Neck Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises  – Ask Doctor Jo

Neck Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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  1. lol aha ha ha superb dogy men…n this exercise helps me in pinched nerves..doc u r great..😘 wonder super personality..I LIKE U..outfit n all set cutest

  2. great video…I have a question.
    what are some exercise I can do for relax my shoulders? I notice I always have my traps shrugged all the time. they are very sore.

  3. I have been very stressed lately and my neck has been extremely tight. These stretches feel really good however I am experiencing some nausea with them. Any tips or suggestions?

  4. Hey Doc,

    I am a Martial artist and got a hit in my skull, during exercise I fell off from 7 feet direct on head.

    I did completed the medical course and still taking medicines. I also worked on physiotherapy and it worked a little for me.

    I love what you are doing. This is what we call humanity and you are actually curing someone's pain.

    The exercises worked for me and I will do them regularly which you have told.

    Thank you so much. I appreciate if you can also tell how to cure pain in the back 2 lobes of lower skull where neck and skull meet. I have pain there.

    God bless you.

  5. These really seemed to help my neck, thank you! I typically have issues with my neck that cause me to throw up from the tension, and feels like a burning at the base of my neck. My doctor advised neck stretches, but never said what caused the burn.

  6. Hello Dr. I am Omar from Iraq Communications engineer and Taekwondo player I have pain in the paragraphs cause me dizziness and nausea I went to the doctor told me I have spastic muscle in the paragraphs strongly What advise me
    I'm worried about having a svan or sliding.

  7. As simply as those stretchers are they are a lot of work. Thanks. My physiotherapist actually uses most of these with me

  8. Its second time I m writing u , previously u helped me in back pain and now u helped me in Neck sprain. I must say that you are doing great job, lots of Good wishes from India. Thank you so much and keep doing great job. And thank you for making us feel safe in trouble situations.

  9. Thank you for helping us. Kindly I would like to know how to fix bad posture because setting on desk all the day, which develop poor posture for the neck &aback & how much does it take. .Thanks

  10. Thank you so much! I have tension headaches on a regular basis that turns into migraines from my neck pain. Have been to the chiropractor and been told I damaged my neck somewhere down the line. So from over working and sleeping weird my neck will go out on me very easily. These exercises releases all pain and tension. I cannot do anything when I have this pain because you can’t even hold your head up. Doing these stretches made me feel like a new woman.

  11. OmG yes Doc you called out the muscles that have been aching me for months now. I honestly feel relief πŸ’“

  12. My neck was getting sore and "crunchy" because I have a bad back and have to do my work laying down. These exercise made my neck feel much better. Thank you!

  13. When I do the isometric pushing on my forehead it really hurts on the back of my neck. If I go back and redo the first three the pain goes away. i guess maybe I should just not do that one. Problem is it is the same place that hurts after awhile when I ride my bicycle or motorcycle–as I have to hold my head up some.

  14. DoctorJo Do you have any suggestions for what i can do for Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome? I know how I did it (I think) but have no idea how to treat it or minimize the pain.

  15. Dr. Jo, These exercises really help me. I do them each morning and find quite a lot of relief. However with that said my neck and shoulder are not getting any better. I've tried slightly different sleeping positions but have not had any success in improving. It is primarily my right side that hurts, also have dome should probs on that side that often have a tingling sensation that runs down into my right hand. Suggestions?

  16. I'm traveling now and have the worst neck pain ever! I even bought ibuprofen (i never take meds!). This video was a life saver! I feel tons better now! Thanks doc!

  17. Dr. Jo I do these streches for my poor old neck and shoulder everyday. I also use one of the inflatable neck collars on the advice of my pain clinic doctor. It seems to be of some help (although it increases the tingling and numbness down my right arm into my hand, thumb and fore finger).. In any case I do each of them twice a day and wonder which one you suggest I do first. Thank you for all you do, you have made my quality of life better!

  18. Doctor Jo, thanks for the video. I was experiencing bad neck pain for about a month before I came across your video. I have been doing the exercises daily and it is amazing how quickly it has helped with the pain. I appreciate it!

  19. works. As a pianist, neck pain and spasms can develop over time. My doctor just wanted to put me on drugs. These exercises worked well. Felt relief from day one and better over the last three days. I am just going to keep doing them every day. Thanks.

  20. This helped right away. My neck is out of place on the right side, and it hurt to turn that way, and to look down. I tweaked it the other day while working on something, and this definitely helped relieve the pain and relax those tight muscles a bit. This help right away.

    Update. I did this a few time throughout the night, and it relaxed my neck muscles enough for me to adjust my neck, and pop it back into place. I couldn't get my head to turn far enough to get that good pop before, but doing these stretches a few times over the last 7 hours, and it totally loosened things up enough to relieve some tension, and I got the good pop, and it helped so so much.

  21. Hi Dr Jo, My neck is doing better but what is killing me now is the pain that runs down from my shoulder to my hand, primarily my thumb and forefinger going numb and tingling, the biggest problem is when I ride my bike my bicep gets so it hurts so bad I have to quit. Any suggestions? HELP.

  22. THANK YOU DR. Jo I've been in so much neck pain and tension for at least six days now nothing was working. After watching your video and applying the streches; I feel 200% better. I Thank God for You β˜πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ½β˜πŸΎπŸ˜πŸ’―
    PS I LOVE your dog😍🐾🐾🐾🐾

  23. Hi doctor

    I'm only 11 but I had neck pain for more than a year and a half that now I'm very uncomfortable sleeping it hurts so bad please help

  24. Hello Doctor Jo, I have chronic neck pain for all my life and MRI couldn't tell what is the problem, I've tried physiotherapy and it hasn't helped as well.
    I've been practicing parts from your lessons, especially with resistance bands for 3 days 3 times a day and I can tell it's feels better now.
    * 10 Best Neck Pain Relief Stretches.
    * 10 Best Neck Exercises for Neck Pain Relief.
    * Neck pain relief Stretches
    * Neck pain relief Stretches & Exercises.

    I'll update again πŸ‘
    Thank you.

  25. I'm only 12 and I have had some very bad neck pain on my left side. Do you have another helpful vids about it or any advice. I have a netball game on Saturday and I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the vid.

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