WWE Raw SERIOUS INJURY?! Top Star DEBUTS In WWE NXT! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

WWE Raw SERIOUS INJURY?! Top Star DEBUTS In WWE NXT! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. And because I’m such a nice guy, I will be answering as many of your questions
as I can for the first 15ish minutes of this video going live. And remember you can come
chit chat with us on our Discord server – a link for which is in the video description
below. WWE are currently all about breaking the mould
and smashing records. Evolution will be the first all-women’s PPV in the company’s
history, Renee Young is the first full-time female commentator on Raw, The Shield wrestled
on Raw for the first time as a team in a year last night, The Bellas wrestled as a tag team
for the first time on Raw in two years a few weeks ago – so why has Konnor of The Ascension
winning his first Raw match in 3 years not made the list? Konnor pinned Chad Gable on last night’s
Raw – which is the first time he’s got a mark in the win column on the show since August
2015 – when The Ascension teamed with New Day to defeat The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores.
Not only that, but it was also Konnor’s first-ever televised singles win in WWE ever.
Good work Konnor But sadly that wasn’t the big news that
came from last night’s Raw. During a six-woman tag between The Riott Squad
vs. Natalya and The Bella Twins, Liv Morgan took a couple of stiff kicks to the face from
Brie Bella and crumpled to the floor, passed out unconscious. She was carried over to her
corner and couldn’t stand up to make the tag. She spent some time on the floor, but
did come back in for a six-woman suplex spot. When Raw came back from its commercial break,
Michael Cole announced that Morgan had been taken to the back and was being evaluated
by their medical staff – but cameras caught her still being at ringside being tended to
by a doctor. Twitter user Candy Bliss captured this footage of the kicks, which you can see
connected with Morgan right in the face. PWInsider are reporting that WWE, “are putting
Morgan through a series of tests to determine if she may have suffered a concussion.”
Fightful have added that “the entire middle [of the match] had to be changed on the fly”
following Brie’s kick to Morgan. Dave Meltzer added on Wrestling Observer Radio, “I would
think from watching the show she has a concussion – but that won’t be determined until she’s
checked out more. Until that happens, you don’t know how long she’s out of action
or the seriousness of it.” Adding, “I think she [maybe] had some memory loss.” WWE.com have posted that Liv did suffer an
injury, but don’t go into any detail of what that injury might be – instead focusing
on Brie Bella’s Twitter comment about the incident. “Every match on #Raw is an opportunity
for us to entertain our fans. Our intentions as @WWE Superstars is to win the match, never
injure our opponents. Thinking about @YaOnlyLivvOnce tonight.” Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four felt differently,
posting on Twitter, “Liv gets KO’d and not only do they not stop the match, she gets
dragged by the neck to the corner and then they let her back in to take a suplex!? Is
it 1999?” “None of this was Liv’s fault. Where was the ref? Where was the doctor? Where
was anyone backstage on the headsets? That was stone-age stuff we saw tonight.” There is no word at the time of this recording
how this will affect the planned six-woman tag at WWE Super Show Down a week from Saturday
– where The Riott Squad are set to face The Bella Twins & Raw Women’s Champion Ronda
Rousey. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is also reporting
that NXT stars Dakota Kai and Shayna Baszler were backstage at Raw last night. Johnson
doesn’t state what Kai and Baszler were doing there, but adds that Smackdown General
Manager Paige was also backstage “working on material related to Survivor Series”.
Are we going to see Kai or Baszler get called up to the main roster soon? And if we are
– who would you like to see come up first? Vote in the poll above my head and Oli Davis
will reveal the results in tomorrow’s news. And speaking of NXT, The King of Bros Matt
Riddle made his official debut for the black and yellow brand at a house show from Sanford,
Florida over the weekend. WWE’s Twitter account posted some video highlights of the
match against Fabian Aichner – including a vicious looking knee to the side of the face. Riddle confirmed the rumours that he had signed
with WWE when he appeared in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, but still has one
more independent date on his calendar – where he takes on Mark Haskins this weekend for
UK promotion Progress at their Wembley Arena show. Progress are a partner of WWE, with
the show also featuring Tyler Bate taking on WALTER, Pete Dunne facing Ilja Dragunov
and Trent Seven squaring off against Doug Williams. NXT UK stars Toni Storm and Jinny
are also on the card, in a match that also involves Millie McKenzie. It’s been rumoured that Matt Riddle’s
first feud in NXT will be against Kassius Ohno – which will culminate in a match at
NXT TakeOver: War Games this November. Was there a fourth member of The Shield teased?
Oli Davis reviews Monday Night Raw in about 4 minutes which you can watch by clicking
the video on screen right now. And become one of our awesome Pledge Hammers and help
us get weekly NXT reviews on this channel. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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  1. Brie Bella Fuck Up Bad… Theres No Denying That… Liv Morgan Might Not Make It To Evolution Next Month.. The Ref Should Have Thrown Up The X Signal Once Her Body Went Literally Limp.. Two Fucken Kicks Straight To The Face…

  2. The bellas are the worst watbecks in the ring and are just angry at real blonds who are better. Take twincest out of the ring And put them in Colombian lesbo porn where they belong.

