Deliberately omitting mention that money cannot and does not function that way.
    "Hmm, I'll have 2 pounds of your finest Kobe beef."
    "What did you do to serve your fellow man, sir?"
    "Oh, I inherited an apartment block from Daddy. I charge the proles money to live in them and haven't performed any maintenance in a decade. The whole building is a roach infested slum. Here's $200."
    "Very well, sir. All the workers in our supply chain exist to serve you!"

  42. In which world do you live? Free market capitalism is a historical stage that was in xix century, in xx century free market capitalism became monopolist state capitalism, where the states serves the monopoles; that stage of free market will never come back. You are talking about a fiction, that is not the economy neither the world. There is NO free market.

  43. Where the state takes money from taxes to give bilions of dollars to Great Companies or the Military, and they never fall. Where is the free market? The freedom is only for the monopoles that owns the states.

  44. Free market is utopian, there is no turning back, the key is to change the subjetcs who receive the benefits of the government. Not the big corporations or the military but the working class.

  45. There are no such and such economical or political systems replacing person's free will and judgments (and systems trying to systematicaly do it proved to have catastrophical consequences).
    As for mowing the lawn:

    The problem is that some well situated gentlemen would pay mr. Sanches only 10$ (not 20$), because they know that this mr. Sanches needs them to buy meat with them,. Buy the meat from them; meat, which they bought from the farmer for 2$, packed for 5c in some China factory, transported all the way around for 2$ (paying the driver black market wage), and got the remaining almost 16$ in their pockets. Because certain gentlemen know, that 10$ they profited on the lawn mowing and 16$ they got out of meat deal all add up as a small step towards their own nice swiming pool in the courtyard. And because mr. Sanches knows, that mr. Yin would do it for even 8$, he does it. If he wants to eat, he must do it. The notion of working for survival is long forgoten for so called capitalists (or even not). And mr. Sanches and mr. Yin both firmly beleive, that if they work cheap enough for enough time, they wold then have their own lawnmowing company and would hire some other mr. Sanches to mow their lawn for half the price.

  46. Capitalism and the free market is most definitely not morally superior as evidenced by the black market. The black market is essential to the existence of a capitalist free market.

  47. Capitalist "democrats" capitalism "democracy" V Communism "Slavery" Socialism "Free slaves" or controlled slaves in Ideology, all are fighting over who is going to control your work. Unions the slave master a owner of free slaves. They get paid to let you work. A hundred dollars a month just to have the privilege of working. They say you can't do this work without your master's. They say the employee is really free when they pay someone to work. If someone saved all their stuff to give it to someone to work for them to make something everyone wants then we "the unions" got to get a piece of it and on top of that you the employee are going to be happy working harder to give your labor to a few at the top for free.
    So if they the one's who want to control you and your labor can't do it through government as in socialist control then they win through labor unions. Where as in a democracy or democratic system we as individuals must take care of our selves. We have to go to school learn to read write learn a trade or vocation that everyone needs so they trough their own free will decide to give us their hard earned voucher "money" that their labor gave them. We as people of this planet decide who's labor is worth our labor by exchange of something we can all place common value in money. It's something of value to everyone.
    Money is only proof that you provide something of value to someone not everyone only someone who needs their dishes washed.
    A person who sells good food, sells a lot of it. Needs to wash their dishes. They need someone to do it. If in that area they are all educated and won't do it for a day's wage, then he might have to offer four days wages for one day's work till maybe someday he the owner can buy a machine that costs 50 day's wages to replace the guy who charged 5 time's a day's wage.
    So to in a democracy we decide whether to eat at one place or the other. But in a socialist economy the slave master decides where and when you can eat. If they own the McDonald's then it's McDonald's every day for the rest of your life.
    No free choice! No free will. Buy the democrats of today are trying to tell you they know better then you know. No Arbys no KFC no Mexican or Chinese food! Only McDonald's and at ten days wages not one hours wage. So we at the top can pay 50 day's wages for the health care you desperately kneed. And you the sheep the slave will drive yourself off the edge of the cliffs just to serve a few.
    Socialism is a great lie! Because it's slavery to a king a dictator a tyrant!
    Free market capitalism is the truth it's FREEDOM of the individual. The individual decides who where why or what to buy with their day's wages! It's a self imposed democracy. No king, dictator, slave master, tyrant can tell you what or why you need to pay your wages to anyone. Like some chicken shit mafia factions! While other mafia factions fight for freedom. Against tyranny! Of the king dictator slave master or tyrant. To free the sheep! To let the public decide what they wage for. This is free market capitalization. Free market at its best. This is prosperous for everyone and most rewarding for the best educated of them all. Everyone gets what they need not everyone gets what they want. It's not a fair system! Because it requires us the individual study hard work hard for our entire life. But we do it for ourselves not for A unjust system. For a just king dictator ruler of the system. Would let the individual decide what they wage for. They only need to provide the education the trades to be free worker's! Free brick builder's, free plumbers, free labor's! As our founder's the free worker's the framers envisioned. Because they knew the truth! And to know the truth! Will set you free!

