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  1. The first thing I ever wrote was called Brane to Brane
    I thought it would be understandable by anyone willing to spend a few minutes that it took to read
    I wrote it with expectation of clearing up some the harder parts of string theory
    I could nothae been more wrong
    The most common comment made was
    " You missed spelled brain"
    The failure was my fault for over estimating people interest in parts of physics that needs a lot of abstract thought
    Until you put yourself outer to the public it's hard to describe how it feels
    People might choose to attack your whole premise or even go after your level of intellect from mistakes or precieved errors in grammar and spelling
    The clever attacker will write condescending reviewed of what you have written with facts that are clearly the results hasty google search
    These comments end usually with a benevolent overtures like " keep at it your really close " or don't be too hard on yourself even Einstein made mistakes
    What I could understand was people like this would always slap a like on what I had written
    Then it hit me once they like it would go into their feed
    So if someone they knew read what I wrote then happened to.venture into the comments section
    Then there's a chance they might read the comments they had left
    I still answer as many comments as I can but have found that corresponding with this type of commenter is impossible
    I carefully read the comments to either fix my mistakes or to clarify what I have written in the hope of helping people to understand the meaning of what I have written
    Plus the comments comments positive, negative, and the mistakes I have made in expressing my thoughts and ideas are invaluable writing tool
    Interaction with commemtors has made me a much clearer and more understandable writer
    I wrote all of this to say what Nietzsche made famous
    Dave humes I understand you

  2. As a practicing stoic, I would have to disagree that emotion is more important than logic and reason. If one constantly does whatever his feelings tell him to do, what difference is there between this person and common animals? If you chase after pleasure, you'd never be truly satisfied because once you get it, you'd want to experience even more pleasure. This is called hedonic adaptation.

  3. The 'Smart' People aren't The Brightest, as everyone, Intelligent and Dumb alike, form opinions and establish their dogma on their eagerness to believe in pleasant things; But the ones that rise to the prominence of the Orthodoxy are the Clever ones that create irrefutable arguments that their beliefs are true.

  4. Descartes contradicted Aristotle, Hume contradicted Descartes and Kant contradicted everyone including himself.

  5. That’s why the left are collapsing, fact don’t care about feelings.
    Hume “God’s aren’t logical, but my feelings are…” sounds like a typical lefty

  6. Both the girls and especially their hair are so damn lovely and beautiful in the third picture, starting from the left, at 9:01

  7. How is it that people who are religious believing in it for its sole utility value? most of the conflicts in the world comes from religion, which means they're either psychopaths or idiots to perceive it as a guide for achieving good life.

  8. I know I am ignorant. I would like to make that point now. Not in the sense of rudeness, but in the sense of the intended meaning of the word. As in not having knowledge of; beliefs unfounded in reason on the basis of pure speculation or idea.

    However. I would still like to share my views. Descartes philosophy is in my humble opinion great. His idea of a rational world is in my opinion an enticing fantasy, yet I believe that's all that it is. Those who claim to be fans of Descartes, fine, but those who claim to be students of Descartes teachings. Almost certainly in my experience, No. Of course I do not have a large range of experience with such people. Yet they are I emphasise Almost, almost always wrong. We may enjoy the idea of being a student of Descartes teachings, yet hume is right in my opinion. That we are based on feeling, and only the rare exception can be said to be more grounded in rationality than feeling. Is Descartes way of living in my opinion a better way of living, Yes. Will it ever come to pass. Almost definitely Not. Humans are simply to naive and entranced in our own feeling to bother with reason to the extent of being considered truly rational.

    Once again this is my opinion feel free to comment.

  9. Actually, wasn't the philosopher that stood for common sense his contemporary and interlocutor, Thomas Reid?

  10. "One should not assume the philosophy of David Hume
    Is nothing more then a subjective conclusion" – Canibus

  11. After watching a few of these videos, I am starting to feel a sense of kinship towards these philosophers. Rather many of them it seems has a disdain for the institution of education (Professors, standardized education), and the idea that one should think "differently" about things, than the current norm dictates.

  12. Why would you have an interpretation of Hume with a lack of discussion of his contributions of empiricism? Seems to miss the point.

  13. WARNING Do not read Hume's Treatise on Human Nature!
    I don't know how I managed to finish this book, as I only understood two paragraphs.

