SOLVED – How to Fix macOS Sierra can’t be Verified | Corrupted or Damaged during Downloading

SOLVED – How to Fix macOS Sierra can’t be Verified | Corrupted or Damaged during Downloading

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps today I am going to share with you MacBook Pro or any macbook computer if you are trying to install your OS X 10.10 Yosemite or any other mountain loin or a leopard snow leopard or maverick and you’re trying to install it and you are getting error as soon as you plug in your bootable USB to your computer and it started installing it and it just gets a stop to right in the middle so I wanted to share with you in easy steps how you can fix it because the right now it’s telling me that the application cannot be verified and it’s a may be corrupted or damaged during the downloading but I know that a USB bootable device is working perfectly fine so what could be the problem I am going to show to you what I’m seeing it and how you can fix it in easy steps let’s get started MacBook Pro I try to install it and this is the one I am getting this copy of the Install OS X Yosemite application cannot be verified it may have been corrupted or tampered with or during the downloading it’s really frustrating very irritating if you don’t know how to fix it so what causes this problem the reason is very simple it could be your battery gone bad or your battery’s not working good or you took the battery out your computer goes back to the reset mode and it picks up the previous date as your computer picks up the old date and keeps in a memory and you try to install the new operating system and it try to verify and it does match and then it says it’s corrupted or it’s damage I’m going to share with you if you follow me I’m going to open up the terminal command and I’m going to set the date so you go in utility and the open terminal command once the terminal command open I’m going to write it down date it tells me the date back 2001 so how are we going to fix it you’re going to enter date space then the month which is today date 328 and the time the time is 153 0153 and the year which is 2015 so we going to put 15 I am going to enter return as soon as I hit enter it says a Saturday March 28 153 and Year 2015 now I am going to exit from here once you close the window we going to quit the terminal and now we are back into our window now I’m going to say continue i’m going to continue again agree agree again we’re going to select our disk where to install it and now it’s going to start copying so now it’s saying preparing to install it will take a 7 or 6 minutes remaining and it will finish up so that’s how it’s easy to fix it but again if you don’t know then it’s a nightmare I really appreciate each one of you joining easy steps and I hope this tutorial will help out the headache you having not to able to do it and if you think this video help you out please make sure like subsribe and share I’m going to see you soon with the new things best of all easy steps thank you very much bye-bye

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  1. I am running Mac OS X 10.6.8 I couldn't change the time and date in terminal so i just changed it in time and date preferences and it's now working!!! Thank You Friend!! Today is June 30 2018 .

  2. hi, i have a macbbok 12 inch and no have usb port, when im install macos high sierra " -3001f" error, what i have to do? sometime i have a error APFS.

  3. When I tried to update to high Sierra edition the same problem happened but the massage is ( the additional component needed to install OS X can’ t be found)
    So how can I fix this problem?
    Best regards.

  4. Very useful tip. Thanks a lot for sharing this trick. I was trying to install the OS in a 2011 Imac HD with windows installed. With disk utility I created a new fresh partition and was having lots of problems to install OS. With you tip the installation moved forward and now the Imac is running El Captain flawlessly. Thanks again.

  5. I already backup my files to my portable hard drive. Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust time/date and forgot to insert bootable USB. When I tried to use your methods step by step, the following numbers won't work (010100002016, 0328015315, 110110532016, etc.) . 2 years ago, I'm successfully done my IMAC reformat. Today, the 2nd time of reformatting seems that I forgot it. is it possible to bring it back alive? What should I do? I feel panic, struggling and heart tearing-apart. Is there any easy solution other than this? Would you please reply it to me step by step.

  6. can you please help me, it's still not working. I have a 2010 MacBook air which came with Snow leopard. On September 10 I updated it to El Capitan, then on September 11 I factory reset or erased everything on my hard drive using recovery mode. Now when I try to reinstall OS X it keeps on giving me that error. I tried all the dates. But nothing so far..

  7. I just want to thank you so much, not only for making this but also for leaving this up. I was able to fix out macbook air easily with your help. THANK YOU. I will be sharing easy steps with my friends and subscribing. You are very kind. Thank you.

  8. Help me ….please I have formatted my 250gb SSD and try installing mac os x lion but downloading paused in installer log and says chunk 22of 449 not found & " chunk validation failed and keeps retrying" but nothing happens

  9. Hi sir.. When i try to enter my email add, it keeps saying that " there was an error connecting to the apple id server".. Pls help, thanks..

  10. Wasted 3 hours going the wrong ways trying to sort this problem until I stumbled upon this solution. Worked a dream for me … along with Reggie Buggs tip of date entry (put in 010100002016, regardless of today's date 121416322018). El Capitan now up and running! Thank you so much to Easy Steps (and Ronnie Buggs).

  11. DO NOT USE THE CURRENT DATE: when i used the current date it did not work but when i changed the year to 2015 it worked like a charm, here's the date I changed it to BTW (1220122315)

  12. Thanks! I thought it was a date/ time issue! I just put in date and the numbers instead of putting a space in there. Thanks!

  13. Terminal command "Date 0101000016" worked for me on Yosemite on a Fusion VM even in 2019. It also worked on a El Capitan on a physical imac in 2018. Strange but happy to find the answer. Thank you for a simple to follow video.

  14. Thank you so much for this video! Was very helpful was not sure how I was going to fix the Macbook. Problem solved in 2019! Many thanks!

  15. Thanks heaps! I just wasted an hour trying everything I could think of before searching and finding this video. I would have wasted so much more time trying to sort it out by recreating bootable USBs that would have kept failing – thank you so much.

  16. Thank You for such a well explained tutorial. I spent 3 days with Apple Care Support from the Phillipines and he could not help me out with this error. We tried downloading high sierra, sierra, el capitan and what not thinking it was corrupt.

    He asked me to take it to apple store and repair but out of luck i found this video and you have helped me save time and money to take it to Apple.

    Thank You Again Sir!

  17. Super helpful. Thank you! I had to tweak the date to run with single digit month, day and add 0 for time. 0505085019 and it worked!

  18. Thanks a ton! I bought an old 2011 macbook pro without a battery, and I couldn't manage to install any copy, this fixed the issue.

  19. I was installing El Captain. My date was correct. I rolled the date back about a month after El Captain release date and then it would work. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without this video. Thank you!!!!!! Much love.

  20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !
    You're the only person who describes the problem & solution really clearly which really helped me fix my Macbook.

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