  48. Democratic value is the will of the public to decide what the king dictator ruler will do. The English rule of law is made to vote by the will of the public. To have law's that are equally applied to everyone great or small. To favor the riotous over the wicked, Using common law's we as people must live by. Law's like the ten basic commandments! Don't steal from anyone! Don't kill anyone Don't rape anyone, don't hate anyone for their race or what they earned or got from their hard working parents. Practice good things in the end it should pay off. Small crimes mistormeanor like theft and lies do they harm us? Did the lie get someone killed or cost someone their lively hood? Did the theft cost a country it's bread and butter? These are the common law's we live by. Basic Religious value! Basic democracy of free men and women. So can the rule of a bad man ever produce good things? If you give in to socialist value you lose the will of the individual and become a slave to someone else. You are no longer a Democrat you are no longer for the public "Re public" You are for the tyrant dictator slave master. Only "free worker's" can decide their fate. Once you've become blind to basic concepts of common value you lose your way. The wages of your life is all on the individual. This is free market free worker's value. Free to work at Burger king or on a farm. But if you have learned that only the public or publican or individual who saved his capital or wages to give to someone else a free worker who decides to work or not for that wage. Is free market capitalization of wages. Our wage is what we as free public decide is worth working for ourselves or other people. Where as in socialist economy you have no choice. A dictator or tyrant tells you what your going to do for the rest of your life. They will point to every injustice in the world to prove you need a dictator or tyrant. If you only become a slave to this system to this person, then all that bad stuff will go away. But if it's not your will to follow them? Then what will they do? Yes sheep they will blame you! They're not for democracy they aren't for the public. They are for themselves to rule over you. They need you to give up your "will" to buy into the system! To give up your free will to become slaves to the slave master. To give in to the devil where god only wants you to be free worker's. To decide your own fate. This is free market capitalization of your work. This is what free public must decide. To work hard in school learn a trade that people need so you can get what you need but not EVERYTHING you want. Socialism the great lie will promise you EVERYTHING while never giving you anything! Fight the lie every chance you get. look at the great socialist what have they ever given you? Because they need you to do their work! They aren't working for you "You are working for them" free your mind. Be free worker's.

  49. Value? What is the value of labor. Wages? What is paid for a day's wage. = Value. Money the instrument that is a common = Value. It doesn't make everything equal or create equity. Because the individual decides what they are worth. They decided by what they study. How hard the work is. This creates value. No money can be made without creating value. The society decide what has value. Our system has decided we created trillions of dollars in value. So some socialist think they can take all the value created and redistribute to everyone. But that can't work because the value becomes = 0 Zero. Who would buy it, who decides what now has value? Of course the dictator. The devil? lol? Someone must then say they will give away your labor. If you're a scientist who studied 30 years to find a cure for the common cold. Should he get rewarded? Of course! The socialist would say not it should be free! Unless Bernie Warren Or Elisabeth Sanders own it then you have to work harder to pay for it. They'll decide who deserves what. Because they are smarter than the public. They say look at all the wealth created in the last 40 years! Alone! Look at all the poor in the world! It's not fair! But those countries governments are socialist countries. They are exactly what happens when they don't let the public decide how or what has value for them. They'll say look at all that food that gets thrown away. And we say yes. Look at all the food gets thrown away by socialist Countries. We can play these games all day long. The truth is they want to rule you not help you. The truth of socialism is it's all based on lies. The math NEVER works out. Because the individual decides to be homeless to give up on work. If you got a bad job study for a better one. But in a socialist society this becomes impossible. The socialist hate religion Because it teaches freedom hard work and common value. The moral compass is always on the self not the other way around. You must decide right or wrong. EVERYTHING! in life isn't free. But knowledge is.

