Top WWE Champion INJURED! SHOCK WWE HEEL TURN! WWE Smackdown Apr. 23 2019 Review

Top WWE Champion INJURED! SHOCK WWE HEEL TURN! WWE Smackdown Apr. 23 2019 Review

Roman Reigns’ gets his first Smackdown feud!
Becky Lynch gets a new Smackdown Women’s Championship contender! And Kevin Owens turns
heel on New Day just seven days after joining their ranks. And what’s up with Daniel Bryan
being removed from live events? I am Luke Owen, have yourself a Superclick Party by
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question of the day: Are you happy that Charlotte Flair is once
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SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and A Smack in the Face. This is the 23rd
of April 2019 edition of Smackdown Live. Shane McMahon opened the show this week to
recap what happened last week with Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon, quite brilliantly scolding
Roman by asking what sort of person would put their hands on another man’s father.
He called out Roman to say they’re going to settle this in the ring, which brought
out The Big Dog. And can I just say, it was so refreshing for Roman Reigns to come out
to the ring without Michael Cole shouting HERE COMES THE BIG DOG. Roman and Shane were about to get into a fight,
when Elias ran down and caused a distraction – allowing both The Drifter and Shane to beat
down Roman. So, I guess they’re best friends now. People, let me tell you about my beeest
friend! Which was furthered when we saw them backstage bragging about beating up Reigns,
and Elias later challenging Roman to a match at Money in the Bank through the medium of
song. And his Bardic Inspiration was so successful, the stirring words made Shane jump into a
limo with him. People let me tell you about my beeeest friend! Roman accepted the challenge,
and it was announced that he will face Elias at Money in the Bank. It’s a bit of a shame
that Roman’s first fued on Smackdown Live is against a Raw guy, but this is all a vehicle
to build towards Roman vs. Shane down the line which I think is a really great use of
Reigns. I just hope you’re all ready for another match where the heel grinds Roman
down with head locks before Reigns makes his big comeback ooohaaaa. Dasha – it is Dasha, right – interviewed Kofi
Kingston backstage, and he and Woods introduced New Day’s official newest member Kevin Owens,
aka Big O. Oli Davis will be thrilled this act is sticking together after last week.
I’m sure there won’t be anything on this show that will break his little heart. Finn Balor then took on the man who beat him
on his first night on Raw but has since jumped back to Smackdown Live, Andrade. These two
didn’t have as good a match as they did last week, but there was some great action
– with Zelina Vega’s interference backfiring allowing Balor to hit the Coup de Grace for
the win. It’s been reported that Andrade was brought back to Smackdown because Fox
wanted to feature Spanish speaking wrestlers, so let’s hope the future is brighter for
Andrade than a 50/50 feud. And speaking of needing a brighter future,
Peyton Royce of The IIconics was pinned by Smackdown newcomer Kairi Sane in an incredibly
short match. This barely went a minute. Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio got more time at WrestleMania.
Since winning the Women’s Tag Team Championships, IIconics have only won one match – which granted
was against the undefeated and nearly unstoppable Brooklyn Belles but that’s not the point.
Not only does it suck that the Tag Champs keep eating pinfalls, they’re now a backdrop
to a feud between Asuka and Sane vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. A bad night for The
IIconics, which is a shame as their “superlame-o” promo before the match was terrific. Alesiter Black cut a really good promo backstage
in a dark room, and then we were supposed to get a match between Chad Gable and Jinder
Mahal. I guess Jinder is back on Smackdown now. The match didn’t get started however,
with Lars Sullivan running down to destroy Gable and the Singh Brothers. R-Truth ran
down for the save, but he was also flattened by Lurkin’ Lars. Gable would have had a
better SD return if he’d grown a mustache. Charlotte Flair came out for a promo in her
gear – so I guess she’ll be having a match in the next segment – where she recapped WrestleMania
and asked why Becky Lynch was Smackdown Women’s Champion when she only beat Ronda Rousey.
Lynch came down to explain to Flair those were the rules of the match, and that she
wants new challengers rather than facing Flair once again – calling Charlotte the web management
won’t untangle her from. Bayley came out in her gear – so I guess that’s who Flair
will have a match with – and said that while Becky has beaten Flair time and time again,
she’s never beaten her. This led to a match between Bayley and Flair
– I’m as shocked as you are – which was really, really great. The two traded big moves
and nearfalls and there was a lot of drama in the match – with the crowd firmly behind
Bayley against the superb heel in Flair. But while the match was great, the commentary
from Byron Saxton and Corey Graves made this insufferable for a stretch of time – arguing
about Charlotte Flair getting another shot at Becky Lynch’s championship. If it had
been a couple of minutes it would be one thing, but it felt like it lasted for nearly half
the match. Despite her best efforts, Bayley was pinned
by Charlotte Flair’s spear – meaning Becky Lynch will defend her Smackdown Women’s
Championship against The Queen at Money in the Bank. Sigh Lynch vs. Flair is becoming
Randy Orton vs. John Cena levels of comical now. This fued is so never-ending I’m expecting
a flying dog to be part of it soon. With Smackdown having a very strong women’s roster, I’m
really hoping this is the final chapter of this feud for a little while – make people
want to see it again. We then got the same Firefly Funhouse segment
