the REAL reason Itachi Uchiha Died – Itachi’s Secret illness Explained – Naruto & Boruto Theory

the REAL reason Itachi Uchiha Died – Itachi’s Secret illness Explained – Naruto & Boruto Theory

So we all know how the fight went down between Itachi Uchia and Saskue As well as the grand plan that Itachi had for sasuke for his emitiment death The truth is Itachi Uchia actually won the fight and he could have killed Sasuke if he wanted to But again, this was a scheme Itatchi wanted to happen in front of Sasuke for his benefit During the fight we could all notice the symptons and illness that E tat chi O Chi A had

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  1. yes Itachi absolutely won.. he planned the fight so he could remove Orochimaru from his body and he wanted to die in the hands of Sasuke to redeem himself… and yes Itachi is ill.. just a comment passing by 😊

  2. The bleeding in itachis eyes were caused by the use of the amaterasu Not the use of the mangekyou sharingan perse.The mangekyou everytime that is used brings the eyes towards darkness (Blindness) But it didnt cause bleeding in the eyes.

  3. Itachi didn't show signs of the disease in flashbacks, for example when Deidera joined the akatuki. It seemed relatively recent in his life.

  4. I personally believe these are symptoms of the Susanoo
    [Sorry if spelled]. Because when Sasuke used Susanoo he stated that his cell are deteriorating or something similar to that nature. The reason others didn't go through this is because he used it likely multiple times with normal Monkeygou Sharingon [not good at spelling these sorry] so he suffered this for so long. Why not Sasuke? well he didn't have these eyes as long as Itachi did. Then why not Kakashi? Well that was a one time gig. Everyone else well we don't know them as well as everyone else

  5. If his clan would not plan to do revolutionary movement or coup de ta, theyre still alive and itachi or shisui for sure would be the 5th hokage. But kishi did this kind of twist.

  6. It's not possible to determine the illness unless the creators said it themselves. We don't know if it was chronic or acute, and many symptoms mimic 100's of conditions.

  7. You missed one symptom- his fingernails. Now, it could be said that all Akatsuki wore fingernail polish just because it was part of the uniform, but I think Itachi was masking yet another symptom of his illness. It was a while back so I forgot what it was, but I found an illness that matched all his symptoms that also caused a problem with the sufferer's fingernails- discolored nails or nail beds, I think it was. I kinda wish I had written it down.

    But yeah, as a plot device I think Itachi's illness was a wise decision on Kishimoto's part too.

  8. Itachi committed suicide he wanted sasuke to end his torment he's been burdened so long and so early in life he just wanted sasuke to be strong enough to take down madara that's always been his goal

  9. Mannn he pushed the Itachi button…
    Someone has to payyyyy!!!!😢😢
    AMATERASU !!!!!!💥👁

    Its been a long time since his death, but i bet my man might be saying,
    "Even Dead, I am The Hero"

  10. Itachi died for Sasuke (i think) and probably he wanted Sasuke to prove he had killed a villain who had killed the Uchiha clan from Konoha. that IS my theory.

  11. Itachi was 2 strong to be alive. Obviously if I was the one ..i will do same on Itachi. Madara can't stand itachi without his sickness. I love Him..I wish 2 See him in Boruto

  12. If u think itachi is overpowered which he is u should see shisui he had to die cus if he didn’t he’d have the most perwerfulk eyes in the history of naruto

  13. His eye problems came from the over use of his visual jutsu as sasuke did witch cused the same problems so that part is debunked.

  14. Itachi was a true man. I really hate the anime weebs in my school who try to act “cool” like itachi and wishing they would get a chance to kill their family. They don’t get itachi DIDNT want to kill his family, it’s rlly fucking annoying how kids are trying to be the legend that was itachi

  15. He's evil & deadly like a Dracula in the Dark. Itachi didn't choose Darkness. The Darkness itself choose the Mighty Uchiha Itachi.

  16. So kakashi wasn't scared of Itachi but he was scared of orochimaru ?? But a healthy Itachi could give Madara a fight if not win? .. crazy

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