  50. For Capitalism to be be moral there would need to be some kind of level playing field. Three generations in and you may as well be living in an aristocracy.

  51. And it's illogical as hell, when you really think about it. A TINY portion of the world's people should "have the vast-majority of the wealth"… so that the rest of us can "have opportunity to move up and become even a fraction as wealthy"

    Nah… screw that. How about distributing the gains EVENLY so that all of us can have a wider range of that wealth? Besides… the rich will do fine even in that scenario. Sure, they won't be mega-rich, but.. they'll get by, nonetheless 😉 When a shit-ton of people are struggling, I'm not gonna worry about some billionaire or mega-millionaire "not getting as much." I'm not that heartless

    Worker-owned co-ops, housing co-ops, etc.- THAT is the way. ALL of us stakeholders should have JUST AS MUCH VOICE in some 'huge enterprise' like a big corporation or housing complex as some scumbag landlord or selfish CEO. THAT is how we will build an economy that truly *serves all of us, not just a fraction*, while the rest of us get 'the scraps' of whatever 'wealth they (supposedly) produce.' Of course, as "innovative" as some inventor or founder of a company may be, NO ONE can run a huge, national, let alone multinational, firm, *all on his/her own*. There's simply not enough time, and they can't be everywhere at once! Nor do they have 10,000 arms and legs

    Ergo… plenty of OTHER, talented people, have to be convinced to join up with said 'innovators' to help them 'get big.' Yet… we pretend as though "self-made" is "totally real." No such thing… No one is "self-made", entirely. It's a MYTH. COOPERATION, more or less, is what really drives societal innovation and wealth, even as idiots like John Stossel fallaciously claim, "Greed is good."

  52. For example, because, "We need to make LARGE profits", poor folks who could OTHERWISE BE TREATED WELL AND FED… oftentimes don't get much. Because the food producers, 'can't give away', even at just small profit, a good amount of the INCREDIBLE amount of food they produce to help the poor not go hungry.

    At least in the short run. Whenever a gov't tries to buy or sell a pharmaceutical firm's drug for poorer folks, esp. abroad, at even some profit- albeit just enough to keep the price low for the poorer folks- the PLUTOCRATS will 'cry foul', lol. Pricks

    "Wealth maximization" in corporate America is a cancer. Having JUST ENOUGH profit (and then some) to, say, invest in more jobs, better technology, etc.- THAT should be the goal, not this nonsense of "having super-high profits and doing fantastically well in the stock market"

    …so they can, more or less, HOARD said profits and try to GET EVEN MORE next year or quarter, to show off and "get market dominance." And for WHAT? Does most of that 'go back to the employees or community'?

    As if.. pfft. In a SANE, MORAL WORLD, this would be what happens, but.. in our shitty 'free market', the companies just hoard most of it and 'reinvest' when they see a "possible return." Even if they'd still have tons leftover anyhow… I guess having 400 million in profits leftover is "too little", apparently? Or $2 Billion, as opposed to 3 or 5? That's "near poverty" in the eyes of corporate leaders?? lol

  53. And then they say, "Competition drives innovation"

    Well… to some extent, perhaps. But that's only "necessary", really, insofar as the PEOPLE IN CHARGE are DIPSHITS who only care about money and 'getting wealthier', not folks who TRULY CARE about the alleged "good mission" of the firm, such as an insurance company (i.e. helping people get better healthcare and more people covered). If people who TRULY CARED about those missions with an eye for staying in the black WERE IN CHARGE, then… WHO KNOWS! Maybe we could shatter this, "Competition is god" mantra once and for all.

    The 'competition is necessary for innovation' mantra, rather, serves as an "overcompensation", so to speak, for the LACK OF CARING AND COMPASSION among the people in charge! A lot of them mainly care about one thing- profits and wealth. Not so much HELPING PEOPLE w/ their products, esp. more important products like medical devices, insurance, etc. They just want to "one-up" the other firms in said market by "making a really-good product", which… 'overcompensates' for the other lacking qualities and ends up, sometimes, giving them a lot more wealth and return anyhow.

