Wrist fractures, wrist surgery techniques and technology | Beaumont Orthopedics

Wrist fractures, wrist surgery techniques and technology | Beaumont Orthopedics

So this is an example of a broken radius or
often called a wrist fracture. This is the radius bone, it lies in the arm like this.
This is an example of a left radius. Often times, someone will come into the emergency
room with this injury and there will be an attempt to put this bone back into position
by pushing on it and then putting it into a cast. The problem is if the bone is commentated
or crumbled on the back side, the bone has a tendency to want to shift back out of position
and get tipped out of place and you can see on the palm side here there is a ridge between
this part and this part and this part is shifted back out of position. If it heals in this
position, there is probably going to be some limitations in motion, there will be pain
with motion and can go on to develop arthritis. So options for treatment, when it�s out
of place or if sometimes the bone is in more pieces than this called comminuted will often
offer surgery to put the bone in a better position. The surgery involves making an incision
on the palm side of the arm, move the muscles and tendons aside, we get down to this bone
and we�re able to free up some of the attached tissues and mobilize the piece of broken bone
to put it in a better position. Once that bone is mobilized, we will fix it with a plate
and screw. This plate attaches the two pieces together, so now instead of them being separate
and out of place, the two are held together. This plate doesn�t heal the bone, it lets
the bone heal in the right position, so it acts as a cast inside the body or a strut
holding the one piece attached to the other so the body can then heal it. Normally after
surgery, people are in a cast or some sort of splint for about ten to twelve days to
let the incision heal. Once it heals, the cast comes off, stiches come out, and then
we go to something removable to work on range of motion. So instead of the six weeks in
a cast and hoping that the bone will heal in the right position. By six weeks time,
they are moving the wrist quite nicely and usually it�s a matter of me trying to hold
them back from doing too much, instead of just getting them out of a cast and working
on the range of motion. This is something that stays in, generally it does not come
out, and once the bone is healed, it is activities as tolerated.

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