The Best Value In Infection Control, First Aid and Compliance Products

With each new day a talented team of
individuals is brought together to achieve a unified objective. To
manufacture package and distribute all across the United States and
internationally. The best value in infection control, first-aid, and
compliance products. From infection control products such as OSHA biohazard
spill cleanup kits and fluid control solidifiers to first aid products
including ointments, gels, and sprays Safetec is able to accommodate our
customers ever-changing needs. We started in North Tonawanda, we quickly outgrew that. We built an 80,000 square foot building, and here we are now 11
years later completely full, remaining in the city and staying loyal to our
hometown. All of our products are manufactured in America at our local headquarters in Buffalo New York. With nearly 100 personnel in-house, our team strives to ensure quality, stability, and value in each and every product that is
manufactured and shipped. Our growth really comes from listening to our customers. We listen to what they’re looking for in the future and that’s
what we try to create. Because if we’re creating products that they want, then they’re gonna work with us they’re gonna buy it from us and we’re gonna have a
long-lasting relationship. Here at Safetec our “We Care” approach is
demonstrated in every department from the moment an order is taken. Through
manufacturing, quality control and packaging for final delivery. For over 22 years we built long lasting relationships and customer loyalty to
both the Safetec product line and private label products. We realize, we have the opportunity to help save lives every day, and heavily focus on
fulfilling standard EPA and FDA mandated regulations through our collaborative
actions. Our on-site chemists compliance specialists and our streamlined
processes allow Safetec to deliver superior products at an exceptional price. Our our in-house quality department is our first and last line of defense. They approve only the best raw materials, oversee that proper procedures
are performed and complete a final overall inspection of the packaged products. Following the three guidelines FDA, OSHA, and EPA, I think really leads
our customers to understand that because we do follow those in the U.S. they will
have peace of mind with our quality products when they receive them knowing they’re labeled properly and knowing their customers aren’t going to have any
FDA, EPA, or OSHA problems with our products. At Safetec our “We Care” philosophy is
built upon investing in state-of-the-art technology, efficient machinery, and
talented people to ensure the best solutions for our customers. We are delighted our customers have chosen Safetec products and are dedicated in their
ongoing loyalty. And that’s really the key to our success is the fact that you
know we care about our employees, they care about each other, they care about
the customer, and that helps us bring high level products and and long-term
relationships. To learn more about Safetec visit and find us on
YouTube and LinkedIn

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