Top WWE Champion INJURED?! HUGE WWE Return For Summerslam?! WrestleTalk News July 2019

Top WWE Champion INJURED?! HUGE WWE Return For Summerslam?! WrestleTalk News July 2019

Bobby Lashley has a squash match, Viking Raiders
have a squash match, Cesaro has a squash match, and a janitor teams with Roman Reigns. And
Kofi Kingston is injured just days before Extreme Rules! Click the timestamps in the video description
to be taken to any of those stories right now! I am Chopper Pete Quinnell, filling in
for Oli as he’s on holiday, have yourself a superclick party by pressing the thumbs
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And make sure to press the i above my head to let us know what you thought of the show,
where you can choose fromRawsome, Cor, Avrawge, Poor, and Rawful. This is the 8th July episode
of Monday Night Raw. The show kicked off with Becky Lynch and Seth
Rollins teaming up to face off against Zelina Vega and Andrade in a mixed tag match. Oh
sorry, a mixed tag…elimination match. Which…makes no sense…but let’s look past that because
this was a pretty fun match.Zelina managed to get some decent offense in before Becky
tapped her out with the Disarmer. After the ad break, Andrade and Rollins essentially
now had a singles match, which means the first fall is…pointless? But again, looking past
that, this was really fun. Rollins and Andrade have some really good chemistry, although
I feel like I say that pretty much every Andrade match now, and I for one would absolutely
love to see a PPV match between the two of them.
The finishing sequence was a very fun one, with Rollins hitting the Stomp for the win.
But here comes Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans to remind us of a much more inferior mixed
tag team, with the pair of them attacking Lynch and Rollins on the ramp, which they
then gloat about afterwards. Paul Heyman cut an in-ring promo next, saying
that Brock Lesnar is cashing in on Sunday, which is a spoiler. Which means, it isn’t
a spoiler, and they just want you to buy the ppv.
Paul seemed really tired during this promo, not having his usual fire and passion, and
one has to wonder if it has anything to do with his upcoming role as Raw Executive Director.
A Last Man Standing match between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman was confirmed next, I thought
Braun Strowman had a ruptured spleen…? Before Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre had multiple
backstage segments in the night, looking for Roman Reigns’ tag partner, who Shane gets
to choose. The encounter a bin man, a concessions guy and a janitor. All solid choices.
Back to the ring now and we have a 2-out-of-3 falls 6-man tag match between The Usos and
The Miz against The Revival and Elias. This was also quite fun. The heels took most
of the control, before Miz and Elias began brawling on the outside, which allowed The
Revival hit a Shatter Machine and pick up the first fall.
After the ad break, Elias has abandoned The Revival, so it was a 2-out-of-3-falls 6-man
tag match, but now it’s a 2-out-of-3 falls 2-on-3 handicap match? Can someone say convoluted?
This was also really fun, not least due to The Revival and The Usos being really good
tag teams. Miz tagged in and immediately hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the second fall,
before the Usos hit a double superkick and splash for the third fall.
Drake Maverick is backstage with his wife, who says that after tonight, they can consummate
the marriage, before Maverick gets chased off the usual 24/7 horde of wrestlers.
It’s the return of Rey Mysterio! He comes out and cuts a brief promo saying that he
beat the doctor’s expectations, and now he’s back, and he issues an Open Challenge,
which is answered by Bobby Lashley. Last week’s segment with Braun has really elevated Bobby’s
stock, so I actually did not mind him answering this at all.
He quickly disposed of Mysterio, despite a 619 and beat up Mysterio some more on the
ramp, Charly Caruso attempts to interview The Club
about their actions last week, but Styles says he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation
and tells her to get out of his face. Up next was No Way Jose vs Cesaro, with Cesaro
quickly besting Jose with a swing and sharpshooter combination.
The Street Profits are backstage again, this time they’re just here to hype Extreme Rules
and plug the network. They’re funny, but I do wish they were doing something more meaningful.
Next was a video recap of that bizarre Mike and Maria Kanellis segment last week, which
they really doubled down on this week.Mike is backstage giving Maria flowers and apologizing
for last week for some reason, before Maria sends him away for ice cream and pickles.
I hope not together. Next was a split-screen sit down interview
with Nikki Cross and Bayley, as the two will be competing in a Beat The Clock challenge
tonight, with the winner picking the stipulation for Bayley vs Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules.
Bayley and Nikki say some generic words about Alexa, and the matches are made for later,
Bayley vs Sarah Logan and Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke.
R-Truth and Carmella are backstage next, looking for Drake Maverick, before he and the 24/7
horde rush past. Carmella hops on his back and he…runs the wrong way. Solid Truth segment.
After taking on The New Day last week, The Viking Raiders are back squashing local talent,
because nothing builds a team more than going backwards in the pecking order. Next up was
Ricochet vs Luke Gallows, and Ricochet cuts a quick promo before the match, saying he
knows that AJ Styles and Karl Anderson will be coming out with Gallows, and says he’ll
just have to fight all three of them. It was at this point I made a prediction.Look
see, here’s my notes. This match will end with a roll-up, and after an ad break, it
will be Ricochet vs Anderson. I was right. Gallows dominated Ricochet, before Ricochet
rolled him up out of nowhere. Styles got on the mic and said he should face Anderson,
and he did. After an ad break of course. This match was a lot better, with Ricochet
hitting the 630 for the win before The Club immediately assaulted Ricochet, including
a wicked looking brainbuster, a Magic Killer and a Phenomenal Forearm.
