My Worst Injuries

My Worst Injuries

Ok so if you’re here for an epic story about how I broke my legs while fighting a bear
on a snowboard in the Sahara desert you’re gonna be severely disappointed because these stories are quite dumb as you can tell by the fact that they all
happened when I was a kid. So I need to preface this by saying… I was a SUPER sensitive kid. I don’t know why but I would just get offended super easy and would overreact when I got hurt and avoided all situations where I might possibly feel an ounce of pain like football or even games where you run around like ‘Tag’. I didn’t like playing Tag as a kid because I didn’t like the way my legs hurt
after a while and getting chased freaked me out. So when someone was about to catch me I’d
pretend to fall over and start fake crying so that we’d stop playing. And I was really stupid about it too. Remember in my last video where I talked about how I was a good liar
as a kid? Yeah, sure I was a good liar but I was terrible at faking stuff. Don’t ask me how that works but when we would play tag for example I wouldn’t even try to look like I’d fallen
over (because I might accidentally hurt myself
if I pretended to fall over too fast obviously!) instead I would sit down CROSS LEGGED then start crying. I have NO idea why I was.. really annoying. *laughs* Let’s start with the youngest let’s say 4 or 5 It was winter & I was in Primary School. It was break time, or “recess” so everyone was playing in the snow. Well I say snow but it wasn’t soft and fluffy It’d, like, melted & re-froze again so it was more like chunks of ice. There were some kids having a snowball fight
but I didn’t want none of that I might get hurt! So I was out on the playground innocently
making a snowman a fair distance from the snowball fighting
kids. And one of these kids just happened to be
the strongest girl in the class. Like this girl was strangely strong for a
kid she’d constantly get into trouble for accidentally
hurting other kids for like, giving them a hug or something. And so it just happened to be her who launched
a snowball at this other kid who moved out of the way
just in time… for it to smack me right in the face. I didn’t know what happened. All I knew was, my face was wet, Cold and stinging. (death metal scream) The next story happened in high school and
involves dodgeball! I really really hated dodgeball. Because I was both good and bad at it. How does that work? Well I was good at dodging but I couldn’t throw to save my life. So it would always happen that I’d be the
last one on my team Vs like 5 other guys. And they’d always be these kids who threw
the balls needlessly hard. So what’d happen was I had 5 people throwing
balls at me super hard and I’d dodge them and then they’d bounce off the wall behind
me and roll right back to them. But there was another way to get players out which was to catch the ball that they threw. I knew that was my only option so I went for
it. But the ball went a little too high. I reached out and… *crack* (chip screaming in the background)
Sport coach: Well looks like the blue team
won! (chip screaming in the background)
Sport coach: Good job everybody! Another thing that’s happened throughout my
whole life was falling down the stairs at my Mum’s
house. I swear those are the smallest stairs with
the slippiest carpet in the world. There’s a railing but it’s not fixed into
the wall properly so not even that will save you. I’ve fallen down those stairs so many times that it doesn’t even hurt anymore. When I say those stairs are small I mean they’re
SMALL Like my foot doesn’t even fit on one step and I
have small feet. So what I started doing.. was going down sideways. That fixed the problem! But…now I can’t walk down stairs forwards
anymore. My room was upstairs right, so I ended up going down those stairs sideways
so many times that I’ve become conditioned to walk down
ALL stairs sideways. I only noticed it this year when a friend
pointed it out, and it’s so hard to break the habit. I can’t walk down stairs “normally” without
going super slow and it’s kind of embarrassing. But I’ll get there someday. Someday I won’t have to walk down stairs like
a crab! So luckily I never had any bad injuries only dumb ones. If you have any dumb injury stories of your
own please write them in the comments reading your stories is my favourite part
of making videos like this! Please consider leaving a like if you enjoy
my videos and be careful when you go down the stairs!

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  1. I know my dad's house at my dad's house there stairs are so small like my foot won't be down there so my feet can fit on that my phone is has my mom's I like I like I fall down them when I climb it's easy to climb up because I climb up going inwards and outwards I climb up and I crawl up this is like I literally go up the stairs like a dog because that's what I do but I can't go down the stairs like a. Otherwise I'm seriously heart just as regularly like me like a normal person and I like this so small at my foot can fit on them and I just fall over all the time they suck

  2. It was windy and dust went into my eyes so I decided to rub it then about 20 seconds later someone threw a netball at my face but because my hand was there it just hit my hand.

    On Christmas Eve I was cleaning up and someone spilt water on the tiles then I fell over and fractured my arm.

    Someone headbutted me so hard I had to go to the emergency room although I didn't fracture anything.

    Also one-time someone kicked me in the face…

  3. I had a really bad injury in school it was in first grade this girl sharpened her pencil and she was put the eraser on her body so she won’t pock her self but when I was passing bye the pencil stabbed my hand in the middle of my hand it was in the center of my hand but the pencil dug in my skin and I was bleeding my teacher didn’t care she said go get some bandages wow she did not care wow

  4. I tried to get a game form a high shelf while balancing on a ball. The corner on the small wood table next to me pulled up meat. It didn't hurt a lot though.

