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  1. Ugh plantar fasciitis is awful! I have it in both feet from super high arches. I ended up getting surgery for it on my left foot a few years ago. They cut half of the plantar fascia ligament so it would heal with more slack. It worked great but I've been putting off my right foot because the healing was really rough

  2. I have had a pair of these in the pink color and they are fantastic for things like grocery shopping and walking around the house when you've stressed your feet too much. I an flat footed so just stepping wrong can sometimes throw me into pain and sometimes it takes running or a huge shopping spree to hurt my feet but these shoes were fantastic. I want another pair in a less bright color, they are worth every penny.

  3. Oofos Are "Fabulous" ●♡●
    Going back for a 2nd pair…..

    I suffer with painful feet problems (Plantar Fasciitis, Morton Neuroma and falling Arches).

    Oofos are the only footwear that gives my feet a relaxed feeling. Super lite weight….simple and easy to wear.

    Try them with a pair of Socks in the Winter…..You will love them ☆

  4. Did you ever think maybe you could go down a size given the extra room around the toes? That's my dilemma, but they're a dream to step into – SO comfy!

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