TC3 First Aid | 8th Regiment, Advanced Camp 2019

TC3 First Aid | 8th Regiment, Advanced Camp 2019

Today cadet summer training 8th regiment, Advance Camp Cadets learn the importance of first aid. Today the cadets will be conducting TC3 also known as technical combat casualty care where they are Evaluating casualties under enemy fire and understanding how that process works to save a soldier on the battlefield. As a leader, I think […]

The Best Value In Infection Control, First Aid and Compliance Products

With each new day a talented team of individuals is brought together to achieve a unified objective. To manufacture package and distribute all across the United States and internationally. The best value in infection control, first-aid, and compliance products. From infection control products such as OSHA biohazard spill cleanup kits and fluid control solidifiers to […]

First Aid on the Streets, Ep. 1: CPR

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive” I might be a professional comedian but there’s nothing funny about providing first aid care That’s why I became a certified first aid instructor with the Canadian Red Cross and I’m headed to the streets to find out what […]

How to Slow Down Your Breathing for Anxiety Attack Relief

– Hey, everybody, Dr. Siobhan France here, physical therapist from And in today’s video, I’m gonna be sharing with you how to slow down the rate of your breathing if you’re having an anxiety attack. So for the best advice on finding joy, happiness, minimizing stress while dealing with anxiety, then make sure to […]

Hoagland Makes A Beer Run

Hoagland Makes A Beer Run

~ Hoagland, turn this stuff down. ~ Leave it alone! I like that damn song! What are you doing? You going to the Hank concert this weekend? Ah, hell. I… Are you going? ~ Yeah, I got my ticket. ~ Now, I’ll tell you what, Kid. The best concert I ever seen was Hank Williams, […]

Foodborne Illness: What Problem?

*Telephone rings* State Epidemiology, how can I help you? You had a party this weekend and 40 people who were at your party are now ill? While we have all seen the large food recalls of contaminated food or the latest outbreak of foodborne illness on the news, we usually don’t think getting sick can […]

Epidural Anesthesia: Safe, Effective Pain Relief During Labor

[ Music ]>>Hello, my name is Dr. Ellen Steinberg and I’m the director of obstetric anesthesia here at Stony Brook University Hospital. I am proud to present you this educational video about epidural anesthesia created by some of our residents. The obstetric anesthesia team is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and […]