Mia Yim injured in wild Ladder Match: NXT Injury Report, Nov. 14, 2019

Mia Yim injured in wild Ladder Match: NXT Injury Report, Nov. 14, 2019

100 thoughts on “Mia Yim injured in wild Ladder Match: NXT Injury Report, Nov. 14, 2019”

  1. Damn, poor Aliyah. I think Xia needs some serious training. Her match with Kayden was botchy and injuring someone like that this early in her career is a definite bump in the road

  2. They shouldn't put the story injury in the same video as the real injury. Unless the story injury is to cover for a wrestler being gone because of a different real medical problem.

  3. Really hope the orbital floor fracture for Aliyah is a work or comes back negative on the MRI; I suffered one in August and it *suuuuucks*, even when (like me) you luck out and don't need surgery to keep your eyeball in place.

  4. Goddamn Mia is made of Iron. The punishment she took was ridiculous. I think I just became her fan. You have a new fan Mia hope you get better.👍

  5. How about more school killing this is making children kill and hurt others people you are the blame for all this killing in are schools

  6. Sub fake hai bhen chod dunia me har chiz ko sach man lena lekin wwe jitna fake kuch nhi or ha jis bhen k lode ne mere comment ka reply kra uski bhen ki chut bhen k lode

  7. As always I give credit when credit is due the ladies of NXT really went all out. Is because of that reason and the men's wargames promo cause then to win this week Wednesday night wars but boy did it came at a high price.

  8. Kind of unfortunate that WWE is pushing amateur wrestlers to have hardcore matches just to compete with the pros over at AEW. Apparently they don't realize that what The Young Bucks, Cody, Moxley, Janella, Darby and others are doing, they have ample experience with and they do it well and with some level of precaution. But expecting untrained NXT talent to match them, is a ridiculous concept.

  9. The attacks on those female superstars possibilities are higher that smackdown smashes them down as they did to smackdown live. It can also be RAW after all they tried this on raw too.

  10. Wow wwe they didnt put the video in black and white cuz there was blood,I guess wwe starting to grow some balls now not be child friendly safe.

  11. lets see Dakota Kai is jealous because she was missed out of WARGAMES so she decides to attack Rhea Shafir etc. Now she will probably come out and distract a team.

  12. All I wanna know is I hope io rhea, Tegan, will make it to war games if they can,t then that will be sad

    rhea and Tegan were attacked by Shayna I think

  13. Maybe too hurt for War Games, Dakota Kai gets passed over again fuelling her heel turn, Rhea calls in someone she knows and who has a grudge against Kay Lee Ray….TONI, TONI STORM! TONI STORM!

  14. Mia Yim (the MVP of the night) indeed earned many fans over this wednesday, Aaliyah put her hand up but still connected (ouch) as for the other girls, could be a rebranded Nia Jax because i have no idea who could beat all those 4 (2 mma "Marina and Jessiemen, a big one "Rhea" and Candice) who were not far one from the other.

  15. Massive respect for these women.. , but they should be more careful on performing live.. such brutality just for NXT, even raw and SmackDown women don't take these kind of risks.. these NXT women should be promoted soon, they have some big hearts with lot of skills

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