    However… If the people in charge truly were that kind of compassionate person*, then… I AM SURE that they would *do their utmost to innovate and try to get BETTER AND BETTER PRODUCTS MADE, REGARDLESS of whether there's "tons of competition." Hell, I know I would… if put in charge. Why wouldn't folks in charge of said firms who *truly care about helping their fellow man *make better products regardless of whether there's "some other firm to outdo in the market"?? The notion that a firm STAFFED BY TRULY-CARING PEOPLE "would never do as much innovation" as one staffed by greedy fuckstains who couldn't care less otherwise… is just silly.

    Of course, monopolies, nonetheless, do seem pretty inefficient, but… a company "needing tons of competition in the market" is a fallacy that just hasn't been disproven because we haven't PUT THE RIGHT PEOPLE who aren't ONLY interested in "maximizing profits" in charge of said firms! So, of course, by default, the OTHER hypothesis- that competition 'drives innovation', by default- will "seem totally proven", because the "right people" hypothesis hasn't even been GIVEN A CHANCE TO WORK

    Hell, many gov't agencies, for what it's worth, have driven their fair share of innovation, such as DARPA and NASA. Hell, who started the Internet? Oh, that's right- THE GOV'T, beginning w/ certain computer research and networks in the 1960s. If we "let it up to the free market", who KNOWS how long it would've taken, esp. since, in the early days, prior to Silicon Valley, most folks thought there was "almost no money to be made" in such a venture, so… they didn't take the 'risk', whereas gov't, which needs no profit or return, took it.

    This isn't to say there's "no place" for business, but… there is far less place for uber-greedy a-holes to run things, if you ask me. Folks who are financially literate AND care about the alleged "good mission" of their firms- those should be the ones in charge. Not just folks mainly caring about profits and outdoing other firms for 'market brownie points' or bragging rights or whatever

  54. Hell, for what it's worth, Emilia Romagna, historically, has done quite well as a very 'socialist region' of Italy. It's idiotic to pretend that folks who know what they're doing and spend money well don't, necessarily, "have what it takes" to use compassion and caring to also drive a fair share of innovation and technological advancement. Sure, gov't can (and oftentimes does) waste a fair share of money, too, but.. then again, they also, oftentimes, get a 'blank check' to spend it w/ fewer controls.

    We need a mix of both. It's not either-or (compassionate people with "no financial literacy" who spend like crazy vs. selfish financially literate assholes who mainly just care about profit and not so much the actual 'compassionate mission' of the firm)

  55. A mixture of libertarian socialism and stakeholder capitalism, at the very least, is ideal. Hell, empirically, firms that run on a stakeholder model *do far better*, on average, than firms that are cutthroat as all hell and mainly care about profits and shareholders 😛

    Showing that, once again, cutting corners for fast and easy return… is counterproductive

  56. George Mason U. is a JOKE, btw

    A bunch of vulgar libertarians essentially "bought", a while ago, their own shitty 'economics department' to propagandize

  57. "Free market capitalism will punish big corporations"

    …only to an extent

    In the meantime, there's STILL a shit-ton of concentration in various industries, like banking, by a handful of firms to be had. Esp. on Wall Street

    Also… while some may trot out charts of "the dominant firms over time" and say, "Aha! Look… These firms were replaced in 30-50 years by these ones", that's hardly convincing. Trading one 'corporate master' w/ similar tactics for another
    …isn't all that enticing, if you ask me. Also… the overall CONCENTRATION in said industries, oftentimes, likely didn't change that much, esp. with little antitrust enforcement :p

  58. Except that $20 is a debt note worthless piece of paper….. Money printed out of thin air by corrupt banking!!! Fiat currency!! Learn more about who controls the money/wealth & you will all be better off for it. Taxation is theft & Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself.

  59. Hey, at least I'm not forced to listen to propaganda 24/7 and can have my own style of haircut without being arrested and executed for it.

  60. He's describing the free enterprise system, not capitalism; they are not the same thing; indeed capitalism is a cancer on the system. Accumulated capital, through it's influence on government, has engineered a system, which funnels the "surplus" value produced by human capital to the owners or controllers of financial capital. This artificial scheme is a form of legal theft, bleeding the "surplus" value out of our homes and communities; all under the rubric of "rule of law". Just Saying!

  61. Successful free markets are completely free. Yes customers have power but only as long as cartels and price fixing are illegal and prevented by the government.

  62. The "thumbs up / thumbs down" tally on this video will correspond to the "Trump / Sanders" vote this November.
    Bernie Sanders agrees with everything in this video. Capitalism is how he got to be a multiple millionaire.

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