“Mom. Help!” Kitten Trapped Deep Down Below The Ditch Cries Out For Rescue | Animal in Crisis EP121

“Mom. Help!” Kitten Trapped Deep Down Below The Ditch Cries Out For Rescue | Animal in Crisis EP121

An apartment in Seoul city.. Informant : Right up there.. I heard a cat crying from a few days ago A desperate crying for the rescue was heard from the apartment wall PD : Where?
Informant : Here, here here A ditch..? A cat fell into the ditch where it contains rainwater.. Informant : Kitty~ Kitty~ Meow Informant : Did you hear it? Meow, meow, meow.. Only can hear the crying sound Informant : The ditch is vertical that it goes all the way down under the ground Like waterfall A living creature is stuck inside the ditch where its depth is hard to be measured.. Next day The lady who followed the sound of a cat and arrived at the ditch 10 days ago Informant : I called 911 and they arrived right away But they said there’s nothing they could do Because it’s hard to grasp the structure inside That’s why it’s hard to rescue the cat Figure out its structure with a special micro camera first As soon as it enters, the ditch curves down in a 90-degree angle Surprisingly, it was a vertical drop The ditch runs down to the point where it’s hard to find the end.. At the end of a 5 meter ditch pipe, found a cat we were looking for Oh, I see him It was a little kitten who looked younger than we thought Instead of being frightened by the light he faced in 10 days, His eyes are desperate, as if asking “Save me” Informant : Oh no.. The kitten’s been stuck in there for 10 days.. The baby kitten is in fear and horror.. The location of the kitten is five meters below the ground and he’s stuck inside the narrow ditch.. Informant : There’s no food down there So I have to feed him like this every day If I don’t, how can he survive? Informant : Baby~ Eat up The lady has been feeding the kitten by dropping the food in a plastic bag Fortunately, the kitten rips the bag and eats the food inside It’s good that he can eat.. He could survive with that food When will he be able to get out from there? Waits for the rescue without any guarantee.. Hope he survives tonight as well.. At that moment! A cat appears near the ditch Stops by the ditch and starts crying sadly As if answering, the kitten gets up Is she his mom..? The baby kitten climbs up the steep wall, over and over The kitten’s crying stops her from leaving.. Informant : The cat comes when people are not around Walks around the ditch and never leaves.. Can’t imagine how she would be frustrated Because she couldn’t get her kitten out for days.. Editor : Sigh.. I think I’m crying.. Don’t worry, we got you! Next day, find the way to take him out with the experts Vet : Looks like the kitten’s one to two months old His eyes have shrunk If he lacks nutrients and is dehydrated In such condition, he’ll be in danger if the rescue is delayed Respiratory disease is concerned due to the poor condition of the ditch How can we rescue the kitten from the ditch that drops down vertically? Its length is about 5 meters It’s hard to break it now Its bottom part is linked to a waste pipe So we have to check the linked part It’s the closest waste pipe runs to where the kitten’s trapped Most higly likely to be linked with the ditch Decide to rescue the kitten with this passage on the ground The rescue starts Found the ditch that runs horizontally Wait for the kitten to walk out through the way But.. The baby kitten doesn’t respond.. Puts the camera again.. Fortunately, found the kitten crouching on the ground.. But.. Can’t go further I think there are sentiments piled up The sendiments block the passage There’s a rock blocking the camera The big one’s blocking.. That’s the farthest it can go The only way is to rescue the kitten is to take him out from the ditch that drops down vertically.. Vet: As the kitten doesn’t avoid the camera we’re going to use it to lure him Tie it with the net and some food As soon as he grabs it with his claws, Slowly pulls it out Think it’s the only way to rescue him though it’s a bit risky So the plan is to pull the kitten out with the rope… Will the kitten be able to deal with it..? The kitten’s smelling it At that moment He caught it He bit it with his mouth He bit it Oh, he’s coming up The kitten holds the net in his mouth and starts climbing up The kitten never gives up going up! Cheer up, Kitty! He’s out The kitten’s finally out in 10 days Informant : Good job, kitty. Oh my god.. It’s great I mean I couldn’t sleep for 10 days because of him.. Vet : He’s too skinny Vet : It’s amazing that he’s survived for months in such condition, especially when it’s getting cold The kitten’s only two months old.. Vet : I found that he ate stones as he often licked the ground Overall, he’s skinny and has respiratory disease symptoms, His stamina is not that poor.. His condition is fine He will be fine if he gets some rest and consumes enough nutrients for days As much as he’s overcome a big obstacle Hope he lives healthily for the rest of his life

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  1. Must Show More ! The Vet's were also as usual !!! THEY have love for animals in their hearts ! 😀💞Kimberley from Canada God bless you with long happy life !