  3. Mistero accidentally killed a man in the ring in Mexico BECAUSE they didn't get him the necessary treatment as soon as it happened. Look it up on YouTube.

  4. Rey Mysterio's Lucha Tag Match. A wrestler was gravely injured and they began to move him and caused his death. Liv should not have been touched. I have seen botches where the wrestler is aware of the possible injury and goes on to work the crowd or something else while the ref checks on the injured wrestler. Brie should have been the most knowledgeable wrestler about injuries in the ring or out with her husbands and sister's history!

  5. As brutal as those kicks were it doesn't necessarily mean a concussion, some people can take all kinds of blows to the head and be perfectly fine while others get brain damage from a small bonk.

  6. Bellas are obnoxious. And I still don't understand why they are given the 'Rock' treatment.
    Hope these women, and if required, their husbands be pulled out of the show.

  7. Triple b should be suspended for a while, That's Brie Botch Bella, she kicked Liv 3 times in the face and she wasn't even looking where she was kicking. She is botch every week and putting these girls in way to much danger. Brie stay at home and take care of your daughter.

  8. Wrong. I remember that Konnor once picked a win on early 2017 by pinning Usos I guess. But i'm pretty sure he did. It was I thing the go home smackdown episode for elimination chamber 2017.

  9. Guys it’s not Brie’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault who were in that ring. Liv did however put her head down while she was still getting kicked in the chest, it was a mistake and a botch, on both sides

  10. Bre Bella. Needs to stay home and her sister the greedy bitch Hurt that girl cuz they cannot wrestle. Always fuckin up 💩

  11. Liv put her face down that's what I saw moved out position, really unfortunate accident only reason ppl going hard cause botch couple of time's but Nikki and Bri too me aren't terrible I just think wwe fans are fake nobody thought liv could fight just 2 seconds ago?????

  12. Bellas were shit before and nothing has changed even with them doing this for yrs and on a daily they need to stay away from the ring they have mo business there they are Divas in a Women's World and they are getting exposed for how bad they suck AJ said it yrs ago and she wasn't wrong

  13. After the Evolution PPV, just keep the one [Nikki] Bella that could wrestle and send the other [Brie] Bella back home to be a (somewhat) reality star and retire from wrestling or have her re-trained for 6-to-12 months. Accidents Happen? Did she not fully look at where she was kicking? It's one thing when Sasha Banks injured Paige that ended her career, a too forcefully kick to the back, it's another when Seth Rollins injured Finn Balor, John Cena, and retired Sting (even though he was already past his prime), a Running Powerbomb move to the barricade or the turnbuckle corner can be painfully executed sometimes and should've been a little hesitant when busting Cena's nose with a knee, and both superstars have made their apologies for their botches, but when you are delivering kicks, done by your husband all the time (who looks of where he's kicking, the chest only as the person receiving the kicks sets their bodies up for it to reduce the damage after every kick before fake kicking them to the side of head), you gotta be looking and paying attention to where you deliver those kicks, I mean kicking or kneeing somebody in the face twice leads to a major head injury, most likely an concussion, maybe even something career-threating like what Paige had to go through. And that Twitter post isn't necessary an apology, not a causal one, it's just stating like any professional person would with "We go out there [to the ring] to entertain the fans with no intentions of injuring anyone, my thoughts are with [the person I injured]," why not a I'm Sorry for what happened, I didn't mean to, something that sounds sincere than reinstating WWE rules and objectives. Don't wrestlers practice their matches before the real thing or is it on the fly during the real deal because in this case for Brie Bella, I just don't know how you'd fuck up like that, IF YOU'D PRACTICED, but then again when Brie was delivering those kicks she kept looking at the crowd after every kick then went into rapid fire of kicks and eventually kicked Liv in the face twice, she should've slowed it down. I hope Liv Morgan is ok, that was painfully to watch, or in her shoes, hard to take and get knocked out in the process.