  5. I don’t remember how, but I remember going to bed once when I was like 5 and my entire elbow cap was hanging on by like 20 threads, I pull on it because I’m a child, then there’s 3 left, don’t remember what else happened tho.. sorry to post this a year late too XD

  6. If you mean stupid I was blowing through one of those long trumpets and it was at a pool party and my friends were there and we got an exercise ball and kicked it around and it managed to go straight into the trumpet pushing it back and making an adult tooth fall out

  7. Before dodgeball got banned in my school i was the same way as u, can dodge but cant throw, it came down to me i call him ‘hisname’ the extreme cause he ALWAYS threw harder then everyone else (he’s very athletic) and im dodging and hes getting very angry and so he throws the ball harder-there were tables behind my team it was just me vs two other guys and both of them attacking i cant throw or catch so i hid behind the table—finally the gym teach had stopped it cause the other team already had more ppl xD

    Now i look back and cringe. (It was only a year or so ago)

  8. Just tell me if this is a story had a stool throat on myI made my pinky toe in the store next to admit between bleed but I broke my big toe that is stupid

  9. Mine weren't so dumb but boy were they painful such as braking my left arm in first grade and getting hit in the (clears throat) with a dodge ball and being launched off a sled and on my head I'm still surprised I didn't break my neck

  10. Fractured a toe trying to hug my cousin

    I didn’t have shoes on he did and I stopped moving but he didn’t and his foot went under then up at Mach speed this fracturing my pinky toe

  11. Honestly, i'm surprised i am even alive at this point in my life. To say i was accident prone as a kid (and still am as an adult but less so cus i'm almost smart enough to avoid the bad stuff happening) is an understatement. It was more along the lines of Murphy's Law incarnate. I've almost drown when i dove into a lake to try and get a wiffle ball bat when i didn't know how to swim, I was almost struck by lightning because i loved playing out in the lightning storms that texas has. Had my leg sliced open because i thought it would be a smart idea to stick my leg out into a thorn bush while riding on my step brothers motorcycle (as a passenger). My whole point being it actually baffles me that i am even still alive. Hell even recent times (by recent i mean about 9 years ago) I managed to break both my arms at the same time because i tripped and suddenly found my face rapidly approaching the floor, with the only solution i could think of being get in the push up position.

    TL;DR i am basically pure bad luck, and even worse choices.

  12. As a kid in second grade I was playing in the break.I was walking on big stones (sit stones) and then I slipped off an my forhead hit the stone. At first I thought hm its nothing … but then as I was walking to the toilet I looked at my hand and it was all boody a girl saw me and said oh no I get you to the teacher I at the moment didnt know what was happening and than the teacher said I get you to the (co-) principal so as I was walking to the principal everyone was staring at me and at the principal she was asking me Questions and I Answerd Yes or now and the Question what happend scared me so I lyed and said someone way standing behind me and was tapping on my shoulder and than I fell and 1 Week later the Principal was wallking into every class and asking if someones has seen me and the other guy it was soo weard 🤣🤣

  13. Here's a dumb story for you. Me and my cousin were headed to his birthday party at his place on our bikes. I get the brilliant idea to play chicken…. *WITH AN INANIMATE, UNLOVABLE OBJECT*! Needless to say, I realized at the last second that it was a bad idea, tried to swerve, and went nutsack first into the metal pole. Screaming in pain for 10 minutes, my cousin, who's a male as well, asked ok. In a high pitched voice, I said yeah, and limped the rest of the way to the party. Needless to say, DON'T DO DUMB SHIT!

  14. My brother threw a plastic folder at my face and now I have a scar across my cheek, but I got him back by shoving him into a corner of the wall and giving him a golf ball size bump on his head

  15. Back when I was about 4-5, I was at the grocery story, and we were eating food there (donuts if you were wondering lol)
    anyway, you know how people say don't tip back in chairs..? Well, mix that with a hard floor and you have a 6 year old screaming on the floor blood gushing everywhere, and eating a free donut from one of the managers. (stonks)

    Got about 3 stitches in my head, and I still tip back too far in my chair from time to time, most recent one being two weeks ago
    Moral of the story: injure yourself for free food. (No, Im kidding, dont)

  16. I know this is late. But my dumbest story. I was around 9 years old. And I wanted to play with a skateboard my step-grandma had at her house from HER kids. So I couldn't actually board. I got the bright idea to plant my rear on it and scoot along. I got distracted though and missed seeing the broken concrete ahead of me and fell FACE FIRST into jagged broken concrete. I had to have 10 stitches in my cheek and had to go to 2 hospitals. The first ER room had us waiting for an HOUR cause of a car crash coming in. Then we went to the second one to get me put back together.

