Wrist Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you some stretches for your wrist flexors and extensors. so
let’s get started. before we start, if you haven’t
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wrist flexors and extensors, we’re gonna do two stretches each way for 30 seconds. so we’ll go up and then down and then up and down again. so I’ve got a timer set,
so it’s going to be 30 seconds and then we’re gonna do a little ten-second break
in between. so let’s go ahead and get started with the stretches for the wrist
flexors and extensors. so you’re gonna put your hands out in front of you, and
we’ll start with the stretching the wrist extensors first. so just going
downwards, so with this if you just hold it this way, you get a lot of stretch. if
this is too much stretch, put your fingers out and it’s just a little bit
less of a stretch. if you want even more of a stretch you can push in on your
hand and curl it in, and that will give you even more of a stretch. so after that,
little 10-second break. these are great if you’re working at a desk especially
on a computer for long periods. if you’re doing a lot of stuff with your hands,
these are really great to do. so now we’re going into the wrist flexors. so
this time is kind of opposite, if you have your fists in a fist, it’s not quite
as much of a stretch, but if you open up your hands you get even more of a
stretch and you feel it under there, so again if you want more stretch than that
you can just do a little pull, gentle pull, on each side, or you can put your
hand up on a wall. so any kind of work with your hands a lot these muscles get
really tired, so it’s great for these if you’re an artist or a guitar player that
works really well as well. and if you want a little bit more, you can stretch
three on each side, but this is just to kind of give you an idea. so again
curling down with your fingers to get a lot of stretch, opening them up if you
just want a little bit of a stretch and if you want a little bit of overpressure
you can push it into a wall or you can just kind of alternate
back and forth giving a little pressure with your other hand that way. but again
this is probably enough if they’re sore and tired. getting that good stretch in
there and then take a little break. sometimes you want to shake them out a
little bit because it feels like a big stretch in there, and then we’re gonna do
one more going upwards. so hands out, up almost into a stop sign position. so
getting that nice stretch and so when you’re up stretching out the wrist
flexors underneath and then when you’re down you’re stretching those wrist
extensors up on top. so stop sign getting that nice stretch in there. remember if
you don’t want quite as much, make a fist then more then over pressure. so there
you have it. those were your stretches for your wrist flexors and extensors.
this is actually a part of an office series where I give you a bunch of
different stretches from head to toe, and if you’re sitting in an office or even
if you’re working at home or doing something where you’re sitting for a
long period, these are easy stretches. you don’t need
equipment to do it so if you want to see some more, make sure and click up here,
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(loosen them up), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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