Is the real cause of vaping illnesses vitamin E acetate? Ingredient under scrutiny by officials

Is the real cause of vaping illnesses vitamin E acetate? Ingredient under scrutiny by officials

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  1. I'm very angry about this. Hundreds of young people injured and killed. Are we certain that this isn't some sort of terrorism?
    Surely the FBI is investigating the deaths. We seem to be the only country with these large clusters of lung injuries.

  2. Bellflower Kaiser will punish you for weed related illnesses. They had me in the waiting room for hours while I was violently throwing up and shitting myself. I was making other people sick. Triage didn’t give a shit till damn near everyone in the waiting room was complaining on my behalf. Fuck you kaiser

  3. Hmmmm… interesting little word play there. “All these products had it found in the black market.

    THESE CASES ARE COMING FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE BUYING SHIT FROM PEOPLE MAKING THEIR JUICE IN THERI TOILETS! This is not different than buying spice when you though it was pot. HA! 🤣! Jesus Christ, just another way for the media to put a scare into all of us. So as someone who buys their shit from a legitimate shop (and as someone who does their homework on this type of stuff) I find it hard to believe that vaping is actually the cause of these illnesses. Vaping itself has seen no link but all the sudden this one ingredient pops up and is causing illnesses all the sudden. Sounds to me like someone recently found a cheap way to either stabilize vape juice or found a quick cheap, but potentially dangerous way to substitute PG or VG and it sounds to me like people are buying these cartridges from other “connections.” There is too little information they are giving out but they are already calling for action quicker than I can slap my knee, but I bet you my most expensive mod they are trying to keep it that way. The least you know about why this is happening, the better they can tell you why you should listen to them.

  4. I have been doing my own tests after finding out about this and I do believe it’s more related to thc containing vape cartridges

  5. I wish they would get it straight I told people when black market carts came out I could piss in a cart and sell it to you for 30 dollars you wouldn’t know people are stupid and this is what they get all I had to do was google dank vapes and realize you could buy the packing on amazon and I was like yeah most of those probably don’t even have marijuana in them they have jwh or other chemicals in them the vitamin e acetate looks like distillate that’s why they use it

  6. Right so two things A if you live in a state where weed isn’t Legal why you buying black market carts? Are you really that desperate ? B vaping products depending on where you live can only be bought by people the age of 18 or 21 so where are these cock sucking high schoolers getting it from?

  7. Millions upon millions of people vape. Only 450 are in the hospital and people are flipping shit? Nice fear mongering. It’s vitamin E in THC carts that’s causing all of this. 85% of the people who are in the hospital admitted to using them, and the rest won’t comment or are lying

  8. So these thc carts kill 6 and Trump bans all flavored vapes? Vaping saved my life. I have vaped 5 years and my doc says my lungs have only improved and look like those of a non smoker after heavy vaping for 5 years! By the way I vape and I vote. The U.K. did a study and proved vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Want to help save your right to vape? Join

  9. Probably what they wanted so they can keep it federally illegal why the f*** they putting synthetically processed non bioavailable vitamin E bullshit in kids vapes anyway illegal substances have always been spiked and added with cutting agents, illegal substances are playground for problems and are not tested like legal ones legalize cannabis and stop learning prohibition over again

  10. This really blows. I vape Menthol and usually pair it with a light strawberry cream puff flavor. It’s delicious, satisfying, and relaxing to take a vape break throughout the day. I’ve been vaping for 5 years now, and my breathing, stamina, focus, energy, and vitality has dramatically increased. My lungs feel clear and healthy as I workout 5 days a week and I’m in the best shape of my life. People tell me I look 12 years younger than I actually am.

    I remember the days when I’d wake up with tightness in my chest and coughing from smoking one too many cigarettes the night before while drinking. Having to clear my throat all throughout the days of being a cigarette smoker. We’ve all experienced that before. Not anymore. Now, I wake up in the morning and take a deep breath of fresh air and can run up a flight of stairs without being winded like in the past.

    Since vaping THC is the latest craze nowadays, and obtaining THC carts are harder to get; these kids are buying bootleg carts probably made in a dirty project basement bathtub. We’re not talking about legal official reputable and professional certified companies with superb quality control standards and testing here. These gullible kids just want to get high, they don’t know any better.

    As far as Juuls are concerned, scammers re-sell counterfeit products for full price that’s been homemade with original box designs and sell to gas stations. These kids are buying Juul’s that are made by fake scammers. I recently read a news story about 3 Arabic men from NY who got caught selling counterfeit Juuls to gas stations. They got caught after cops found out they were being delivered mass quantities of weekly shipments from China delivered to their house. Neighbors claiming boxes and boxes constantly being delivered. Further investigation confirmed these men were buying empty Juul look-a-like pods, and having a 3rd party fill them with fake juice. Once received in original packaging, these men were selling the Juul pods in gas stations posing as authorized Juul retailers, selling them at full retail price! You can’t even tell the difference from the authentic product from the manufacturer. They looked identical! My theory suggests that these shipments of pods have probably spread around the country as an organized terror attack operation by groups of terrorists living in the country who are probably still at large, poisoning innocent lives. Who knows what chemicals were put in these fake pods.

    Personally, I use a regulated MOD and tank and buy USA made e-juice from reputable vendors. Also, If you want to get high, smoke the flower and stay away from the carts that have been found to contain deadly oils.

    In regards to the scary news stories popping up everywhere, to attribute and factor in all flavored nicotine juices with “street bought bootleg THC carts,” is a real slap in the face not only to vapors who want to continue to enjoy their habit, but also to current cigarette smokers who were considering the transition to vaping as a means to quit smoking. Now, cigarette smokers are actually scared to vape, believing it’s now worse than cigarettes with all these mis-informed scary news publications.

    Negativity in the news captures civilians attention, and most people believe whatever they are fed. Listening to that classically typical serious and scary sounding news reporter voice that raises our attentions when ever we recognize the tone doesn’t help either.

  11. It’s got nothing to do with vaping and regular vape juice ,he was buying drugs of street drug dealers that’s his own fault don’t put an entire industry on blast who have done nothing wrong vaping has been around for 15 years there has been no cases of anything some tainted product has been sold on the streets to idiots and then want to put the blame on the vaping industry and ban it which makes no sense sounds like somebody is trying to take the chance to get Tobaco companies making money again this was their opportunity and they took it

  12. Yo why the hell are they showing videos of people vaping nicotine. Vaping nicotine isn't the problem. It's the vitamin e acetate found in THC CARTS. Even the material they show in this video is misleading.

  13. Part of the problem is news channels like this spreading information they know nothing about. Half of the video shows nicotine Vape mods. You would never be able to Vape A Thc product out of one of those. The Distillate oil that’s in a THC Vape is way thicker. This is why flavored nicotine Vape is going to get band.

  14. VapeKing I have been exposed to secondhand smoke so many times that I got dependent on nicotine. I chose to skip the cancer sticks altogether and went straight to vaping. Almost every-time I don’t get my nicotine fix, I feel drowsiness. Keep your vapes clean so you don’t get sick.

  15. Please stop showing life saving vaping devices in videos that have nothing in do with traditional nicotine vaping. This is a thc problem. Not a vaping problem. Keep it up and everyone will be smoking again. Then we can take care of them once they run out of money fighting cancer and emphysema. Ugh.

  16. Find someone who makes their own cus chances are that those carts will be GAS! My friend recently found a dude who grows and smokes his own supply and sometimes sells it for a bit of extra cash and they are the cleanest hardest hitting carts I've ever tried.

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