Wrist Tendonitis Treatment for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Wrist Tendonitis Treatment for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo and cool cat
Bear, and we’re going to show you some stretches and exercises for wrist
tendonitis. So wrist tendonitis is a general term, so we’re just going to do
some general stretches and exercises. So let’s get started. To start off with some wrist range of
motion type stretches exercises, start off with your elbow bent. Now you can put
it on the table, you can rest it on something, you can just hold it up in the
air, or you can just place it in your other hand. So it just really depends on
your comfort level, and you can also just prop it up on your leg as well, but what
you’re going to do is just at your wrist, is make a fist with your hand and go down
as far as you comfortably can, and then come up as far as you comfortable
can. So again you don’t have to put it on anything you can just do it in the air,
but you’re going to go down and that’s going to kind of stretch up here, and
then come up and that’s going to stretch down there. So with this one it’s really
just getting that motion, it’s not necessarily a stretch yet, so you can
just kind of go back and forth continuously, but make sure it’s a nice
smooth motion. If you want to pause for a second or two at each side you can. So
after you go up and down or a flexion extension, then you’re going to go side
to side this way. So this is ulnar deviation, radial deviation. So now just
going side to side. So you’re going to stretch it out this way. When you go here
that ulnar side and then this way here that radial side. So you can feel it all
the way sometimes down into your thumb. So I’ll do a different angle. So you’re
just going this way and then this way, but a lot of times it’s easy to prop it
up on something and go back and forth. So with these you can just do about ten
maybe five each way, this is really just to get everything loosened up before you
start stretching and exercising it. Then the next motions are going to be
supination and pronation. With supination and pronation, I like having the elbow
bent at your side, when people keep their arms straight and do supination and
pronation, they’re really been doing it shoulder verses at their wrists and
their forearms. Bend your elbow, kind of keep it close to your side so you’re
getting the movement here versus through the whole arm. You can open up your hand
now and so going downwards this is pronation, and then coming up is
supination like you’re holding a bowl of soup, that’s how I always remember it, and
so again just this is for motion so you’re just moving it back and forth,
another nice kind of smooth motion. If you want to do a little pause each way you
can, but that’s just really kind of to get everything loosened up and get it
moving a little bit. So then you’re going to go into a stretch, actually stretching
out those wrist flexors and extensors. So the best way to do that is put your arm
straight out. If you come down, you’re going to stretch the top here. If you
keep your fingers open, that’s not quite as much of a stretch, but if you make a
fist you’ll get even more of a stretch, and if you take your other hand and push
it down even more you’ll feel a really really big stretch. Now this one is for
stretch, so you’re going to hold it for 30 seconds, so you want it to be tension,
slightly uncomfortable, but you don’t want it to be painful, and some people
might feel it more here, but again with tendonitis if it’s wrist tendonitis all
these muscles and tendons go all the way up to the elbows, so even though it’s
wrist these are all connected here. So you want to stretch everything out
through here. Then after you do that for 30 seconds, then you’re going to go the
other way. So it’s different when you go up and stretch these muscles under here,
if you have your fists like this, then you’re just getting a little
stretch, and if you want even more of a stretch you open up your hands, and if
you want even more of a stretch than that, take your other hand and just pull
those fingers back towards you and you’ll feel a nice stretch through here.
So again holding that for 30 seconds and then you’re going to do it three times
each way. I like to alternate back and forth just to give them a little break
in between. if this is uncomfortable kind of bringing your hand over you can
always place it on a wall, or you can even just, if you’re on the floor,
place your hands on the floor and then lean forward. So see I’m getting that
stretch through there going this way, so just placing your hands flat going in
the other direction, or then putting the back of your hands
down and then leaning back you’ll get a stretch that way as well. So then you can
do both if you want to so you can stretch it that way, or you can just use
your hands to stretch it, so either way whichever one you’d like. So then the
next one is just opening up your hand as big as you can, kind of getting
everything stretched and opened up, and then just close everything into a fist,
and you might hear some of my fingers popping a little bit, that’s okay that’s
pretty normal, but again you’re just opening and closing this. So the
tendons in the wrists in the hands are just kind of moving and gliding, and if I
turn this way you should be able to see them as I open up, you see them this way
and then when I close them I stretch a little bit. So just again this is just
kind of a back and forth you don’t necessarily have to hold the stretch if
you’re really just trying to get everything moving and opening it up a
little bit, so this is a nice one to do. Then you’re going to go into some
strengthening stuff once you get this the wrist loosened up and get it
stretched out. So you can do this a couple different ways, one is a ball
squeeze. So you can take any kind of ball you want, this is a racquet ball. You can
go lacrosse ball, a tennis ball, some people like the firmer balls like a
lacrosse ball, and some people like a little more squishy like the racquet
ball or a tennis ball, but just place it in your hand and all you’re going to do
is just squeeze. And with this one you’re going to hold for about three to five
seconds, so nice big squeeze, hold it, you don’t have to squish the ball completely,
but just so you’re getting that squeeze in there all the way around, squeeze and
hold, and you should be able to feel all those muscles through the wrist and the
forearm activating. So just probably three to five seconds doing that five
times. If you don’t happen to have a ball handy, you can roll up a towel and do a
towel squeeze, so same kind of concept, just get your fingers all way around and squeeze as tight as you comfortably can and relax. Some
people find that the towel is too squishy, and that’s okay, if it’s too
squishy another easy and cheap alternative is a piece of a pool noodle.