from Monday night’s Raw, which while still great, was the exact same thing we saw just
24-hours earlier. It’s a shame they didn’t have a different one to show on Smackdown.
It also confirms that Bray Wyatt, Bird Raptor or Abby The Witch still don’t have a brand.
So, the Superstar Shake-Up rolls on, I guess. And in the main event, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston
took on Shinsuke Nakamura in what was frankly quite a boring match. Nakamura worked over
Kofi for a very long time, and then Kingston made a comeback – getting the win with the
SOS only for it to be broken up by Rusev to cause the DQ. To be honest, the highlight
of the match was Big O and Woods providing commentary, which was so much better than
Graves and Saxton arguing about Charlotte Flair. Everyone then brawled around the ring, with
Kofi taking out Nakamura with the Trouble in Paradise – only to walk into a giant superkick
from Kevin Owens! The former Big-O then tore off his New Day t-shirt and beat down the
WWE Champion – saying he’s coming to take his title off him. Kofi’s desperate comeback
was tremendous here, as was Xavier Woods diving through the ropes to stop Owens giving Kingston
the powerbomb on the apron. Owens instead gave the powerbomb to Woods, and starred a
hole through Kofi to end the show. The angle was great, but it’s a shame the partnership
with New Day wasn’t given more time to grow and flourish. This is an angle that should
have happened in two months time, rather than seven days from starting. I don’t think
we’ve had enough time with Owens a face either for the heel turn to mean a great deal.
With all that said, a Kofi vs. Owens program for the WWE Championship is indeed fresh and
different, and I am all for that. And it capped off a pretty good episode of
Smackdown Live. Despite my grievances with the winner, the Bayley vs. Flair match was
great and the final angle with Owens and Kofi was excellent. The rest of the show was middling
at best, but I would say this week’s Smackdown Live was SmackTastic! And now over to Pete Quinnel, who has the
latest on Daniel Bryan being removed from live events. Smashing review Luke! Especially that one
part where you made that joke about that one thing, it was great. Something else that’s great is John Cena!
I don’t think 16 year old me would have ever thought I’d be saying and yet, here
we are. Yesterday saw the 42nd birthday of one Jonathan
Felix Anthony Cena Jr., with the Doctor of Thuganomics taking to the more normal of his
two public social media accounts to share his perspective, and more importantly, share
his 72000 individual muscle groups. Seriously, I think scientists need to check
that out as there may be some sort of new discovery of muscles to be made here. It goes without saying that Cena has been
one of the largest stars the WWE has ever seen, a view that is also shared by the owner
of the company, who took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Big Match’s John Big Day. “Happy Birthday to WWE’s Babe Ruth, John
Cena! I really can’t describe in words how much John Cena means to me and the WWE Universe.
#HustleLoyaltyResepctLove” Aww isn’t that sweet. It’s like Cena is
another son to Vince, so much going around. I wonder what outpouring of emotion he did
for his actual son, Shane’s birthday. “Happy Birthday Shane” *awkward tug of the collar* Moving right along to something slightly more
serious, and it appears a current champion on SmackDown may have suffered an injury over
the weekend. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is
reporting that current SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy may have suffered
a leg injury at a house show in Madison, Wisconsin this past Saturday. This was furthered by Hardy seen visibly limping
at the following night’s house show in Rochester, Minnesota. The Hardy Boyz were nowhere to be seen on
this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, which could lend further credence to Hardy actually
having the injury. As the severity of the injury is as of yet
unknown, it’s not clear whether this will lead to the Hardyz being forced to vacate
the titles. If they do, I’m sure they can be picked up can by well-established tag team
stars…Heavy Machinery? Nakamura and Rusev? Who else do they even have? Regardless, if the injury is legitimate, WrestleTalk
would like to wish Jeff well in his recovery process. Well, that’s the sad injury story out of
the way, let’s get on to something more positive. Daniel Bryan’s been pulled from more shows
because of injury! *look* As reported by Wrestling Inc, Bryan was pulled
from both of SmackDown’s house shows in Madison and Rochester, and he wasn’t anywhere
to be seen on this week’s episode of SmackDown either. The former WWE and current Planet’s Champion
has been out of action since WrestleMania 35, where he reportedly suffered an undisclosed
injury. According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, the
injury is supposed to be a closely guarded secret, which only adds fuel to the fire of
a potentially career-ending injury, especially given Bryan’s past neck troubles. With Money in the Bank fast approaching and
Bryan seemingly an obvious choice for the ladder match itself, only time will tell if
he is in good enough condition to compete at the event. Once again, WrestleTalk would like to wish
Bryan well in his recovery process if this injury is indeed legitimate. Please get well
soon. Now can everyone stop getting injured? Next
time I’m here I want some happy stories to report on! Are Charlotte Flair and Andrade getting married?
Click the video to my right to find out right now! A special shoutout to our lovely Patrons
on Patreon, some of which you can see scrolling below me right now. Click the thumbs up, subscribe,
enable notifications and leave us a comment. I’ve been Pete Quinnell, and that, was wrestling.

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