1 thought on “Working With the Equally Diagnosed: Mental Illness & Developmental Disability”

  1. Oh wow, this is a really good presentation about Dual Diagnosis.  Never thought I would be glued to an hour-long youTube video, but  Dr. Magnuson is spot-on about the difficulty in diagnosing mental illness in a person with mental disability (at about the 32:53 mark) and asking about "voices" (34:10)  34:40 is especially good.
    As a parent, other points I found helpful: Ways to ask questions 52:10 mark. And I especially appreciate her empathy for the patient's situation ( 57:00 mark ).  So very true. 🙁
    My son has Down syndrome and schizophrenia; we were reassured that "self talk" is normal and nothing to worry about.  He didn't reveal it for years, until he couldn't take it anymore, and held his held in pain and cried "I can't stand all the yelling and screaming.  It's creeping me out!"  It still took months to get a psychiatric appointment, after that. 

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