  14. 6:27 Sounds a lot like Quantum Theory. Observation changes the outcome so to speak. The self then is undefinable but rather a bundle of possibilities…

  15. Hume was the man. I love how he was smart AF and still chose to live among the people and did so happily. His last days are so inspirational. Now that’s a philosopher to follow 💕💕💕

  16. Absolute bullshit. Hume was an agnostic atheist, NOT a damn theist. Get your head out of your ass, Botton.

  17. In a way Hume predicated my independent thought, and he pre-affirmed it, that all great philosophers, including those in academic settings in professional positions of all times, have been high-functioning autism sufferers. (Explains why they were each men and not women… women are less prone to acquire this disease, for one reason or another.) From Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, to Descartes and Kant, to Marx and Schwirtzenwurtberger. Hume started out that way, too, maybe yes, maybe no, but in mid-stream he recognized his own humanity. He is my Hero.

  18. "The madness in striving always for rationality is the effect of the highly intelligent yet autistic mind's incapacity to understand, feel, and empathize in a most basic human way."

  19. Clearly rubbish! They explicitly mentioned chicken as a Hume favorite and then clearly displayed a picture of a turkey! Other than that… Bravo! Then again that could be an oven stuffer roaster and I'm a complete moron. Or I could just be a complete moron, poultry notwithstanding.

  20. Laugh clown laugh. Though your heart is breaking, a smile still comes shining through, if you only laugh.

  21. all philosophy is in its infancy…we are merely in the machine age…we don't think about it much but it's the machine age as opposed to the stone age.

  22. Finally a famous Western philosopher who seemed to live well. I often feel like most great western philosophers undermine the validity of their ideas by being jerks, Nazis, emotional wreks, sexually unhealthy, or people I wouldn't trust to be around children. This guy reminds me of Plato, a master, not only of intellectual gymnastics, but of living.

  23. “So convenient a thing to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for every thing one has a mind to do.” – Benjamin Franklin

  24. How do you not have a francis bacon episode. Please do one. There's literally 0 good videos on him on YouTube. You could be the first.

  25. Hume made a devastating critique of the concept "cause", arguing that we never catch a "cause" in the act, like a brick flying through a window, we say that the flying brick "caused" the window to shatter, but all we perceive is a process, a one-after-another, and nowhere in the whole process, from the motivation of the thrower of the brick, to the brick's flight, to the brick emerging at the other side of the window, do we catch anything at any one moment that is a substantive "cause".

  26. Reminds me of Hillary's main message when trying to become President: "Vote for me because men are meanies and I have a vagina."

  27. Everything always boils down to the education system. We actually live in a society modeled after David Hume's ideas. No better example of this is there than the Mainstream Media: Everything caters exclusively to human feelings, and cravings. But Hume was 100% right about "God". There is none.

  28. What a pity he didn’t come across the works of the Buddha. – he would have saved himself a great deal of time and may have developed even greater insight into what we are as humans.

  29. Sorry, Hume wasn’t a Theist, he was a Deist. Theists believe in a god or gods who intervenes in human endeavors. Deists believe a god might exist but it does not intervene and has no interest in human affairs, he/she/it would just have been the creator of the universe.

  30. The problem with his philosophy is that it’s hard to implement a government with it because in politics goodness doesn’t equate to economic success that’s why socialism never works and I think the way our colleges are being destroyed is a great example of how it can’t work in education because it creates emotional people and never matures the youth they put morality first and fail over and over

  31. I can absorb this information so much better by just listening. The visuals are fun but entirely distracting from the actual content.

  32. So wait, Hume made a rational argument about religion that it's pointless and foolish to make a rational argument about religion?

  33. Hume believed in public intellectuals. had to excite attachment to ideas, wisdom and insight. if they succeeded, they would have the money to eat.
    The danger is, to appeal to the masses in order to eat rather than to educate…
    The masses could hold a bad belief, where intellectuals publish in order to eat over educating

  34. The first philosopher I can actually agree with, because he understood that people must be manipulated through their emotions in order to get them to use reason.

  35. I feel this….. control and manipulation of logic is way easier than control and separation from one's emotions

    Edit: I really resonate with the bit about how so often logical and well reasoned people are assholes because for me the more i learned the nicer I was to other people…..it honestly blows my mind how extremely smart people can be so apathetic I've kinda come to the conclusion that being an asshole is actually a lack of intelligence in atleast one form or another

  36. But for rational thinking Homo sapiens would not have survived the Pleistocene. Emotions are a luxury to be indulged only after the belly is full.

  37. I'm disturbed you didn't mention anything about his work on the scientific method, which he apparently applied liberally to his own work. That work was of monumental importance to philosophers following him. as he established the true limits of science: where you can experience. Didn't you read that far? Or did you think, like most philosophers, that it should be hidden? Or that it's too embarrassing for them.

  38. that we never truly grasp self and need only be aware of perception, as Hume discovered, also happens to be what Buddha realized.

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