Drake Maverick is backstage again, this time attempting to grab his wife and go on a proper
honeymoon, before Truth and a referee emerge from the crate his wife was sitting on, and
Carmella comes out from another crate. The referee hops on Truth’s back as they chase
Maverick away. The Beat the Clock challenge was next, with
Sarah Logan still entering with the Riott Squad music even though that faction hasn’t
been a thing since WrestleMania 35, and Bayley was able to beat her in 4:32 with a sunset
bomb in the corner, though Logan did look great.
After that it was Nikki’s turn against Dana Brooke. Dana immediately rolled out of the
ring, forcing time to tick from the clock, because she’s a…heel? And Nikki is a…face?
Bayley then encourages Dana’s behaviour so…she is also a heel? Or maybe not wrestling
and purposefully wasting time outside the ring is a face move now?
Nikki comfortably beats Dana in about 2 minutes, and she makes the match on Sunday a 2-on-1
handicap match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley constantly laughs and
smiles at Nikki, not taking her seriously, then beats her up because that’s also a
face thing to do, I guess. WHO IS A FACE AND WHO IS A HEEL?
Mike is backstage still getting shouted at for doing the things his wife tells him to
do, and then Corey Graves attempts to stir tension between Rollins and Lynch, which fails.
Now, the main event. Roman Reigns and his janitor tag partner against Shane McMahon
and Drew McIntyre.The janitor is introduced as Gary “The Goat” Garbutt, and he comes
out doing his best Chopper impersonation. The match gets underway straight after the
ad break, with Reigns laying in clotheslines and a Superman Punch attempt straight away.
Gary accidentally tags himself in, and McIntyre throws him into the ring. Gary then goes crazy,
displaying some nutty athletic ability with leaps and dives and flips, before getting
cut off with a Claymore from McIntyre, which allows Shane to get the pin.
It’s then revealed that the person under the mask was none other than Cedric Alexander,
who looks really pleased with himself for some reason. And that’s how the show goes
off the air. *pause* HUH? After last week, I was pretty hopeful that
things may be about to pick up for Raw. This week showed that hope was misplaced. The show
started well and some had some decently fun segments peppered throughout, but the big
storylines, the ones that take up the most time, are the worst ones on the show. And
for that, this episode of Raw, is Poor. And now over to Luke for the news!
Great review, Pete! And thanks for filling in for Oli Lesnar once again.
Sunday night saw Impact Wrestling hold Slammiversary XVII – which was headlined by the excellent
intergender match between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard. But one of the other big
stories from the night was the injury angle to Santana of LAX – who went down during the
three-way tag title match with The North and The Rascalz. While it was quickly reported
that this was nothing but a storyline, Figure Four Online are now reporting that was also
LAX’s last match for Impact Wrestling. According to their daily update, the duo have
offers on the table from both WWE and All Elite Wrestling. PWInsider however are reporting
their offers expire in August and Impact are keen to offer “top money” to get them
to stay. Someone else who could be done with Impact
is former World Champion, Johnny Impact, with PWInsider reporting that Slammiversary was
also his final night with the company. The report says his contract expired a couple
of weeks ago, but Impact agreed to keep working with the company to finish his storyline with
Rich Swann. PWinsider note that Johnny Impact is now a free agent and can negotiate with
any company he likes, but the add that “the two sides are still in talks about continuing
their relationship”. Someone who also had offers to go elsewhere
but have decided to stay in WWE, however, is Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.
Following the rumours that Gallows and Anderson had decided to stick with the company last
week, PWInsider are now reporting that Gallows and Anderson have officially put pen to paper,
and have signed new 5-year deals for a reportedly “ridiculously amazing financial offer”.
PWInsider add that the reformation of The Club was a big factor in them staying, and
that New Japan were interested in bringing Gallows and Anderson back into their fold,
while AEW were also keen to sign the pair to their promotion.
Someone else who looks to be staying with WWE despite the rumours of her going elsewhere
is Sasha Banks. The Boss hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since
losing her Women’s Tag Team Championships to The IIConics at WrestleMania in April – with
various rumours from various outlets that she was creatively frustrated with WWE and
was looking to sit out the rest of her contract. However it was reported recently that Banks
and WWE have come to an agreement for her to return, with PWInsider reporting that The
Boss is being locally advertised for the July 22nd Raw from Tampa. Not only that, but a
local advertisement in Toronto for Summerslam prominently features Sasha Banks on the poster.
It’s also being speculated that Banks could return to WWE this Sunday at Extreme Rules
in the corner of Bayley, who takes on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a 2-on-1 handicap
match for her Smackdown Women’s Championship. And speaking of Smackdown, it’s being reported
that WWE Champion Kofi Kingston could possibly be injured.
This comes from a house show report from Monday where Kofi himself announced that he wouldn’t
be wrestling on the show as advertised as he was injured – instead acting as a cheerleader
for New Day as they beat B-Team. The main event was then changed to Finn Balor defending
his Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler.
There’s no official word on Kofi’s injury, and he is set to be on Smackdown tonight to
continue his feud with Samoa Joe over the WWE Championship.
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