Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (1995) – Choppy Video in Windows 95 VirtualBox Guest

Sorry about not including a more user experience-oriented soundtrack. But I didn’t want to muddle the issue with extraneous information. Admittedly, this is the first actual 3D game I’ve tried with my Windows 95 VirtualBox guest (running in a Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit host). I’ve run Ripper, Daryl Gates’ Police Quest: SWAT, King’s Quest 7 and a couple other games in it and, barring some old-school IRQ/DOS-type configuration needs…they’ve all run beautifully. They are not actual 3D games, though… …and this is where the lack of so-called Glide support and perhaps other kinds of 3D game support factors in. But since I’m having a problem not just with the actual 3D portion of the game but with the 2D video playback I was hoping that by tackling the one…I might at the same time get some insight into how to deal with the other. “The Global C-C-C…krrrr…C-Computer Nets” I suppose I could have edited it down without the torture of the whole intro…but bear with me. “I appreciate ya.” “The M-M-Muh…money shot” Stay with me… Just going to load up the first tutorial “kill zone” environment… But, first…an options check to help the curious… I freely admit that checking the graphics quality of older games is a sketchy process…but I swear to you…they aren’t supposed to be THIS blocky and malformed. You can see what the sky is supposed to look like…as well as an idea of the textures for the environment. This is supposed to be a targeting reticle, not a brick on a plane of bricks… It’s the sky that really miffs me… :/ Apparently, hitting ‘delete’ changes your magazine…even though you’re full. In any case…that’s the state of things. The 2D video stutter issue and the blocky 3D graphics (that I totally expect out of the box with VirtualBox…they are very up-front about not supporting this use case). I’d love to hear your constructive feedback. I certainly can use the help. Our grandparents built bridges and went to the moon for kicks… …there’s got to be a way to make this work… First method: Identify the issue.

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