  17. One day I was at free time in school I was playing theater ball and I pulled a muscle in my arm this happened last week ;3

  18. Anyways, That happened when I was 7, 6 or something.
    Me and my friend at school were uh racing at the halls
    He suddenly stopped and I was keep running and I thought I was winning (I was running really fast)
    ..someone opened the door and I slammed my forehead into hurt so bad, my worst injury so far.

  19. I one time fell down two flights of stairs…….Except I was walking up the stairs…….so……I fell down both sets and got rug burn all up my back from the carpet

  20. i hit my toe in the edge of the wooden door then the edge of my phone fall over me then got an sprain
    after accidentally skipped the step of a stair then after that i can still run then tommorow all the pain of the sprain started to hit me after that im so curious i intentionally stepped on hundreds of lego pieces i said that time "hmp it doesn't feel anything" then all the pain hit me at this time i said "AAAHHHHHHHH"
    from now on i regret doing that ever again.

  21. One time when I was really young me and my brother had a stupid toy box, and by stupid I mean it would legit just drop the lid whenever it felt like not being open. So me and my brother were going to play with toys and then when I grabbed my toy I kept my hand on the edge of the toy box so I could get up and then the lid slammed on my hand and ended up breaking my middle finger so I had to go to my mom and tell that my finger hurt really bad (by the way I was too young to know what the middle finger meant) and accidentally flipped my mom off

  22. My face was wet, cold and stinging.


    Well I broke my arm and wrist by jumping off a sofa…
    Straight onto the floor.

    I think it happened when I was 4/5

    Also I dislocated my thumb by letting the fridge door slam into it so my thumb bent backwards… ugh

  23. my 2 worst iknjuries where me falling down aslide with the back on a stone ground and the other one happened when i got a scooter in kindergarden and someone else was faster than me with a scooter but then i tried to be faster but then i was to fast and scrached mah leg,well all other injuries arent that worse

  24. Me, a roller girl : skating REAALL fast
    Tiny pebble: imma ruin this girl’s wholee day
    Me: wham, bam, slam, no thanks ma’am!

  25. I was walking normally and somehow i slipped and fell on my butt, my feet didn't even touch the ground after slip but i broke my feet. Idk how but because of this i had to climb 3 different stairs everyday for a month on my right leg, jumping. It felt like hell

  26. Everybody else: Serious injuries like breaking body parts.

    Me: Has scratched arms brusied legs and huge scar on face- Welp, I'm fine

  27. Fell out of a tree and “greensticked” my arm. Avoided screws by some unknown miracle, if my pain tolerance wasn’t as high as it is, I think people would’ve believed WW2 had started again with my “air-raid cry”. (As described by my compatriots.)

  28. I was running, then I fell. Guess what was there to greet me…

    L E G O S.

    I scraped me knee f a s t on the sharp bit of some bricks and it stung like crazy for a bit.

  29. Number 15: one of my worst childhood injuries was getting the big cooties and had to get 917,274,784,049,263 shots to get cured

  30. That time I almost killed myself like a jerk doing welles on my bike.and the steering wheel came out and broke a my rib. what a ride 🚲 💨

  31. my first school was a TORTURE cuz i was been getting bullied a LOT and it gave depression and scuicide thoughts luckly i have transfered to a new school wich was a school for kids that hawe phisical and mental problems and i love it and go there ti'll this day and i do not regret this decision(btw im from poland and also make youtube videos)

  32. I was 8 and I was on my trampoline with my dad he double bounced me and i flew really high but didn’t break anything (luckily)

  33. I was cutting up a log that was laying on the ground and my right leg was on that log to stabilize it. The chainsaw got pinched. I revved it while pulling it out and I caught the chainsaw on my thigh right above my knee cap. I got really lucky the it didn’t hit my knee and I still have a massive scar. Be careful kids, chainsaws are very dangerous.

  34. Two times Me and my friends were playing soccer and there’s a kid that I know that is literally the size of a teenager and two times have I been hit in the crotch by a soccer ball and both times I was playing goalie

  35. I'm the champ of the injury game and not so proud of it lol. The worst I got was fracturing my skull as a result of being hit by a car when crossing a intersection with the right of way, but a car didnt yield on the blind corner. I fractured my skull off the concrete and was out cold. The person who hit me left the scene of the accident while I was laying in the middle of a busy street with everyone driving by without out stopping. I was in a week long sedated coma while on life support because I only had 20% rate of survival. I now suffer from some brain damage, have so.e memory issues, my vision went bad a bit in one eye, and completely lost my smell/taste. The skull is fully healed, but the brain damage is with me for life. I dont let it slow me down though, made me realize how precious time actually is.

  36. I ran into a branch while chasing a cat (friendly chase, I just wanted to pet them). But wait. I dind't ran in this branch and hit it in it's lengh…noooo. I ran it the TIP of the branch (wich was luckily cut, so it was pointy). I took it in the eye. I dunno I was maybe five at the time? Never chased a cat under trees after that XD

  37. I got oofer ganged when I was in 1st grade and I ran really fast in the playground and I tripped. My elbow got scraped really bad and I sti have the scar to this day.

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