  14. yeah … 1999 !!! attitude !!! f*ck pg safety ! sex, drugs & rocknroll… bring good times back to wwe and turn on the meatgrinder, survival of the fittest… or life with the fact, roman reigns will be the top guy forever…

  15. EVOLUTION EVERYBODY!!! Poor Liv, Alaverz is right she was seriously injured & nobody stopped the match. "Attitude Era"


  17. BOTCH Mooooooodde strikes again. Get both of them off tv. Nikki and Brie just take up spots on the roster that could be used for other female competitors

  18. The Bellas are not even all that looks wise. They were always just average. Raw just had their lowest rating ever 2nd time in one year. Crazy part nothing will change most likely…

  19. Best wishes Liv, against all the negativity surrounding the mishap I will say it was nice to see how much her stablemates Ruby and Sarah genuinely cared about her wellbeing.

    On the Riott Squad, I'd like to see Dakota Kai join them when she gets the call up as the odd member out what with her and Ruby's history pre-WWE. The angle could be them trying to turn her heel but she turns them babyface instead.

  20. Dude, seriously, fuck Brie Bella. Especially the way she grabbed Liv pissed me off. She's a botch-machine and is literally hurting people seriously now. She's on both programs every week and she shouldn't be on either. Period. Don't @ me.

  21. Dakota Kai is such a little bitch nxt made her look like a whimp she was scared of shayna bazler like she was a defenseless deer getting mauled by tigers after i saw that i cant take her serious and she is starting to annoy me and if you think dakota kai will get any pop no one cares about that sissy crybaby

  22. Brie just cause you married to daniel bryan dosent mean you can wrestle like him. Stick to feeding the kids and making sure d bryan has warm dinner when he gets home

  23. Brie is just sloppy in the ring and just looks so awkward doing moves like she doesnt know how to perform them safely. She looks like a rookie compared to other female wrestlers.👎🎃👎

  24. Oh and we have a female commentator now who says NO MOVES, KNOWS NO MOVES, and talks about nothing but storyline shit. I hope they continue to lose viewers cause this show is just AWFUL and just wrong on sooooo many levels Ive been a fan forever but i cant watch this KIDDY CRAP anymore.👎💩👎

  25. brie bella is not bryan danielson, she really ought to stop pretending she has his talent as if it sexually transmitted

  26. whats even shittier about this, is some of us would actually like to see the career development of liv and the rest of the riots, as well a ember, and so many more; but, this doesn't happen because those idiot twins decide to pop back in as if anyone (any fan) asked for them to

  27. The 1999 wuestion is pretty accurate. If this was 1999 its eill be overlooked and she will join those wwf superstars career ending injury…

  28. You guys do know that just because you think she's unsafe in the ring doesn't mean it wasn't an accident right? It was an accident, yes, but you can still say she's unfit to wrestle in the ring due to being extremely dangerous worker.

    Now that's up for debate, but I think a lot of us can agree she's not a good wrestler.

  29. I see what their trying to do…Their trying to give the bellas a real tittle run before they really retire. Let's be honest wwe don't claim the divas tittle anymore. But accidents like this is for rookies NOT pros😓 now i see why we love NXT way more👍

  30. This I profession that injuries happen. No matter how good you are or how much u train in your wrestling career your going to hurt someone. Seth Rollins injured people a lot a few years back but no one jumped all over him… kane nearly ended daniel Bryans career. Its wrestling not a pillow fight

  31. Wtf
    I better not hear that this was an accident. 3 straight kicks then drags her to the corner from the neck?!. Brie got issues

  32. This is highly disappointing. To watch this match and seeing what happened to liv morgan. Its just disgusting to watch. It's wresting, yes anything DA happen in the WWE I've seen many things happen but nothing so shocking as this. And it seems like brie bella didn't even care that she knocked out liv morgan. I bet she will never be the same again. That could be a serious injury.

  33. Brie Bella is terrible in the ring and needs to be released, especially if this girl just lost her career over that piece of eye candy. And that's all the Bellas are good for because God knows they can't wrestle. I agree with the guy from Twitter. This was an attitude era level of negligence shown here when they knocked her out, dragged her by her neck, then made her take a suplex when she was probably still barely conscious. Pure stupidity and negligence shown here by WWE officials. I sincerely hope that Liv Morgan recovers quickly as I love watching her perform. Not only that but she's a human being that possibly just lost their career and dream over a stupid woman that can't wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  34. This was no accident. It's definitely a poor performance.. remember when she dive outside the ring? It was horrible and may injured herself.. She is rusty and needs more proper training or maybe do the moves that she's only capable.. But you still got it! Heads up brie!

  35. Yoyoyoyoyoyo liv morgan sucks liv morgan sucks liv morgan sucks live morgan sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks liv morgan sucks liv morgan sucks playing her old nxt song with her name and sucks cause she sucks how the fuck no why the fuck would you try to oversell brie knowing how badly you suck smh it was her fault

  36. Why would you stop a 6 person match because 1 got injured? Regardless, Liv forever has my respect because she jumped back in the ring for the triple suplex spot after being concussed. That girl is tough as hell

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