Patching a hole in my Ghost Whisperer! How to repair torn technical fabrics with Tenacious tape!

Patching a hole in my Ghost Whisperer! How to repair torn technical fabrics with Tenacious tape!

you know how things tend to happen at
the most inopportune times and you’re least expecting it right well outside
playing with the dogs and I got my Ghost Whisperer when wanda jumped up and her
claws snagged on my jacket we ripped a hole in it so let’s go inside we’re back
inside I’m gonna get this jacket fixed up you guys are new to my channel my
name is Madi welcome to Madi Oh doors I challenge all about hiking and
backpacking I’m in a hammock camping I’m Canadian I go to some wicked places in
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well let’s get into it let’s get this hold my jacket fake stuff cuz this is
driving me nuts first thing I’m gonna take my jacket off a little close up a
lovely hole that Wanda has caused in my jacket
awesome so first thing I’m gonna do is I want to get that down pushed back inside
before I actually patch it so what I’m going to use is I’m just gonna use one
of my titanium Sheppard hook tent stakes this is honestly this is how I have
fixed my jacket in the field a couple times I’ve had issues like this before
happened so I’m just gonna use that to basically just to push the down inside
kind of like I’m trying to push it in away from the hole so that when I put
the patch on the patch is gonna stick to the fabric and not the down all right
you got that now we grab our tenacious tape and to fix up my jacket we’re gonna
use gear aid tenacious tape this is the clear version this stuff is basically
just uh it’s kind of just an all-purpose nylon repair tape works really good for
any of your technical fabrics you pick this stuff up on Amazon whatever I’ll
put some links in the description down below for you guys so what I’m gonna do
it’s basically gonna take this cut off a square we’re gonna patch a jacket with
that there’s a little square tenacious tape let’s get the jacket out past this
alright so we got the jacket down and if you can see a little hole is right here
and also will tough to see in the black fabric button so we’ve got all the down pushed inside
it’s all I’m going to do is take my little strip of tenacious tape peel the
backing piece off literally just slap this guy right over top of that hole
press it on there there it is it is new now you can see it when it’s up close
but like honestly to me I personally don’t really care this is a backpacking
jacket I mean I wear this thing I would devote all the time but I personally
don’t care if there’s patches on it I know if you really really wanted to and
you really cared you could trim up the edges on this and make it a nicer little
patch but I have found in my experience having a little bit more surface area on
the outside of the hole helps this stuff stay on more I have had this stuff peel
off if you don’t have enough covering the hole I know some people like to cut
this out like it’s just like a perfect little circle to cover the hole with
like you know a millimeter of coverage around the edge and it looks nice but it
does not hold so you want to make sure you’ve got enough coverage on the
outside of this thing so there it is guys and gals patching up technical
fabrics it’s how I pack up my Ghost Whisperer
jacket I mean you guys see the sleeves on this thing I got a couple patches all
over the place I have I blown holes in this thing a couple times over the years
it happens this tenacious tape stuff also fantastic for patching any of your
technical fabrics it’s good for patching up packs I mean I know you can patch
hammocks and stuff with this kind of with this stuff I know people patch
tarps with this this stuff is fantastic to have in my first-aid kit I carry a
little chunk of this that’s about that long you know like a little I don’t know
but 3×3 kind of square of this stuff just for if I have any field repairs to
do and then this is just the leftover that I keep it home for doing any kind
of patches I can do at home so uh I’ll put a link in the description box down
below for you guys if you guys are interested in grabbing some tenacious
tape for yourself I do highly recommend it it’s super cheap super effective like
the the patch on this jacket alone is gonna last longer than the jacket
material itself so you know if you guys are worried about picking up some of
these higher-end jackets with the the more delicate UL fabrics grab yourself a
little bit of tenacious tape know you’re gonna be able to patch it
sleeping bags jack is packs whatever you need to with this stuff fantastic to
have so if you guys thought if you guys found value in this video a special
thumbs up let me know you have any questions put them in the comment
section down below I would love to help you guys out if I can and there’s always
guys I Hammadi thank you guys so much for watching and you guys know that I
will see you guys on the next one

6 thoughts on “Patching a hole in my Ghost Whisperer! How to repair torn technical fabrics with Tenacious tape!”

  1. I got a hole in my GW for the first time in years, but mine was melted due to being too close to my stove. I put a clear patch on that I rounded the corners on. Its holding up good so far.

  2. Wanda, if you weren’t so beautiful I’d be upset with you for ripping Matt’s jacket. Great tutorial, my friend!

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