If you’ve seen some of my videos, you know that the pool noodles can be used
in a whole bunch of different ways, but this is great because it’s a little
squishier than some of the balls but it’s firmer than the towel, so you’re
getting that kind of in-between, so again just spread your fingers out a
little bit, squeeze hold it for about three to five seconds, and then relax. So
doing that five to ten times really just getting some strengthening in that area
and then closing. Then you can go to having just a rubber band, nothing fancy
about it it’s just a simple rubber band. Put it around all your fingers like that
and your thumb, and then you’re just going to open it up as wide as you
comfortably can. Now if I go too much wider, the band’s going to roll down my
fingers, so I don’t open it all the way up, but the key is to slowly come back in
so you really want to make sure that you’re not just popping it back in, but
you’re controlling that movement to get that strengthening and those fingers and
that wrist area, so nice slow controlled and going out and in. So since these are
smaller muscles, even though it’s just a rubber band, you don’t really want to do
a whole lot of them, you just want to do about five or ten really just to get
those little smaller muscles working. So that does a great job as well, and then
to do some more strengthening getting a little bit heavier with objects each
time, you can just use either a soup vegetable can. If you happen to have a
one-pound band, you can use a one-pound can, a one-pound weight, you can use that
as well because this is about one pound. So again you can prop it up on something,
people tend to like to do this especially if they’re really sore in
that wrist, but just make sure that your wrist is
hanging off the edge so you have that free movement to do that extension. If
you feel pretty good, you can just hold it up in the air and do it this way as
well, but again you want to do a nice smooth controlled motion going straight
up and down, but if you feel like you’re getting a lot of movement then just prop
it up on something, come all the way down that full motion all the way down and
that full motion all the way up. So again just starting off with ten of
these, if that’s easy the 2 sets of 10, three sets of ten, two sets of fifteen, but if
you get to doing 20 – 25 and it’s pretty easy, then you can go up a little heavier
on the weight. Then you’re going to turn your hand over and do the same motion,
but now you’re getting those flexors, so just nice and slow coming down and then
nice and slow coming up, so it doesn’t have to be a huge motion, but really try
and get that full motion of your wrists because if you’ve got some tendonitis in
it you might only be able to do that, which is fine, but eventually hopefully
you’ll get to go a little bit further because it’s okay if it’s uncomfortable,
but you really don’t want it to be painful. So that nice big movement in
there and then for the radial deviation you can turn it this way and then drop
it down and come up. I like if I have a weight where I can hold it a little bit
tighter I like having my thumb up on top when I do it, it’s a little harder to do
it with a soup can because it’s bigger, but just make sure that you feel that
you’re in a comfortable position, and so sometimes if my thumbs more on top going
like this, it’s a little more comfortable because this gets a big stretch over
that thumb area, but if not that’s okay, but I do prefer when I have
weights to have that thumb up on top. So just coming all the way down and coming
all the way up, and then the last one is for the pronation supination with a
little bit of weight. So you can use a hammer if you want to. A Hammer’s nice
because it has a big weighted top so when you bring it back and forth, it gives that a little bit of extra pressure, but if you don’t have
a hammer handy which you might not, you can take the weight or the soup can and
hold it where most of it is up on top, and then keeping that elbow by your side
or just kind of over the table or over your leg, and then just roll over going
into that supination, and then coming all the way back into that pronation, so when
you have more of the weight up on top when it comes over, it’s just going to
give you that extra stretch and that extra resistance where you have to bring
it up and then come back the other way. So if you even want to do it right here
you can do it that way as well so that works pretty good, but if you want a nice
solid handle you can use a hammer to go back and forth with that as well.
so remember that with any kind of wrist exercises these are smaller muscles, so
you don’t have to go overboard if you’re not feeling anything while you’re doing
it, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to be sore or painful later, so
start off with just a little bit, and if you feel good the next day then you can
start progressing up from there. So those are your stretches and exercises for
wrist tendonitis. Don’t forget to support our channel by clicking up here,
and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. And remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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