  2. Thank you for the video – what an excellent rescue and medical treatment for the kitten. Is there an update on any adoption or on its mother? Would love to know. Thanks to everyone involved in this rescue – and the kind lady who reported the incident.

  3. Awww plzz help him…baby i wish ull get better new life comfortable lovable life….muahhhh love u baby…always stay blessed happy healthy😍😍☺☺

  4. Every time I watch a video on this channel, it really makes me cry. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you guys are doing for these innocent animals. Can you guys do me a favour? Can you please make him meet her mom? 🐈❤🙏

  5. Oh man! the kindness of that woman who fed the helpless kitten just made me burst into tears! So grateful for people like that in the world. <3

  6. Но почему никто не цепляет сетку на сточные трубы?

  7. Повезло, что его услышала женщина, но почему так долго не обращалась за помощью непонятно.

  8. Прекрасный котенок! 9:54 Как можно было после такой сложной работы бросить бедного котёнка? How he could throw that small kitten? Actually I didn't understand how did they get kitten out from the vertical tube?

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  10. Im so proud of the kritter klub they help animals to survive thanks kritter klub, and i hope all the country is like, i hope all

  11. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Editor: Sigh.. I think I'm crying..
    Me: So am I. :'( (my heart also raced when they were pulling her out of the ditch.. omg! )

  13. Huh. I usually get a stuffed animal or a keychain when I play the claw game. Never seen someone win a kitten before. Lol, glad the little guy was ok!

  14. так жалко котенка, молодец что укусил сетку и до последнего пытался не отпускать 😭 такой умный

  15. X fin q se decidieron a rescatarlo gracias señora x cuidalo y alimentarlo como usted debería a er muchas bss y abrazos

  16. เราร้องทุกครั้งที่เห็นเจ้าตัวเล็กทั้งหลายช่วยเหลือตัวเองไม่ได้แต่พอได้เห็นสุดท้ายช่วยเขาออกมาได้เราก็ดีใจ

  17. When 911 🆚 Couldn't sleep Well for 10 days… 🙀 ~If that was a 👦 👧 fell into the 🕳 for 3 hours……..

  18. She heard from her tower high apartment? I don't think so. Did you all PLACE the Innocent kitty down there just to film the rescue? Sorry, but I had to ask. No way to hear the kitty from way up there. If you all are doing these rescues just for attention, SHAME ON YOU.N

  19. And that guy didn't even gently hold the kitty after he "rescued" her. He THREW her into the deep container. That's NOT how animal lovers treat animals at all!

  20. бедны ребёнок !!!!!! такое страдание на мордочке !!!!!!! столько вытерпел !
    столько раз умер в мыслях …………..

  21. His eyes are so sad… poor little soul.
    Will he get rid of the stones that he ate?
    Thank you so much for helping him

  22. Please let the mom cat know her child is ok.. when she stops hearing the kitten's cries she'll be devastated thinking her kid is no more 😭😭

  23. Oh wow, momma cat talking to the kitty. I am so happy it got rescued and it will be just fine. In the meantime my heart skipped beats to hear the crying. I don’t know how it got in there, but with some good human help, it will get out. Thank you. Its cries are heart breaking.

  24. 9:55 – Well just handle the poor thing like a dirty rag and throw him down in a box!
    You don't know if he has any broken bones or ribs or if he has internal damage.

  25. You are such a wonderful woman to not give up on this kitty. Those wonderful rescuers… you all are amazing!!! This kitty is a survivor & so intelligent, it knew it was being rescued & didn’t let go!!! God’s Angels were with every one working together!!!

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