The Chokeables: How to save a choking baby – St John Ambulance

PEN LID: Excuse me. Could we have your attention please? JELLY BABY: Babies are choking on innocent looking things like us and we’ve had enough. I’m a baby that chokes babies, such a tragic irony. JELLY BABY STARTS CHOKING PRINCESS: If your baby is choking, lay them face down on your thigh. Then one gives up to five back blows. PEN LID: If that doesn’t work, turn them over and give them up to 5 chest thrusts. JELLY BABY COUGHS OUT A PEANUT JELLY: …until the airway is clear. PEANUT: And if that still doesn’t work, call an ambulance. PEN LID: Now please, share this film with your human friends. We’re just small, miscellaneous objects… that’s all. PRINCESS: Ugh Speak for yourself dear, I own a castle

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